13 comments on “Don’t get tired of our teasers because here’s another one

  1. I think I will have a lot of girls to watch out for come BBP coronation night! If only I am in the Philippines on that day of pageant I will buy tickets for my cousin and myself since the two of us are pageant addicts.

  2. Is she the one with the jersey shirt #11.
    She lost too much weight.
    Disciplined indeed.

    • With Basil….. Never a dull moment #11 daw, only Basil can pull this off with ease, Lol

  3. Charming but quite young to snatch any of the major titles. I wonder which camp is fielding her if any 🙂

  4. Wild guess… She must be that tall girl standing and holding the flag pole (holder). What’s her name? I hope she was born in 1994 and not a year later. 😉

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