10 comments on “Sunday Specials: Was it worth the risk?

  1. Speaking of Rizza Santos, is she the only woman who have competed in MU, MW, and ME? Thanks

  2. It was not worth it unless they were promised the crown in black and white. Bad move!

  3. Ito lang po ang masasabi ko. Okay lang na sumali ng sumali pero kung ang kalidad ng titulo ay pataas. Engot lang yong gusto ng pababa. Sa madaling salita, engot sina Purvor at Arrozal. Hindi ako magtataka kung makakalaban ko sila sa 2020. Basta lam ko ako ang winner pagdating ng tamang panahon.

  4. Tama ang payo ng Ninang ko na ‘mamahinga na’, mamahinga na kayo ng tuluyan.
    Wake up call yan mga the, wag gawing karir ang pageant para sa pangkabuhayan showcase.
    Mag-apply na lang kayo sa nabiling club ni Anne Cortez.

  5. Speaking of “risk”, surely, those ladies are taking a huge one in joining another beauty contest. But I guess, that’s just life.
    Those girls are just young only once, and while they are qualified they are making the most out of it. There are some loses, I’m sure…but there are so much to gain also from the experience. And besides, those girls won’t grow old hunted of what might have been…regretting that they have forgone of something in the past.
    It is not greed. If boxers and other players (golf, tennis, etc) can vie for titles even if they have been champs before (and to think that the take-homes are much larger), so why can’t a miss dream of snatching a title even though there would be much younger and prettier contesting for the crown.
    It is their decisions…I am sure they have thought of them a hundred times over. Their participation in another beauty contest is much better than politicians cheating their ways to their posts!

  6. Nothing against girls who joing pageants more than once kase pwedeng nung first time hindi pa hasa or hinog. Pero kung pera pera nalang, wala rin tayo magagawa dun baka talagang pangangailangan. Siguro for us pageants watchers na familiar sa kanila hindi ko rin ma help ma sad kase ganyan nalang sila…

  7. Bravo to Angel’s take on PERSEVERANCE VS GREED. I loved it. Your point on GREED really got my attention to which I would like to dispute because of NEED. Whilst it is true that wanting more means GREED, NEED could be the excuse of those who are having financial difficulties one way or the other. Half a million is no joke and it can solve some financial problems instantly when you win. On the other hand, i wonder what lured Samantha and Jaysel into joining. I have some doubts that it was greed. Either they are not thinking properly or they don’t have that sense of “delicadeza.” just saying…

  8. My personal thoughts (on ladies who never get tired of joining pageants):

    Perseverance and determination is a good trait. Greed however is not.

    You have already placed in a major pageant and already have something under your belt. I think that there’s nothing else to prove (well at least for others). Not unless of course when people are clamoring for you to take another shot.

    There’s fine line between perseverance and greed. Take the case of Rizza Santos. I have nothing against her. But Ms Earth, World and Universe? Having given the privilege to join a stint in showbizness is not enough. For me it’s greed already. Give chance to others. To the fresh and young ones.

    Ladies, you had your time and your chance. You did well. You have proven yourself to others and pushed yourself to the limits. Maybe it’s not just for you and the greater being above us has better plans for you. Find your true calling.

    You are beautiful. And has a good heart. And a better place tobuse your beauty and talents.

    Good lucknon your future endeavors.

    *Please don’t take it against me. I for once will still root for Lucelle Felipe and Charmaine Elima should they join again.

    • Hayaan na natin sila. Not quitting is not being selfish not greedy.

      Take Venus, Janine, Ara, Precious for example. Just when people said “enough already,” they tried one more time and we all know what happened.

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