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  1. There is no International Studies in Ateneo, Kuya Norman. Haha. Baka Interdisciplinary Studies….

  2. Just like native Filipinos, the Spaniards are products of the constant movement of people coming to and from the Iberian peninsula, all over Europe and the Mediterranean. Contrary to popular belief, the Filipinos of European ancestry during the Spanish colonial era are not all from Spain or even Europe. Some of them are also from other continents like the Americas, Africa and so on. The term “Filipino” originaly refers to Spaniards who are born and raised in the Philippines while the natives are called “Indios” since the Visayans are very Indianized due to their history.

    Ex. The first military troups under the Spanish crown who arrived on the islands are actually Portuguese. The first Filipino Zobels are of Germa -Dutch Ancestry. The Roxas family came from Mexico 400 years ago and followed by the Aranetas. Susan Roces has part French-Japanese while Nur Misuari has mixed Arab ancestry.

    In conclusion, I don’t know where or how Marriane got her mixed European lineage but the point that she was born and raised her makes her Filipino. If she also has the heart of a Filipino and the hunger for the crown then she has my full support.

    She can add a few inches to her bustline and hipline through her diet… It is the ratio and proportion that is important…

  3. i believe she is now being trained by aces and queens, and she’s one of the strong candidates that jonas will be sending at next years binibining pilipinas…she knows how to speak the brazilian language because her father is a brazilian..and she’a a bilingual trainor thats why she knows every language the world can offer..!!! she’s in for the crown..!!!

  4. Hmmm… Hmmm… I have a strong feeling she is related to Dawn Zulueta and Coco Martin. With those arresting features, no doubt! 😉

    Well, Guidotti is obviously Italian — not Spanish nor Portuguese but whatever made her become part Spanish is not my concern as long as she is part Filipino and feels very Filipino. But I wonder how she learned Portuguese and not Italian nor Spanish if she is in fact Spanish. More likely, she learned the language when she was taking up International Studies.

    5’10” – check!!! Facial beauty – check!! Body curves – check (but requires more trimming on the waist area as she looks 34-26-35 to me)! Education – check!!! Communication Skills – well, only Norman can tell. LOL.

    She looks Filipina to me and hopefully, she joins… come on, Marianne!

  5. Hmmmmm, ayaw pa sabihin ni Ninang na nagte-train sa Aces and Queens si Marian e obvious naman.
    Btw Ninang, pano na yung FHM cover ni Marian, that will be a ground for her disqualification not to mention her butangera issue and kulong sa banyo incident with Bella Flores.

    Haaaaay Marian, ang ganda mo, pag nakatikom ang bibig mo, parang ako lang!

  6. Hi Norman! Ikaw talaga! Killjoy! (Parang dated yung term na ‘killjoy’ huh)
    Hehe. Happy holidays!

  7. Based on the pics & credentials on here, she’ll give the other prospective BP candida r es a run for their money. I’d say go girl !

  8. The $64 million dollar question is…..
    May passion bang sumali at manalo si Marianne? Kahit anong credentials kung wala sa puso at di karirin ang pag join wassang din…

  9. Wow! Hard to beat. Kahit saan pwede – MU, MW or MI.

    Norman, with you covering her in your blog, i suspect she is on her way to Gateway? You are such a teaser! 🙂 Excited for the Philippines 2014!

  10. I trust your judgement Tito Norms and pics don’t lie.. If she grew up here in Manila the she’s perfect! If ever, we have so many winning candidates this 2014.. It’l be a grand battle of beauty, brains, brawn and background!

    • C, she may be half-Portuguese but very very Pinay. I forgot to add that she is comfortably trilingual – English, Portuguese and Tagalog – in that order of comfort level. 😉

      • Wow.. She sounds perfect for MU.. I hope she can learn as fast as Shamcey.. Like Bea, Mutya and Megan, I would love to see an interview of her so we could see how down to earth charming she is and how much she loves her people.. I hope she has the same drive and determination like Ara.. I hope she can walk like Janine, Shamcey, Mutya and Venus. She’s more educated than Janicel but can she beat her in all other aspects?

  11. If indeed Miss U 2014 is to be held in Brazil, she would be perfect to represent our country considering her background. Miss Angola 2011 and erstwhile Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes, beautiful and charming as she is, may not have been as lucky, had the pageant been held in a non-Portuguese-speaking country.

  12. Love her beauty tita Norms! One of my good friends who also has a Portuguese blood (she’s 5’11 imagine at the age of 16 and won Elite Model way back 19 kopong kopong hehe) has a similar aura to her. Her beauty for me smells MW.

    And speaking of A&Q. sobrang nakaka low IQ to ask you who are their pasabog beauties so far but I will try my best to enhance my EQ further ;p

  13. Wow, the girl has lots of potential. The height, bone structure, aproportion, and exoticness are all there. I haven’t seen any of the other girls yet, but she can easily bag Binibini Universe. Hope she gives it a go.

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