17 comments on “Kimverlyn Suiza: the first crossover beauty of 2014?

  1. I liked her the first time I saw her in Miss Earth. Love her face and neck and her model-like features but one thing that distracts me now is her hair. It’s too light for my liking or better yet dye it black and “banat” makes her look more regal and queenly. I have high hopes for this girl basta with the right styling and proper handling- she’ll go places. She wouldn’t be First Runner Up for nothing. Go girl! Kampi tayo!

    • Yes Ram, I had very high hopes for this girl, too, BUT the fake blonde hair color just killed it for her!

      All is not lost yet and she can still be redeemed with her original hair color and good mentor!

  2. She should join, why not? And when she joins, she should not settle for less because she is Miss Air 2013. She should project her winningest aura for her to get a major crown!

  3. I love her overall look during MPE’s coronation night this year. She looked very regal and classy. I must say, she gave Angelee a tough fight that night.

    If ever she joins BBP, then go! Wag mo sayangin ang ganda mo girl! 😉

    • Yeah I also like her back then… kulang lang sa tamang projection as a model pero ramp, beauty and inteligence pasok na pasok.. lamang lang talaga sa quick wit and modeling experience si Angelee..

      • You are absolutely right, C2F. So far, I find Angelee as the wittiest queen of them all that people tend to believe that everything she says is scripted. Really unfair for her!

  4. Either BB Supra or International for Kim. KF should train her hard enough though if she wants to be competitive. I could just see the next BBP batch to be a tough & an interesting one. I’m still hoping that some newbies will surface out of nowhere and give the “pros” a run for their money. Shades of another Ara or Mutya 🙂

  5. I’m not buying her beauty, it’s more of a blend in rather than standing out.
    Pwede to sa pipitsuging pageant sa China.
    Mas bagay ang beauty nya na maging isang major majorette ng isang banda at tumugtog sa mga pistang bayan, pistang nayon at pistang lalawigan.

  6. Ok, this girl needs some tough love right now cause with the right styling, this girl deserves a crown. I don’t like the dyed hair on her classic Mestiza features… She’s suppose to look like Leonor Rivera not Josephine Braken. I prefer her former look… it was very Catherine Zeta Jones in The Mask of Zoro. That’s her Ideal peg. And lastly, more breast and no star spangled tops please!

  7. Yes, she is articulate, but she needs to inject more life on the way she speaks…if she can do away with her “pa demure effect” manner…better still, I want to see her enjoying the contest, otherwise she will not make it to top 12. Well…just my take.

  8. Imho, I don’t really know where to place her, I need to see more of her, but for now …..

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