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  1. This girl is gorgeous
    That neck deserves to be in the
    Ms Universe 2014 pageant.
    Go, Ms Kim.. I’m rooting & voting for you!!
    You’re the one!!!

  2. Hey, Kim is amazingly gorgeous @ Araneta!

    The contouring is well blended and subtle to soften her jaws..
    They brightened her eyes and raised the arc of her eyebrows ( a bit too thick but it did make a statement)..
    Her quarter angle shows the interesting lines of her chiseled yet feminine face.
    The upper lip is still a bit thin but the lip line is perfect!..

    Now she looks like a cross between Vanessa Matsunaga and Megan Young! πŸ™‚ Love it! πŸ™‚

  3. Norman, she’s the one to watch, but not the one to beat!

    I reckon that Pia Wurzbach is the one to beat! What’s your take?!!?

    • My take on Pia at this point? She was 1st Runner-Up last year. That should account for something in 2014. πŸ˜‰

      • Pia is the one who learned the most from every single one of the crowned title holders last year. She diligently went through everything. And her first-hand exposures are definitely plus factors nobody else among this year’s applicants will have going into the screenings, callbacks and pre-pageant activities. So at this point, she has all the aces to hopefully become a queen. πŸ˜‰

      • How very true!

        In my humble opinion, 2014 will be the battle of the mestizas from both camps with the biggest non-mestiza challenge coming from last year’s MWP 1st Princess, Janicel Lubina who also has a similar journey & experiece as Pia!

      • Pia’s beauty is not my type and she doesn’t have the X-Factor…I didn’t like her to win last year, I prefer other women to win this year too.

    • she is the woman to beat! have you seen her recent pics styled and make up by Paolo Ballesteros? Dyosang Dyosa ang lola mo.

  4. She could be RP Representative to Miss International 2014 for a back to back with Bea Santiago.

  5. the photo on the left might be prophetic..she seems wearing a crown. Have a second look heaps ☺

    • Yeah! I believe it’s the Binibini International crown that’s in store for her. Back-to-back win for the Philippines this 2014.

  6. Veneers b yan? or maputi lng tlga ngipin niya? Parang masyadong halata veneers niya.

  7. That swan neck straddles the regal like beauty in the making. Such towering like neck resembles those tribal Burmese Kayan Lahwi women. She is suited to represent the Miss international which the Japanese love porcelain and angelic features. Her communication skill is articulately reflected being a Mass Com graduate. Overall, I like her personality and she got what it takes to become a good representative to any major titles. This year search for Binibining Pilipinas is a battleground for beautiful sophisticated ladies. It boils down who gives the best convincing Q & A, well toned body and fierce catwalk. All the best and bring home the crown again.

  8. seems like some fixing was done on her teeth, similar to what was done on arida. i just hope she will not have trouble with her communication skills. it was one of the reasons why arida had difficulty speaking (some kind of lisping and awkward delivery of words).

      • Thats y I only recommend back braces or invisalign before and after the competition.

    • What vitamin she’s taking ? Last week, she was only 5′ 7.5 tall, now in FB, 5′ 9 inches tall ‘instantly’ !!! πŸ˜‰

  9. MPUniverse ’14 : Kris Janson
    BBP International ’14 : Parul Shah
    BBP Supranational ’14: Pia Wurtzbach
    BBP Tourism Int “14: Kimverlyn Suiza

    Justathought : gusto ko lng i share. Hehe

    • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Wasting Suiza beauty for Tourism title. mag MPW na lang siya pag ganun.

      • Noted Lalo La, inicip ko kse para manalo tyo sa miss tourism int. Alam mo namn yang pageant nayan pag nasa china, ayaw sa tin ng mga yan. Baka this time pag cya sumali. Malaking chance manalo.

      • kayat sinu pang diyosa ang ilaban natin sa pageant na yan eh hindi tayo mananalo. hanggat 1st runner up nalang. WISH KO LANG EH TANGALIN nalang yung crown na yan. hehehe. baka yun ang dahilan kaya missing in action si cindy miranda.

      • Hahaha corek ka jan,. Dapat kase binitawan na yang pageant na yan. Di nga nila inaupdate site nila. Wlang budget.. sa bbpci naman. Palit nyo jan miss grand international. Sinong pinoy ba my franchise nya. Kunin mo na sa knya madam. Haha

  10. More pics of her.

    Kimverlyn Suiza 1

    Kimverlyn Suiza 2

    BTW, is she legible for BB2014 or did she resign as MPE-Air 2013?

  11. i cant post a pic of her here i want all of you see this pic. how tita norms?

  12. This has probably been answered before by a blogpost of Normz, or a comment by someone.

    So…Despite being MPE-Air, Kim can still compete for BBP 2014?

    Followup: How about Nancy Leonard, any news on her future pageant plans? I love that girl!

