5 comments on “Sunday Specials: On December 29, she will become Mrs. Shamcey Supsup-Lee

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to The PHILIPPINES’ new Power Celebrity Couple!

    Shamcey gets my vote as the winner of the annual International BRIDE-of-the-YEAR contest!

    I do hope that she will still be involved in some ways in pageantry! She did a fabulous job as a
    webcaster for MUO in 2012 in Las Vegas!….Hope to see her as a co-host at the 2014 Binibining
    PILIPINAS Pageant!

  2. I wish a 10th MU crown in 2033, if their first baby is a girl ! They’re perfect for each other ! 😉

    • A great wishful thinking… ain’t bad for the future of Philippine beauty pageantry. And hopefully not ala Isabelle Diaz Daza, aye?!?

      🙂 😉 🙂

      • @DexterCo: You’re right…a wishful wishful thinking indeed ! Well, to be fair with Belle, my assumption is that she is just being sensible. I am sure that her Mom, Gloria, would support her if she wants to join a beauty pageant competition but I also think that It’s not a kind of thing that Belle wants. 😉

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