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  1. Dapat pala dito na lang ako nanood dahil nababasa ko pa. Ang hirap intindihin yong mga tanong at sagot sa Q&A. Salamat Tita Normz.

  2. I’m not questioning their choices because what you saw in tv or in your computers is actually different from what we saw in the actual procedings. Korea is really beautiful and also Thailand both are glowing. Ms. Austria on the other hand is actually very beautiful in person, she gave a good answer. Venezuela is Venezuela, you can bash her all you want but the girl is undeniably the best, when she came out in her evening gown we know already the competition is over.

  3. Sila nanaman?!!!! Nakakasuka na… halatang biased ang pagka luto!!!!.. oo sila na maganda pero hello?! Organic ba and natural ang pagpaparetoke nila?! Oo na carousel production.. kailangan nyong sumipsip sa bansang yan para makuha ang audience ng mga latina.. PERO kailangan bang masyadong halata?! Kulang nalang ipatong nyo na ang Korona opening number palang.. pwe!!!

    Bea!!!! Lugi si Angelee dahil kontra talaga kapalaran sa kanya pero ikaw asa iyo lahat ng pagkakataon at nakalatag na sayo ang lahat… Naku wag ka magpapatalo sa kanila!!!!!! PRESSURE KUNG PRESSURE!!!!! MISS INTERNATIONAL.. TERITORYO DIN NATIN YAN!!!

    • While I’m not surprised that Alyz won, Angelee’s non-placement sort of made me disappointed ‘coz I think she performed better than Austria or Korea.

  4. Congratulations to Venezuela! Truly beautiful winner, and an awesome strategy to lobby the market of ME not only in Venezuela, which aired ME this year for the first time, but also in the entire Latin America!

    Just glad GB is not including ME in their grand slam because that way, the win of Venezuela tonight won’t affect the lead of Philippines as Country of the Year in their statistics! Slap!

    Miss International, the last major pageant this year, will be the final breaker battlefield between Philippines and Venezuela for Country of the Year Award! This is exciting! Good luck!

  5. i’m happy for Korea but i’m sad for India.. Anyway I think Thailand should’ve won, congrats Venezuela!

  6. As objective as I want to be, Angelee deserved so much more to be one of the elemental queens over Brazil and Austria who both gave laconic answers to their respective questions. Brazil’s response in particular was begging for an elaboration of sorts. I wonder if the top 8 competed in the Q&A round with a clean slate or if all their scores since the swimsuit round were added up to get the average just like in Miss Universe 2013. At any rate, Angelee definitely deserved a better placement.

      • Oh yes I stand corrected! Her being part Brazilian stuck in my mind and got me confused there. My bad.

    • Brazil didn’t even managed to be in the semis, but she took part in the Q&A? Lol

    • Can’t help but wonder if there is a somewhat concerted effort not to let the Philippines shine this year in Miss Earth – no matter if rightfully deserved – if only to “save face” for last year’s controversies and this year’s absurd lapse of judgment in having an overwhelmingly Filipino panel of judges with the organizer herself as the head. If ever, that is a grave injustice to our representative who hands down gave it her best and was clearly a frontrunner.

  7. Sana next year sa ibang bansa naman nila ganapin yang ME. Kelangan din nang mga candidates na mag tree planting sa ibang bansa di ba?

      • Despite being a roaring pageant powerhouse, Venezuela has never hosted any international pageant ever. If even Donald Trump couldn’t convince them to do so, how much more with Carousel Productions?

  8. My bet is on Korea, Venezuela and Thailand winning the crown. Angelee will be a runner up or elemental queen but nonetheless she is beautiful in swimsuit!

  9. Loved your evaluation of the swimsuit and evening gowns, Norman. Not surprised by the new display of gown by Venezuela. I will bw more surprised if she did not change, 😉

    France to me so far is the most amazing. She is incredibly beautiful in motion. But she did not make it to Top 8, unfortunately.

  10. napUna ko Lang na itOng si AngeLee ay pang Miss U ang daTing…..paG nakapasOk xa sa top 4, iM suRe she wiLL ace the Q&A.. un Nga Lang bakA ibigaY sa iba ang koRona para Lang hnDi masabiNg LuTo…

    • wala na paLang toP 4…. paiba iba ng format tOng Ms earth…ang baguHin saNa nila e uNg proDuctiOn….paRang Mutya ng Pilipinas Lang eh….

  11. Live streaming is really nice. But looking at the whole production, nagkaroon ako nang idea kung bakit ayaw isali nang GB ang ME sa kanilang grandslam pageants.

  12. Sir Norms, this one of the best live streaming I’ve ever seen, mas maganda pa kesa sa Ms. Universe. Di lang ako comfortable na mostly Filipino ang mga judges at si Lorraine Schuck pa ang chairman. w

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