  13. The pictures presented here are not that appealing. But don’t get me wrong. I think A&Q really intended to post these pictures since the other camp presented Kris Tiffany Janzon yesterday. But, I bet come pageant events and more on the coronation night, this girl will really rock. A&Q will not even waste this kind of beauty. She does well in MPE, why not in BBP. She has this universal and international aura. Her comm skills is good. And she knows how to answer questions in a beauty queen way. This girl will have her place in the top 5.

  14. I agree. I was expecting her to win that night. Though Angelee was quite good also in Q&A.

  15. She is pretty. The harsh light on the right photo makes her look older than her age. I think it’s the makeup. Her handlers should tone down the dark shadows. I don’t think smokey eyes will suit her face. She has very feminine, delicate face which doesn’t require strong makeup. Strong lips will suit her though. I wanna see her in motion. I agree that long swan neck is her best asset . An updo will certainly make her look very queenly much like Megan’s style. Otherwise, she’s good to go.

    I heard she used to be under KF. Now bashers of A&Q are saying she was “inahas” – one of the many reasons why some fans hate Jonas’ camp with a passion. Personally I don’t care about the camp war fans are waging online as long as we get winners who will take home the crowns. The attack is getting uglier by the day on Misso … and BPCI hasn’t even started screening applicants. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • I heard that Kim is the one who aproached A&Q .. And why would they decline an MEP 1st runner-up?! To begin with, Kim is a smart girl… She knows that whatever happens, it will all fall on her favor. I like a girl who knows what she wants and wiser in how to get it. πŸ™‚

    • @Dawn

      I agree btw. The eyes are too smokey for some1 who already has deep-set eyes. A brighter eye make-up could do wonders for her.

  16. I like her during MPE2013… just can’t wait to see her on the centerstage for BBP2014!!! With a bunch of ladies that are very promising, judges will definitely have a hard time doing their job.

  17. Now here comes the magic touch of A&Q πŸ™‚ I think they had her teeth fixed. Can’t wait to see Kim’s further transformation.

    • You might as well begin now, QK. If you want her to win, start pluggin’! πŸ˜‰

      • Swan-like necks look good with updo, just wondering why she does not register well in the right photo. I guess I need to see more of her exposures.

      • We are distracted by her weird hairline with baby hairs that over powers her doe eyes… higher arched eyebrows with upward pointing eyeliner might do the trick… I think her forehead is a bit too wide instead of a round one like Megan’s.. this wideness that doesn’t mirror her jawline is emphasized more by pulling back the hair… A modern bob cut would look good on her… It would look very modelesque but not ideal for pageants. A sharp noseline that is well blended may add additional emphasis to her eyes. Her upper lip is thinner than the lower lips specially now that her teeth has a wider arc while her tubercle is also not curled enough to begin with. She needs to make her cupid’s bow look more prominent by drawing it thicker with an eye of an artist. Softening her jaw may make her face look more feminine and exoticly Filipina. I like her natural look but she might need some tips from Anne Curtis if she wants to win. *wink wink*

      • Wow! I like Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin. Unfortunately both stunning ladies are not so tall and have passed the age limit. πŸ™‚

    • My thoughts exactly! For our future queens to be global queens once more for 2014, ideally we need to crown women with the type of beauty that has universal appeal. Now that type of beauty, you shouldn’t have to exert any effort to comprehend: beautiful because it just is.

  18. Oh ok. Thanks for the info Norman. Hope she does better in BBP. I love her. This year’s batch has a lot of potential winners.

  19. I am not sure if A&Q has made any miracle out of her. Her smile is not at all sincere to me. 😦

    • I share the same sentiment wt y…i have noticed that since MPE..and with that latest pic, the smile seems to be the same..

      • Thank you for agreeing. I actually didn’t see her compete before. Good I am not alone though I have to admit that her left photo looks very good.

  20. I love this girl— she is very photogenic… actually more beautiful on camera and picture than real life — and I mean it in a good way

    She looks really simple and elegant in person…. once she is on stage or doing a photoshoot, she transforms into a beautiful swan!!! Very much like Sarah Geronimo who becomes a goddess on stage!

    She can talk, she is hard working and she doesnt mind rolling up her sleevest for a hard work! Im just worried about burning bridges with MPE— she is still under contract…. Did she at least talk to MPE to get permission? Successful MPE winners like Carlene, Venus and Nadia Lee were all in good terms with MPE even after joing/winning BBP crown!

    • She’s my schoolmate before, she’s very simple girl and down to earth. She’s a first time joiner of MPE 2013. She’s a late bloomer, many people encouraging her to join Miss CEU before but she didnt want to. Now that she’s ready, I am pretty sure that she will do well in BBP 2014. It’s either Universe or International she’ll do well on both.

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