19 comments on “Kagandahang Flores: the Torch Bearers

  1. Pati ba make-up si Ms. Wilson din gumawa? IMHO, i find it too dark…parang a lil bit scary para sa akin lang…si Parul parang one week na dehydrate at si Hannah…irma alegre ang peg sa Shake, rattle and roll. I prefer pa din the style of AandQ. Peace out:)

  2. Parul Shah is the most striking out of the three.

    Her look is very high fashion and will definitely stand out if lined up amongst the Europeans & Latinas.

  3. I find it odd that the moment Bea rose Santiago was crowned Miss International, the following day, Jonas Gaffud started posting videos of her alagas (Megan, Venus, Shamcey and Janine) training. Commendinf them for bringing honor to the country. Insecure?

    • Hindi naman.. He always post pics of his alagas all the time no matter what occasion. Nag comment pa nga si Mama J congratulating Rodgil. . .

  4. Gorgeous both ! Just kinda noticed though… eye make-up is a shade of Ara’s with that fierce-look and all. K&F seems like is gunning for the BBP Universe 2014 title 🙂

  5. Now with a baby boy, it’s amazing to see Maggie Wilson really looking good. If I didn’t see her name, she would be my pick. 😉

    I guess they wouldn’t be called torchbearers if they are not as equally amazing. I like Parul’s exotic brown beauty as I like the background of Hannah Ruth not to mention her having two-three first names. 🙂

  6. Ang daming nangangarap ni mag-join ang Isabelle Daza, ang Isabelle naman e dedma lang ang bruha.
    E andyan naman si Hanna, gandang babaita nito.
    Napakasimple ng mukha, sarap ayusan, chameleon face.

    Hanna Capri, 69, Potrero, Fairview!

  7. I’m so desperate to see Parul represent the Philippines in an International pageant. She’ll have a great chance of giving us another crown. With a smile like that, she’ll never be forgotten. I can definitely see her as Miss Universe 2014. Give KF a chance to give us another top 5 placement, they might actually give us the crown this time!

    • Also, her exotic beauty would be a definite standout with the Brazilians, if the rumours of Miss Universe 2014 being held in Brazil are true.

  8. Ang lakas ng dating ni Parul at Hannah, I’m hoping that they won’t be ignored next year …
    Kuya norms nasaan si Janlub?, Maggie W. Consunji ayaw paawat uma aura pa din…..

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