8 comments on “She was Miss Cebu 2012. Will Pierre Anther Infante go for BBP2014?

  1. She is a Miss Cebu. This year she should train with KF or A&Q for polishing. Not this year.

  2. She will end up unnoticed during the entire pageant if she will be enlisted.. In other worrds, she will be accomodated to complete the list of the desired number of candidates.. just my brutal opinion.

  3. We have enough of winning ladies this year. She should try next year if she wants to be noticed. Just the same, the decision is for her to make. With that glam shot taken recently, hmmm, she must have enlisted. I guess it’s too late to warn her. 😉

    • This picture was taken as our glam shot for Ms. Cebu 2012 so I’m sure this wasn’t taken for Bb 🙂 I haven’t heard of her joining this year, but would definitely support her all the way, whatever makes her happy 🙂

      • Thanks, April for correcting me. You sound like you are a hopeful, too. Are you not going to join the national pageant in the years to come? 🙂

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