27 comments on “Katrina Jayne Dimaranan: to join or not to join

  1. DON’T join and save her time & energy as her efforts will be futile!

    So sorry for Katrina as her pageant days are long over due to the high level of competition and talent this year!

  2. Katrina has plenty of local/national pageants to choose from. She is qualified for Miss World Philippines, Miss Earth Philippines and most especially Mutya ng Pilipinas. We need our first Miss INTERCONTINENTAL title. She could easily win the Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental title.

  3. I think MWP is too big a title for her…She must join Mutya ng Pilipinas and be the successor of Angeli Dione Gomez…If she really wants to get the highest title, just my opinion.

  4. I think Katrina Jayne Dimaranan should join beauty pageant again. If she believe that she has the beauty and talent then go for it. Madam Stella should utilized her potentials and capabilities but she ignored it. Honestly, she should allow her to compete beauty pageant in abroad. Madam Stella should send her to Miss Universe 2014.

  5. Tito Norms, have you seen Gerry D’s new status in FB? KALOKA! Mukhang may pasabog nanaman ang Aces and Queens!

    His status says:

    “THE HEAT IS ON! Two major pageant ‘winners’ (no placement and year mentioned), two showbiz personalities, a string of other pageant titlists, two titlists who represented the Philippines abroad, 4 professional models including one top notch and most sought after model, two balikbayans (not from the US), two half breeds, a 17 year old 5’10 beauty with legs that never seem to end, EQUALS. . .”

  6. Ideal MWP candidates:

    1-2. Venus Raj or Janicel Lubina: diba sila ang ideal peg ni Julia Morley befor Megan Young?!

    3. Katrina Dimaranan: almost the same peg as Janicel… Same dramatic story..
    Fil-am morena version nga lang.. good comskills like Megan.

    4. Janine Gutierrez: I wish she was a few inches taller but she definitely has the brains. A few months with gym trainning and braces.. she’ll be perfect..

    5-6. Luzel Felipe and Janina San Miguel: I love a girl who has the guts to change her life for the better with limited resources.

    7. Maria Angelica De leon: She has the talent.. a bit too sheltered but I’m sure she learned from her mistakes. Let’s give her another chance.

    8. Pauline Quintas: a simple yet well rounded girl.. more trainning and she will be ready in a few years time.

    8. Valerie Weigman: she’s beautiful charming … that’s it. I don’t mind her becoming at most a 1st runner-up.

  7. Why not?
    Her beauty isn’t really my cup of tea, but this girl has a presence that you just can’t ignore. Kudaera pa siya. Plus, a vivacious personality. 😉

    Damn. I wish Philippines would send a girl to MU with the same vivacious personality as Kat’s. Feeling ko kase yung ang kulang sa mga naging kandidata naten.

  8. Since shes most likely a US citizen at most a green card holder, why not enlist for Miss California for Miss USA? Her exotic beauty not to mention body stature and intelligence will be better appreciated in that venue vis a vis joining another Philippine pageant.

  9. She was my bet during bbp2012…she’s still young and she got more years to decide and prepare. I will support Katrina if ever she join mwp next year.

  10. Yes, malakas ang dating nya…magaling mag-salita…animated…one thing is lacking: Elegance!

  11. I love how her look is very Filipina. Very much distinctly Pinay

    But she is not pretty enough to compete internationally, sorry.

  12. She didn’t compete in that tourism international pageant ek ek, this is her time to shine…..
    Excellent communication skills, tall, strong presence,exotic go for it KD, the next MWP !

  13. For me her over-all persona/aura does not suit MWP. Way too strong I think. I’d say she should try her luck @ MEP instead. Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  14. If Janicel wins a BBP crown then Katrina is definitely a worthy successor for MWP.

  15. I never really found her gorgeous, stunning, nor international pageant-fitting. But hey, I felt the same towards Venus when she won our national title. So.

    MY TAKE: I say DO NOT JOIN…but don’t trust my opinion.

    My vison of what’s pageant-ready is not the gospel truth. Whatever happens, good luck!

  16. OMG haahhaah tito Norman. I’m already for net year’s battle!!!! 🙂 😉 🙂 Hopefully Philippines will finally get the Miss Universe crown and make a possible back to back in Miss World. 🙂 🙂

  17. What are Cory Quirino’s rules regarding this? Can she be a BB titleholder so long as she didn’t compete internationally?

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