32 comments on “Sunday Specials: If Isabelle Diaz Daza won’t join, then Joy Diaz will

  1. Don’t get me wrong guys. There is no need for her assets to be mentioned because by pedigree, publicity, sash factor and politics, she is already a shoo-in for any of the crowns. The harsh critic is for the purpose of transforming herself to the best winner that she could be. If she can learn as fast as Shamcey then let’s expect a battle of godesses at BBP2014.

  2. Give this lady a chance! Hindi pa naman siya ang napiling candidate for any international pageant eh.

  3. I promised myself that I will be good this year.
    Kaya naman ang masasabi ko kay Joy ay, mabaet sya……..
    Yun na!

  4. She reminds me of Janelle Bautista, the dethroned MUP1999.

    I still want to see her cousin though.
    Tignan natin…Baka may chance.

  5. Sometimes, we become our own worst critics. These ladies, in their own ways are all beautiful. We can’t force our likes and dislikes to anyone. The age, hair, the lips, the contour of the face, the eyeshadow colours, etc are very superficial in determining real Filipina beauty (if there’s one). What these ladies need, are our support, encouragement, positive enforcement and healthy but competitive
    spirit. Let’s try not to be harsh and spiteful of others. Let’s all be together to keep the strong momentum going!

    • Kind of pageant patty but I do conform with the entirety of what you have stated. Thank you! 🙂

    • Like any work of ART…once the beauty of an aspiring contestant is exposed, it is subject to the beholders interpretation. Now, it depends upon the credibility of the critics…how he/she is a connoisseur of beauty (not only how he/she is stunned by the physical appearance of the candidate but how he/she is struck by the over-all package, including how he/she is awed by the aura, excited by the personality, mesmerized by the x factor, silenced by the intelligence of the candidate)…On the part of the candidate, what is important is that, she listens not to the harshest of critics but only of those who matter most to her – her trusted ones…and to do all she can to silence her critics by her winning demeanor and performance.

  6. I am defintely not so ecstatic about this lady.. She dont have that sparkling factor that strikes my eyes when i a see a beauty queen material.. She can join mutya ng pilipinas or some other 3rd tier pageants.. Maybe jdv should train her for Ms. Grand international!

  7. As a person and on paper, I really like Joy. She has a good family pedigree but is smart enough to rise above the intellectual mediocrity of those who has money and social influence. Sosyalera, pero hindi tanga kung baga, and I admire that about her. However, her beauty, as people have noticed is at best average.

    By the way, I heard though the grapevine that Isabelle Daza is finally joining, and that the maximum age rule of BBP applicants has been raised 26 just to accommodate her. Can I get a confirmation on this, Norman?

  8. Mediocrity is my description. Her cousin Isabelle still has the edgy oomph factor. Too bad, Isabelle isn’t interested at all. Interestingly enough, this will be a toughest form of judging choosing the camp winners. Whoever wins at the homestretch is truly a thoroughbred trained beauty with a beastly attitude in the international arena. Good luck to all the mysterious ladies vying for the titles.

    • Beastly is an apt way of putting it, Tariki. The eventual winners will be so fired up for their international competitions. 😉

      • Thank you Norman. That’s what I like the Pinay sense of competitiveness. Bashing them rigidly makes their survival skill to greater precision. It’s no mystery why Filipinas are excelling in the field of pageantry.

  9. Ok lets start with her face…

    She can’t have flat hair with her triangular face..
    Tha dark eye shadow w/ eye bag conceiler and long fake lashes would make her eyes pop…
    Most importantly, she should learn how to draw a perfectly curled cupid’s bow on her upper lip which is one of the best natural traits of her famous relatives that she ironically lacks.

    • She also needs to trim the inner side of her eyebrows because it looks a bit messy.. she should learn how to draw her eyebrows by following the curve of the golden spiral which is an inate talent that has been mastered by Mutya Datul. She now needs to lengthen her eyebrows on the outer corners just a few cm to look more classic. The corners of her jaw needs to be highlighted to make it look more prominent while a sharper noseline will feminize her face.. I would like to see her body soon to give more contructive criticism. Like what I mentioned before, I didn’t like Bea at 1st but she won me when she took those harsh critics to transform herself to the winner that she is today.

  10. Unless she’s 5’9″ and taller, then she’s just average.

    If it wasn’t for the “Diaz” last name, she wouldn’t stand out

    • I’m with you about the height. If she is at least 5’8″ plus with her training with JDV which I suppose is pretty intensive, she might have a chance. I’m still partial though to her cousin Isabelle (if only we can make her join) 🙂

  11. 2013 was indeed a triumphant year for the Philippines , at this point were not just searching for Miss Philippines but the winner’s unquestionable template for MU, MW, MI, MS, ME, MGI, the Tourism ek ek, 2014 puts more pressure and challenges for the aspirants, step up in the plate ladies !

      • You are very generous, Dex…you have beaten me with that 1 extra % …glad to see like-minded posters, those different in characters and moods, are agreeing mostly in opinions that matter most! Cheers!

      • It is always easiest to agree with the truth, Benjie! Good Morning and have a wonderful Sunday!

  12. The first moment I saw her, she reminded me of Cita Astals.

    A year later and after undergoing numerous trainings, she really improved a lot.

    Kayo na ang humusga:


  13. Now it’s public… Not a surprise anymore. 😉

    Hopefully, she gets a major crown!!!

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