30 comments on “Kayesha Clauden Chua as managed by Boy Abunda

  1. Not my cup of tea. I hope Boy Abunda doesn’t have too much pull with Binibini to effect an [undeserved] win for this girl.

  2. Diusmio, if she’s handled by Boy Abunda, e isa lang ang masasabi ko sa kanya.

    Kayesha, Ikaw Na!

  3. first of all, I find her name ridiculous and annoying. I’m sure her parents are one of those people who tried soooo hard to come up with a special name for their special child lol. While I’m sure she is special, the bar has been set ridiculously high this year by all our winning beauties, that I’m afraid Kayesha Clauden just falls a bit short

  4. With due respect, they’re pretty in their own unique ways, but none of these ladies really tickled my boner yet. I’m still looking for that “it” factor, Someone who’s gonna make me turn into a straight guy at least for a couple of minutes.

  5. How tall is she? If she’s at least 5’9″ then she can join the BBP provided she has to be trained by a beauty camp. She’s pretty.

  6. The fact that she won Miss Mandaluyong 2012, she must have “it” to win it…Well, if Charmaine Elima (her successor to Miss Mandaluyong crown) was not able to make it to the top 5, then, I guess she will suffer the same fate.

  7. She’s cute and pretty. But that’s just it. To win, you need that x-factor that makes you stand out. i’m sure if she is standing next to other girls, she will be pushed to the background.

  8. Now I can say that it was but a rumour that Kaye is competing this year. Knowing THE Boy Abunda, he will not dare have his “alaga” end up as a loser and mere filler. Just saying…

    • Hirap kse ky tito boy, gusto pang pasukin ang pageantry eh di nga cya updated sa mga winners natin. Pag nasa buzz, puro scripts lng binabasa. I saw one segment sa the buzz. Mali mali pa sinasabi nya tungkol sa mga winners.

      To tito boy, sa showbiz na lng pwede? Watch nalng tyo ng mga pageants and be happy

      • Sa tingin ko hindi pinapasok ni Tito Boy and pageantry. Puwede pa siguro niyang suportahan ang isa sa mga campo pero I doubt kung gusto niyang makipagtagisan kina Rodgil, Jonas at John. It happens that he is the manager of Kaye kaya nadawit ang pangalan niya.

      • But that does not directly or necessarily equate to what you are insinuating, right? Boy Abunda is a talent manager and modeling is a profession cum talent I suppose. 😉

      • I mean.. if he would join/favor/ support any camp… Who would it be?..

  9. Personally she does not have the “it” factor just yet based on these photos.

  10. NO! NO! NO!…

    Sad to say, she wouldn’t even make it past the first round of casting!

    With all due respect to Boy Abunda, please don’t waste her time and kindly save her from the humiliation she will encounter & suffer on January 15th!

    Have some heart on the poor gir!

  11. Should have been handled by the beauty camps. She’s TOO raw. And tha: understatement. I see potential, but she has to be managed and trained precisely.

    Thanks Normz for featuring her!

  12. No beauty queen charm nor fierceness factor. She is pretty alright but no “it” factor to be a beauty queen. My 2 cents worth 🙂

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