24 comments on “Going Binibini for Emma Tiglao

  1. Emma’s unconventional beauty and striking eyes will capture any photographer’s lens! She’s already my choice for the Miss Photogenic award.

    One expects to see more of her in the other national pageants after her stint with BbP.

  2. I like her too, so unique.
    Her main weapon is her age, even if she loose, time is on her side, experience will be her great teacher.
    Join lang ng join hangga’t rineregla, pag nag-menopause na, stoplight na.

  3. Her eyes speak volume. Love those “kitty” eyes. Wish she was a year or two older and a couple inches taller.

    • Just curious, Jen, how tall do you want her to be? She is at least 5’8½” and probably taller by now.

      • Standing alongside the other girls on the 2nd photo, she doesn’t look that tall it seems. 5’8″ if she is now should be perfect then.

      • That was actually her height in that photo and probably the reason why it wasn’t that obvious was because of the way she posed. 😉

  4. There’s something about this lass that gives me a positive vibe. I love cats ! I hope she’ll be enlisted as one of the BbP2014 Official Candidates. Good Luck Gurl ! 😉

    • Queen Kong, I have been reading your posts since you started commenting from or just after MU2013. You sound very much like Lulu Jo and I don’t see her commenting anymore. 😦

      I have a good feeling for her, too. 🙂

  5. I am definitely no so ecstatic about her… But, she can give a try… Then if she loses, she still have other options like MPE, MS. Resorts World, ms. Casino Filipino..but she is not a shoo-in for Ms. Worrld Title…

  6. Emma Marie stood tall at 5’8½” when she was supposed to be only 17. She must be slightly taller now that she is 19 turning 20 (fingers-crossed, Norman!) this year. I want her to compete as I want her to do back-to-back for Miss Supranational. I have a feeling (not so strong yet) that she would make us all proud. 😉 🙂 😉 Those cat-like eyes would be her instrument in luring the international judges to give the Philippines another crown!

    I need ONE BIG FAVOUR from you, Norman. I need actual DOBs, please!!!

  7. I rarely decide this early but, I’m gonna have to say “no” to this one… 😦

  8. There’s no harm in trying…she will learn a lot from her experience…go ahead girl!

  9. I’m not sold on the face and the body leaves a lot to be desired. However, she is still very young and has plenty of time to improve. She comes across as having a good personality in these photos, so she has that going for her, at the very least. She might be worth keeping an eye on.

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