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  1. Sobrang classy nung kim.don’t you think ma norman…pang ibang level ganda nito…ganda pa ng leeg..ang haba parang barbie doll…hope si pia makalaban nito…

  2. At first i dont know her and nagdadalwang isip ako sa chances nyang manalo. So what i did was i googled her and i am amazed with what i saw. Im like “wow!” Everytime i see a photo of her during MPE stint. Maganda na sya dati sana di nalang masyadong iniba yung styling sa kanya. With proper styling and make up baka pumasa sya sa MUP, but for now id say Miss International. If she do not succeed, MWP!

  3. kapag nadiscover na ng a&q ang tamang looks kay kim, malaki chance niyang makuha ang koronang miss u phiilippines! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Love Laura & Kim here. Kim needs a little tanning to match her very strong make-up if she wants to exude the so-called fierce look in her for the MUP title. Jeane has a waistline to die for, but facially, she looks ethnic which the judges may not find appealing. Laura has that sweet face for either International or Supra. And I’m sure there will be more candidates in the coming days that might catch our attention ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I see and appreciate their attempt to make Kim look more Pinay. I just don’t like how this particular one turned out. I’m guessing they’re still at a trial and error phase on Kim’s new look. I wish and hope that they find the best makeup formula for her come Bb elimination proper.

    I would love to see her wearing a crown.

  6. Does anybody know kung kanino nagpapagawa ng ngipin ang team Aces and Queens? Pati nose na din pala. Sa ngipin I once saw an IG post of Ara Arida with a GAOC dentist pero not sure kung sila gumawa ng veneers niya ang kung lahat ng A&Q talent eh doon nagpapagawa. Salamat in advance.

  7. Norman, if the beauty camps aren’t charging paano nila ma sustain ang expenditures preparing these ladies up to the finals? Do they thrive from sponsorship? Who covers their trip attending their protege stint abroad? If they’re shelling out personal budget and getting only such recognition, it’s a personal dedication and sacrifice. Kudos to them!

  8. Seems like they’re experimenting with Kim’s looks based on her pictures posted lately… I may not be liking her eyebrow and eye makeup here but she definitely stood out in the pic posted above ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Believe it or not Paolo Ballesteros does her makeup or at least helps Kim in knowing which makeup would look best on her. Dito sa look na ito talagang OA ang kilay at halatang namimili ng makeup ang face ni Kim…minsan mukha siyang standout, minsan hindi.

      • BQ, The ones posted by Paolo on his IG actually magaganda ang outcome. I can’t believe si Paolo mismo ang gumawa nun.. Galing lang ๐Ÿ™‚ Until now every time I see him do makeup impersonation of celebs, napapangiti nalang ako coz I used to see him in school before (he’s 2 batches lower yata or 1) kaya seeing him in this kind of thing feels weird for me in a way

  9. Laura Lehmann looks like Dominique Cojuangco and Jeane Flores looks like Jessica Sanchez…..
    Was that a 21 inches waist? Great body!

  10. Kim’s teeth is different. She was a sschoolmates in HS (ICCS)and she’s one of the dead kids / loner in her batch.. She improved a lot in terms of interpersonal skills.

  11. Kim’s make-up is too vibrant. Kim stood out with her regal classy look and I hope her camp won’t take it from her.

  12. I think kim is one of the contender for bb filipinas 2014 her beauty is very workable nung makita ko sia sa ms.earth last year sa isip ko bakit hindi pa sia ang nanalo! Laura has potential also!

  13. For crying out loud, Norman, I’m rather disappointed with Kim’s eye makeup! At best she looks like a Gothic wannabe, at worst she seems to be a skinny drag queen! – WHAT happened? WHO applied her makeup?!!? Kim was in my TOP-5 list!…NOT anymore with this she-devil look!

    Surprisingly, Laura Lehmann is the best of this trio! This is why is prefer group pics to individual photos. – Easier to compare, evaluate & judge!

    • I kinda like the make-up because it helps her stand out but if I could change it for her.. the eyeliner would be less heavy and the eyebrows would be slightly thinner..

  14. Kim, she looks like Jessica Barboza (MI 1st runner up 2011, ME Water 2009, MVI 2010, Sambil 2009) on the picture.

  15. I love how Kim Suiza is being styled away from her sweet looks in MPE. I hope mas kumabog pa siya if ever mapili siya as official candidate. But wait, like Norms said, there’s more to come so baka may mas kakabog pa.

  16. I looove the Audrey Hepburn eyebrows of Kim! It shows she can be easily transformed at flexible sha when it comes to styling. Is she taller than 5’8? And that half brazilian beauty hasn’t surfaced yet. Pakita ka na para magkaalaman na.

  17. My gut feel says no one of the three will get a crown, not even the infamous MTQI. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Miss Universe 2014

    Joke!!! It’s too early to tell. I really have to wait for BPCI’s official announcement of candidates. Laura is my pick in the pic and I must say that the one in the middle has an oozing waistline ala Venus Raj. If she could be taller, she will definitely be one of the ladies to watch. Just saying…

      • And take note, she will only be 19 when she competes this year. She stands at 5’10” and we can definitely give her a very good match (or better) by crowning someone aged 20 standing at 5’9-10″. What do you guys think?!?

