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  1. A winsome and prepared aspirant ready for the challenge & clash of the beauties!

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  3. I like, no, LOVE her! Liezl Verzes cum Diane Neco with NATURAL sun-kissed skin. This is the kind of beauty I would be proud to see representing the Philippines in pageants, not a fake-tanned airhead or another Caucasian-looking barbie.

  4. She has all the goods but should be careful with makeup and styling. I like her beauty better than Yvette’s ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yvethe Marie Santiago all the way! But, all girls are deserving. Let us all just wait for the pageant night. :]

      • Based on your previous post about Yvethe, I presume that Josh knows her personally and yes, I’d like him to confirm if he had seen her lately. Some netizens say that she is actually the one to watch out for from A&Q, can you enlighten us on this, Norman? I know that she only stands at 5’8″.

      • I believe you, Josh. I wish you could provide us with her most recent image. But I m sure she is very occupied these days. How old is she, BTW?!?

      • No photos for the meantime, Dexter. Of course, you would understand. :] She is 20 years old.

      • Perfect age!!!

        If you have read my comment about the ages that would shine internationally, 24 and 20 have the biggest chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you.

      • I have read it, Dexter. And, I am really biased about her. I have so many reasons why she deserves the crown: personality, values, education, to name a few. But, I am new to these pageant things. So, I am not an expert, my opinion does not matter to everyone. But, here is what i could say, since Yvethe is really such a nice person with so many friends, she will have the kind of support she would need to boost her confidence and urge to win the crown, not just for her, but for those people who believe in her. (tears) HAHA.

  5. Maganda siya at Bicolana kagaya ko pero tanong ko lang totoo po ba ang ilong niya?

    • What’s average to us Filipinos is usually exotic to foreigners and vise-versa..

      • Exotic does not necessarily mean pretty. There is exotic and there is exotic pretty

        Chanel iman is exotic pretty
        Naomi campbell is exotic pretty
        Even venus raj is exotic pretty

        This girl is not

        And if you think THAT face is enough to represent philippines in an international pageant, then your standards are pretty low

        She resembles bianca manalo. Very average

  6. Tito Norms any idea if ABS will continue the BB Pilipinas franchise? May nag post kc ng chismis sa Manalo sister article mo. Thanks

  7. Sa tayo pa lang niya at sa projection niya pak na pak na. I hope to see her sa gateway! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. BREAKING NEWS ! Internationally renowned blogger Norman was mentioned in a Philippine Newpaper Las Vegas Edition date Jan 1-14 regarding his gracious comments on Miss International 2013 Bea Santiago, but that ain’t the breaking news. The breaking news is that one of his doofus fan named Chrome did not take a photo of the said article, therefore this breaking news is just but a lame broken news.

    (chrome <<<<< you idiot ! Ahhh ! )

    • Awwww… Chrome don’t be so hard on yourself… it’s
      still good news whether in print or not… we trust you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. oh someone to watch out for! pure bicolana ini. ๐Ÿ™‚ its going to be a great battle for bbp2014!! Mabuhay ang kagandanhang Pilipina!

  10. Tito Normz have u heard about Roxanne Jesalva? Former binibini 2012
    Contestant. Can you please feature her, i saw her last year in bicol, she is really a stand out and has improved since her binibini stint 2 yrs back. She placed first runner up just few months back in one of albay pageants.

  11. Her body is like a combination of Janine Tugonon’s proportions and Shamcey Supsup’s bonestructure with more meat while her face is like the combination of Theresa Licaros, Janine Tugonon and Ina Raymundo. She is sexy, sultry and exoticly statuesque. Her regional pageant credentials are satisfactory considering that Filipinos usually favor mestizas. I assume her pasarela and projection are outstanding. It now comes down to Academic credentials and the Q&A if she wants to snatch the highest crown from the top contenders of her own camp KF, A&Q and JDV. For now, I’m rooting for her to win Supranational.

