11 comments on “Michelle Vito: What if?

  1. Let the beauty camps take care of her now so she could be pageant ready in due time.

  2. It seems Star Magic is also grooming their female talents into a potential beauty queens. Afterthe sucesses of Pia Romero (Wurtzbach), Megan Young, and Koreen Medina. Here comes Liza Soberano and Michelle Vito. There is always a possibility, right Mr. Norman? 🙂

  3. Ninang Norman, please feature KIRAY CELIS.

    While Kiray may still be underage for our national pageants, she is most definitely brimming with beauty that would be welcomed by Bb. Pilipinas. But then again, if she becomes a big celebrity in the next year or two, chances are that she would not be too keen in taking the risk of joining one.

    Standing at 3’6″, she can still grow a kilometer or two before turning 18. And with the kind of aura she exudes, there’s no other way but up in terms of styling and projection. The people at Star Magic sure know how to make their talents look super gorgeous. 😉

  4. This early I’d say that she has the pageant facial beauty and yes, in 2-3 years time, she’d look more beautiful since she is in showbiz. The only factor that is missing, not only in her but with most of our queens is height. Let’s face it, 5’8″-5’10” is ideal for this generation. The only good thing is that our queens are truly loaded with natural beauty, a character that is hard to ignore. Now, if anyone tells me that Queen Megan is only 5’7″, well yes but she owns a winning persona. She owns that type of persona whereby one would instantly say that she is a winner. Not all the pageant hopefuls have this unbelievably unique Xfactor. It’s a special gift from Our Creator. How about Culpo at 5’6″? Do I need to waste my precious time on her?

  5. I agree.. Liza Soberano is a far better choice… As for Michelle, the beauty is there but her look now is very commercial.. if she grows taller and more statuesque then she could try her luck in pageants.. getting lean with a darker skin tone would add edge to her look. For now she should get a sport that gives her a total body workout. Ex. Volleyball.. and finish a degree preferably with flying colors..

    • Ay ooooooo pag i tan ito sya mas striking siguro. yung soft caramel coloring nya sa top pic bagay sa kanya. pero we’ll see

  6. Gwapa. Pag nawala na baby fats nya and maybe with contouring pwede to. Iba lang talaga spark ng beauty ni Liza.

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