34 comments on “Diane Carmela Querrer: Trained for Binibini

  1. Too Pinay beauty…will not make it in the first screening or she’ll definitely end up as clapper if she’ll make it to finals night.

  2. Itigil na ang pagkorona sa mga babaitang dapat pang i-transform.
    Kasi kung ganun rin lang naman pala ang gusto natin e bakit hindi na lang si TRANSFORMER ang ipadala nating rep.

    Mas maganda kung una pa lang ay kabugera na, yun bang unang tingin pa lang e mapapanganga ka na.
    Hindi yung gandang dapat pang ipaliwanag, yung gandang mapapatanung ka pa kung nasaan ba.
    Nakakasawa na rin yung sasabihing hintay hintay lang, malapit nang gumanda, malapit ng magka-abs.
    Mainipin pa naman ako.
    Tapos yung ibang kaanak e kulang na lang e magvigil pag nakanti ang manok nila.
    Mga atseng, beauty contest ito, marapat lang na maganda ang manalo.

    Bianca Natalo, 69, Navotas Port!

  3. Ganyang beauty ang type na type koronahan ni SMA bilang universe, tapos super Transformation with matching yolanda walk! Mapapalaban na naman ang mga pinoy becky sa mga kapit bahay!! Kase mahabang paliwanagan na naman po!

    • super agree with you..:) Janine can coach her..:) they are both Thomasians and both from A&Q..:) noone should count her out in BBP2014..:)

      • Nakakapagod ng makipagaway sa mga inggeterang kapit bahay,magpadala naman tau sa universe ng kandidatang hindi na dapat ipaliwanag gaya ni megan! Pagdating sa indonesia nga nga sila!

  4. So… She really thinks she’s that beautiful to represent Philippines in an International pageant…?

    Some girls really need a reality check

    • Yes she can..:) She’s beauty and brain (i know it since she’s a CPA).. Here communication skills is way better than Ara. She has what it takes to represent the country in any major international pageant.

      Hi Normal, her stint in MPE 2011 is not missable, she won the Best in Talent and Best in National Costume award. What is missable that year is the pageant itself. The format of that MPE is horrible. After bagging two major awards in the TOP 20, she was eliminated? She should have made it to the TOP 10 and win a crown..:) #justsaying

      • She was probably a big threat to Imperial and hometown bet Quiray back then so they elected to eliminate her during the first round. As I have said earlier, I like her skin colour and beauty if I may add. Unfortunately, my choices this year are based on the stars as I want the best chances for the Philippines to win back-to-back as well as the other crowns that our pageant fanatics are so crazy for. Our representatives for the international level should either be 24 or 20 this year — not a year more not a year less. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having said this, I am not putting my money on Shah, Sison, Suiza and Querrer though I am aware of how hungry they are in capturing the major crowns as all four are now 25. LOL

      • If she is a CPA, then she has my support. But, just like every other girl, she needs to exude the kind of aura that would make her stand out in this year’s show. It’s gonna be tough for everyone, for sure.

      • Hi Josh, yes she’s a CPA. She pass the board exam in 2010. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s my batchmate actually..:)

        Hi Dexter, I have to agree with you with your arguments with the age. But if you will hear her speak, you will bet for her to take the BBP International crown because she can replicate the feat of Bea. She can be as articulate as Bea and even MW Megan..:)

      • Tsk. I thought there was just one CPA competing this year (YMS). Now, how could i maximize banking on my bet’s profession when there are two of them? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Josh, who’s the other CPA? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Dexter: ๐Ÿ™‚ yeah, everyone remember her. I want to quote Boom Gonzales: “She’s one of the best UAAP Courtside reporter of all time.” ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Josh..:) I think you can bet on both of them..:)

        But, i will support my friend Dianne all the way..:)

      • Josh, i actually know YMS. I’ve seen her face to face. And she’s really gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚ well bet on both of them josh. they are in the zone.

      • So she’s a CPA… That’s very cute.

        She’s joining an international BEAUTY pageant. Not Miss CPA.

        Beauty comes first. The rest comes next.

        At the end of the day, she’s not beautiful enough to be competing against 80+ international beauties

      • Ok let’s not argue about her communicatiin skills. We know she does that best. If i were to rate her, i’ll giver her:

        Brains 9/10 – ok she’s a CPA no further questions
        Height 5/10 – come in people. Let’s accept the fact that she’s not tall enough

        just saying…

      • And may i add that when she won mpe, she practically copied the entire magic routine that cindy miranda performed in miss thomasian 2009. Yes that was originally cindy’s! I was so disappointed when she cooied everything from costume to routine.

  5. Could you check her height again, Norm?z? She was a classmate of mine back in college at UST. More than 21y/o naman na sya nun, past the height-growth years. And still see her in reunions, last was about two years ago. I am almost positive (araw-araw kong kasama lol) that she’s not 5’8″ kasi I’m 5’6″ pero she has the same height — if not, shorter — as/than I am. Baka with heels na ang binigay na info ng A&Q?

  6. This one is a bit of a stunner! Can’t wait to see more of her. Thanks, Norman!

  7. When she represented Tanauan City (Batangas), Diane Carmela Querrer was 22 and only standing at 1.65ย m (5ย ft 5ย in) according to wiki information. So in 3 years she grew taller by 3 inches? Amazing! I like the colour of her skin but unfortunely she is already 25. It’s not the age that would win us an international crown. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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