  18. I’m sorry to Kimverlyn Suiza fans, but I really don’t know what all the hype is about. I find her smile so awkward, and I don’t find her very attractive at all… I can’t see her placing any higher than the top 15. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks this, right?

    • I’m with you. I think she might be this year’s Charmaine Elima. I just don’t get her look and I’m puzzled by the hype. Also, she’s always so poorly styled. Her hair and makeup are always a mess in every photo.

    • Baka kasi pati si Kim mismo confused pa sa kung ano talagang look ang gusto niyang i-portray paano ba naman napakaraming transformations lately. Talagang pinaglalaruan siya ng A&Q (hair and makeup-wise) to know which look would suit her best.

  19. KS is being hype in this very stage ! IMHO, and no offense meant, I’m not impress with her overall physique so far. It’s the swan-like neck that is quite impressive and her communication skill. The downside of her is, I can’t find a single adjective to describe her. For example, I can say that she’s sexy/skinny and pretty but I can see there’s another adjective that will contradict against my own description ? Why? because I can see that ‘she’ being skinny/sexy with swan like neck, but she has this what we call ‘manas’ muscles !? To be exact, her shoulder part is bonny while that rest are voluminous. I hope it’s just in photos! Just an honest observation ! ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. I was taking my usual coffee break at Coffee Bean in Gateway (beside Araneta Coliseum) awhile ago. I saw the three of them preparing to submit their application forms.

    Okay lang. Exotic ang datingan. But if you ask me, she should try modeling na lang.

    She’s pretty. Nice smile. Mestisahin.

    Nilamon niya ng buo si Jeane and Laura pagdating sa pagandahan. Everyone at the coffee shop, and I mean EVERYONE, had their eyes glued on her. The way she carried herself, she just exudes class. She has a swan-like neck. Gusto ko styling niya. Ginawa atang nilang peg si Gona Dragusha para kay Kim eh. Nawala na ang kaniyang Jennifer “adobo” Barrientos vibe. Package her sana ala-Stefania Fernandez or Stephanie de Zorzi. Bagay sa kanya yun! Pero I noticed, her upper lip eh medyo manipis. She also has a weird hairline. Plus, I don’t like how they did her eyebrows. Kaloka. Pentel pen ba ginamit nila? Okay naman sa eye make-up. But please don’t make it too dark.

    Okay naman sa height silang tatlo. Matangkad naman. Mga nasa 5’8 to 5’9 ata sila.

      • Sure tito Norms!

        I like how the Beauty Camps are slowly unveiling/fielding their bets for this year. Save the best for last ba ito? Hehehe. I’m expecting better ones in the coming days!

        PS: Kim also improved in terms of smiling. Mas natural na unlike noong nag-compete siya sa MPE.

    • baka experimenting ang ginagawa kay Kim para hindi magsawa tao sa looks nya but she’s definetely one of the 3 girls to heat aside from Pia and Parul. She deserves BBP Universe dahil mas angat ang height nya sa 2. Pia suits in Miss International dahil 5’6″ lang sya and Parul deserves to be in Supra or MTQI.

      • True, baka nage-experiment sila kay Kim. Pero based on what I saw kanina, mas bagay talaga ang Stefania Fernandez na peg sa kanya! Kakabog siya doon! Pwede na din yung current peg niya na Gona Dragusha pero easy on the eye make-up naman sana.

        By the way, hindi pa fully na ipinapakita ang mga bets from KF and A&Q. May mga girls pa na deserving din sa crowns of BBP ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. I like the girl in the middle, she will be the darkhorse if ever she’ll be an official candidate.
    Ano ba naman yang eye-make-up ni Kim, parang Ninja Assassin lang.

  23. Curious lng ako. Pag ba sumasali sa training camp, my bayad? Kung nagbabayad man tongmga sumasali, wag puro tnggap lng.
    Sa mga camps nman. Screen ng mabuti. Di dahil matangkad at sexy ay pwede ng i transform agad.

    Kayo ang mgaling sa pagkilatis ng mga girls para panglaban sa international pageant perobkit ny nakaklusot pang di namn bueaty queen material. Sorry kung harsh ako. Pero yun lng kse nsa puso ko.

      • Paano po yung mga nagpapaenhance halimbawa onting bridge sa nose or veeners, sino pong gumagastos doon at may go-to clinic and doctor po ba sila?

      • BQ, pasabat lang ng konti… I think ha some of the cosmetic enhancements are partial/fully sponsored. To give you an idea, For celebrities and some models, most of their cosmetic enhancements are usually on an ex-deal basis..

    • wala pong bayad ang sinu mang ngttrain sa kanila. d sila kumikita sa ginagawa nila. all for passion.

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