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  1. JudeGLO and Dexter,

    Try to watch Miss Venezuela. You gonna like it. from the opening to the host (especially when it was hosted by Maite delgado from 1997 to 2010 and 2013) to the judges, production number and candidates, 99% perfect. If you compare it to BBP or MU, MV is the best. 🙂

    • Muchas gracias,minorka for your positive posts and contributions to Norman’s highly popular and ever increasing in visits, pageant site!

      Your generous sharing of pageant info has made the world even smaller & more accessible and thus so enjoyable, entertaining and exciting for the whole pageant family!

  2. I would love to see a homenaje and a get together for all the Miss International winners from the Philippines (1964, 70, 79, 2005 and 2013) like what they had in Venezuela in 2011, when Ivan Sarcos won, in Super Sabado Sensacional they had a homenaje and a get together with all the 6 Miss World winners from Venezuela (1955, 81, 84, 91, 95 and 2011).

    • Oh yes, that would certainly be nice & lovely with the very first Miss INTERNATIONAL, Stella Marquez, as hostess!

    • You seem to know so much about the beauty scenes in Venezuela. You really amaze me.

      • Dexter, Norman’s informative blogs have now gone global with a continuously growing fanbase & contributors from all over the world following the increasing Philippine successes in beauty pageants!

        Therefore, it’s not surprising to find posters far & wide sharing their vast knowledge of pageants with us and building a regular & loyal following!

      • Thanks Dexter.
        I am a self-confessed Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe Fanatic.
        I love everything about Venezuela.
        I almost watch all their TV shows if I have time. I love to watch Portadas when it was hosted then by Mariangel Ruiz (MU 1st runner up 2003) and Carolina Indriago (Semifinalist MU 1999). Super Sabado Sensacional, El show de Maite, Todo por la corona (A reality show to select candidates for Mss Venezuela).
        You can ask me anything about Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe.

  3. 2013 ( Year of the SNAKE ) was, indeed, a successful & productive year!

    2014 ( Year of the HORSE ) is anticipated & expected to be even better & more glorious!

      • It would and should happen and they will have one shot together with The Great Norman. 😉

      • And also, an editorial pic (or an entire photo shoot) on our Miss U 4-peaters Venus, Shamcey, Janine, and Ariella…

        Can you make these two pics happen, Fairy Godmother Norms? 😉

        BTW: Your being proclaimed one of the top 10 most influential people in Philippine Pageantry by Sash Factor further strengthens my “campaign” to have you sit down as one of the judges in BBP 2014. Yay!

  4. Yan ang gandang pinay, unkabogable!
    Next year, I wanna see Gil Wagas clinching the BBP-Universe title.
    And hopefully a back-back victory in Miss International with Enchong Dee wearing the Philippine sash.

    Piola Pascualita will also be a hit for Miss World, so expect 2014 to be a continued success for our country.

  5. Congratz sa mga beauty queens ntin…sana, miss U crown na nxt yr.and for sure pla, dhil sa popularity ngaun n megan bka after ng reign nia, pag-agawan xa ng mga asian businessmen.:).ang ganda kz nia.btw, congratz to ol of my favor8 queens..Ara, Megan, Bea, Mutya, and Angelee…sa iba, conratulations din.

  6. Thanks for such an excellent tribute to our beauty queens/king, Norman ! You simply are awesome, I must say. And I also wish all the best to the future beauty queens of 2014. 2013 may be a tough year to follow but with dedication and hard work our future queens can learn a lot from their predecessors and make our country the new beauty queen powerhouse in the world ! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas !

  7. Hi Norman…aside from major titles and high placements in various competition, it is noteworthy that some of our candidates also won special awards and citation: Mutya Datul – Miss Personality; Megan Young – World Top Model; Ariela Arida – Internet Voting Citation & strong showing in swimwear..
    In 2014, we start claiming back-to-bach-to-back wins in major pageants, win big in Miss Universe, amass more special awards specifically on Beach Wear/Swimsuit, Talent, Personality, Evening Gown, National Costume, Beauty with a purpose project, photogenic…and other minor awards given by sponsors!
    I am in one spirit with those who believe that our 2014 contestants can top the record we hold dear in 2013!

    • Ada Arida has a beautiful hair. She should have a shampoo commercial.
      She can be an International Model.

  8. 2013 will be a hard year to follow, but I’d like us to still win the Miss Universe crown this next year. I feel like we’re almost there. Precedence has been set with back-to-back crowns at Miss World before. You never know. They say that PNoy was a lucky charm for a couple of our queens. Maybe it’s been you all along.

  9. Same wishes here, Norman. And it is not really impossible to duplicate or even surpass our current world record having seen all those ladies who are presently undergoing rigid trainings with the leading queen-makers. It’s a matter of choosing the right candidate for the right pageant. My only wish, however, is that all those ladies are able to express their feelings and intelligence articulately like Bea and Megan. Because a beauty with substance is much easier to adore and be proud of. Mabuhay ang Natatanging Kagandahang Pilipina!

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