26 comments on “Another one of those “who’s that girl?” moments

  1. She’s damn gorgeous.She’s indeed down to earth and never missed to say hi and checks you always if you’re with her company.

    I remember having a nice photo with her in one of those events that she had organized along Timog, wherein i was also invited.

    I’ll support you Hannah!

  2. Middle part, the picture to the right — ang lakas niyang maka-Alessandra de Rossi ah!!!

    Ipa-tan ang babaeng ito. Sana i-package siya ng maayos. May pagka-teeny bopper pa kase ang aura niya.

  3. She has it but not for this year. She’s only twenty-two and she has three more years to reconsider. 😉

    • Why wait Sir Dexter when you have the “itch” right nowww! I like this girl! It’s time for my co atenista to wow the universe everrrr….. Lol

      • Ok got it, so 22 is the magic age? Another girl that would level to this aspirant she’s from UP, Patch Magtanong, really like her, charming and quite a looker at an early age, aaahhh being youthful spells beauty…. Now Sir Dexter im a virgo woman, better tell me about my starzzz…

      • I heard from C2F that she would definitely compete after she finishes her degree at UP. 🙂

      • Sir Dexter, once the official list of Binibini is out, tell me your readings and predict the major winners….. I love predictions according to the stars and the Universe!

      • I am not an expert but I have some knowledge and special psyche to match. Let’s see what I can do… LOL

  4. Amazing bone structure….. I agree- she is very Filipina looking… a mix between Janine, Danica Magpantay and Miriam Q. This is the type of beauty who can go really far in BBP Pageant. Given that she is from Ateneo- and with the type of course, I think she is smart!!!

    The girl has a lot of potential and can possibly win the big prize!!! The looks and the CV of a girl is an important combo for BPCI…. plus, her being an athelete makes her more interesting

  5. i’m seeing janine tugonon danica magpantay. ipapakayumanggi si ate,, pinay look na yan.

  6. Reminds me of Maria Mustonen, especially in the photo where she’s wearin red lipstick.

  7. Coming from Ar-neow myself (haha), I think there won’t be a problem with her communication skills. But a beauty pageant also demands one has to have the complete package. Does she have it? That’s what I want to find out. I hope A & Q has whipped its magic wand on this girl and she could be the ‘surprise’ come January 15. Her looks are very Pinay and she resembles Desiree Verdadero. She might be the Ariella Arida of this batch, who knows?

  8. And because of that, I’ll tag her as the Amanda Navasero of 2014.
    I just hope that she’s smart, so that if ever she’ll penetrate the semis, she can steal the spotlight from the frontrunners.

  9. Hindi ko kinaya ang pink eyeshadow. Well, I can’t judge by one portfolio. Tama ka Normz, baka nakakagulat din ang babaeng ito pag napackage na ng tama.

  10. I agree.. the angle of the eyebrows is too sharp…
    It will look better curved smoothly and drawn artisticaly…. her almond eyes should be enhanced through makeup..

  11. Gusto ko gamitan ng MAC 217 blending brush ang pink eyeshadow nya. And tame down the eyebrows please.

    Tita Norms, under what camp cya?

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