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  1. Im japanese and im ashamed of the Japanese entertainment world. A lot of the big agencies that want to dominate the shares are closely connected with the Yakuzas. I heard that the yakuzas have a lot to do with this case as well. Of course every agency would want to have someone of Ikumi’s caliber, so the agency described in this article asked her to join them. but, because she knew of the rumors surrounding the agency about the Yakuzas, she declined the proposal. From then on, the agency and the Yakuzas being paid by the agency began to target her and make her disappear from the entertainment world.
    really messed up.

  2. bakit mi 2008 ang magkokorona?! ba’t di na lang yung mi 2013 1st runner-up?! anyway kahit na sino ang magkorona, ang importante e si miss philippines ang dapat koronahan mamaya! 😀

  3. I always admired the Japanese on how much they value honor up to the point that their politicians voluntarily step down and commit hara kiri or suicide due to simply being suspected of corruption… I am ashamed that here it’s quite the opposite due to the rotten government system that our former colonizers and oppresors have left us.

    BUT, After reading this article, I got a bit teary eyed and realized that there is one thing they don’t have that I am so proud of- our Bayanihan spirit. We always unite to help, campaign or defend anyone oppressed, unfortunate or simply in need of help specially if he or she is our own. I don’t even know how to translate it in English just like “utang na loob” and “pakikisama”.. It’s like heroism, hardwork, resiliency, chivalry, charity, humility, respect, hospitality, generosity, pride and honnor with a hint of chauvinism all rolled into one. Maybe it’s another reason why other nations consider us as die hard fanatics. Those values are hard to learn and understand abroad. That is also why I preffer our Beauty Queens to be homegrown just like our Venus Raj and Megan Young.

  4. Inspiring talaga ung case ni venus at buti pinaglaban nya…at tinulungan cya kundi bka nga nga pa rin tau sa miss U but anyway feel sad for this girl mukhang pang habang buhay nya na ata maccarry yan…i hope not….i hope matulungan cya ng mga kababayan nya….

  5. I feel sad for her. I wish MI org helped her with her situation tho 😦 It’s not like she’s different from them since she’s a Japanese.

    • I’m just happy that even though our country is oftentimes chaotic.. this kind of thing will NEVER happen to a Filipino without a big fight and without her people backing her up..

      • Yes that’s the thing with us Filipinos. Laban kung laban basta nasa tama. Suporta kung suporta. Bayanihan spirit at it’s finest.

    • It was such a pity that she did not enjoy her reign fully. I wish she wins her battle with the maniacs! A win is still a win and her case should serve as a warning to the future Misses Japan.

  6. It’s so sad that Japan’s first Miss International winner has to endure this life threatening situation for one whole year or more, she didn’t even do her supposed duties as miss international due to harassment and intimidation, she should have step down and have the first runner up continue the responsibilities, organizers were all mum and scared to decide regarding ikumi’s reign wether to push through or leave it up in the air, this situation will never happen in the Philippines as congress and senate will be summoned to help the victim ( venus raj’s case ), God bless ikumi …..

    • So it’s Alejandra Andreu 2008 MI, will crown Bea Rose Santiago as Miss International 2013 tonight!

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