12 comments on “Lorraine C. Kendrickson, 19 and stunningly beautiful

  1. She can be an actress or Tv host..
    She reminds of Paraluman and Tita duran during the Golden Age of Philippine cinema..

      • @Tito Norms… hindi ko sila naabutan.. Idol lang talaga ng Lola ko sila as in me scrapbook of their photos… Parang ako bumili ako ng magazine ni Megan Young.

  2. tama may pagka megan na jessy.
    usually nakaksuya super tisay pero like ko sya
    sana tumangkad pa konti
    sabagay si manay olivia nga…

  3. I am not a fan of Mestiza beauty, but I really like this one. Even though Mestiza looking, there is still that distinct Filipina look in her. All she needs is a good tan.

    Shame on the height. If she was 5’9 or taller and her communication skills are superb, then it’s game over.

  4. Very pretty, try her luck to MWP! Kung height nia 5’9-5’10 winner na winner sana!

  5. I have just watched the video below and I’d say that Lorraine is one determined queen with a definite platform that would be great for MWP. However, standing at 5’5″ would be her biggest obstacle. In case BbP, MWP or MPE rejects her because of her height, she can still continue her dream if she would join via MP. I am sure that Rene Salud will automatically reserve Miss Philippines Tourism International for her for a guaranteed triple-peat of the MTI crown. Another world record for the Philippines!!! 🙂

  6. A combination of Megan Young and Jessy Mendiola!
    What she lacks in height, she makes up for in beauty. This girls is oozing with class!

    Watch her vid during the pageant:

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