    • Ok checked on this girl…

      She’s a licensed nurse who’s currently taking up medicine at some prestigious school.. She did study at Ateneo de Naga.. I just don’t know when.. Shoo-in na pala sya dapat for Miss Bicolandia 2013 as in hakot award na tapos kinulang ba naman sa Q&A.. SAYANG!!!.. Sayang din dahil KF sya napunta.. sana Aces and Queens dapat kasi speech trainning ang kailangan nya! And ang hilig pa naman nya mag public tag kung asan sya.. as in pati ba naman sandbar bora at happy ending bar tinag nya?! Nakakaloka!.. Bawal sa Aces yan kasi panira ng marketing.. si Ara nga hindi napigilang manuod ng Rhiana concert tuloy na awardan sya ni Mama J… Sana ayusin ng KF tong alaga nila.. confident naman ako na kaya nila istyling sya lalo na sa mukha kasi minsan dumadragon ilong nya.. Pero overall, bagay na bagay syang mag Universe.. tamang trainning, styling and packaging lang talaga kailangan!

      • Based on her bone structure kaya pa tabasan ng ilang inches ang bewang nya as in mala Janicel/Venus/ Janine… trainning with John Cuay sana… haaaaayyyssss!!!!! Kung ako trainnor nito lalatiguhin ko talaga to para Manalo!!!! Eto ang mga type ni Mang Donald… pang Miss Universe talaga!!!

      • Yes.. sya yun.. kaya tong si Liezel halatang taga ibang campo.. mas me freedom.. minsan talaga ang hirap maging beauty queen..

      • Mahigpit pala sina Mama J, never knew that. Sabagay. Si Bea madalas manuod ng concerts etc eh mukhang kebs lang naman sina mama Rodgil.

    • She had her speech training already ar JRP, just recently, so baka naimprove na kahit pano ang comm skills nya, ksi sa QnA tlga sya laging kulang…

      • Good for her! Samahan pa ng Dale Carnegy.. ewan ko lang pag hindi pa to manalo! Kalaban nya sa Q&A sigurado e si Marriane Guidotti dahil for sure focused ang team ng Aces sa kanya.. Si Joy Diaz din pwede maging Dark Horse based on politics and sash factor.. Ang tanong… kalaban kaya nila si Janina San Miguel sa Bbp this year?!

  12. Finally she is joining binibini! I have been thinking actually when i saw her last year in some of Albay festival pageants, and went home unplaced, that she should join binibini not wasting time in town festival pageants, year every year. because she has definitely the look, the figure and the height. She is miss universe material. I train na ng todo yan…yes kabugera yan sa stage specially in swimsuit..she could easily snatch best in swimsuit

  13. I’ve been seeing this girl in almost all festival beauty pageants in bicol. Kumbaga beterana na eto tlga. Even last year she joined maybe 3 festival pageants, because each town in bicol has festival. Sometimes unplaced, sometimes a runner up. she has to be trained more on the mock up questions part. She needs her communication skills to be improved. That is what’s lacking on her. And sometimes she looks older than her age on stage, she needs the right make up and styling. goodluck to her!

  14. Wow a body to die for ! Janine kinda stance. Sexy ! How tall is she ? I hope she’s no she’s no shorter than 5’8″ just like Janine.

  15. She’s stunning ! Swak na Swak ang ganda nya! Let’s wait and see about her academic credentials. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • btw Bud HAPPY NEW YEAR to You and to all your readers !
        I quit smokin ………. am now chewin tobacco (spit spit, chew sunflowers seed, spit spit) Hey Batta batta swing! HOMERUN ! Parul Shah wins !

  16. Normz, now that you’re slowly giving hints and updates on who’s-ins this year…any news on Mary Ann Ross (I know you featured her a f ew weeks back)? And Diane Arevalo?

  17. She has a commanding stance and presence basing from the swimsuit photos above. Perhaps more training and transformation ala-Janine and she could be a contender.

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