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  1. Sayang ka, Ate Angelee. Sinakripisyo ka para lang sa pag-iwas ng kontrobersiya. Panalo ka pa rin sa akin. Good luck sa magandang kinabukasan mo. Huwag ka na uling sumali. Magpahinga ka na lang muna.

  2. You are one of the most beautiful representatives our country has ever had, but unfortunately, lady luck was not on your side.
    You are a victim of circumstances, giving you a Taft 4 finish will flame a controversy.
    But a Taft 8 finish is not bad at all, Angge, job well done.
    Love u Teh.

  3. You are one of the most beautiful representative our country has ever had, but unfortunately, lady luck was not on your side.
    You are a victim of circumstances, giving you a Taft 4 finish will be flame a controversy.
    But a Taft 8 finish is not bad at all, Angge, job well done.
    Love u Teh.

  4. Yeah, so agree with you guys! If angelee wins, she deserves it! Though I placed her as first runner- up (Air).

  5. If Thailand or South Africa wants to win then they should outshine our Angelee specially in the Q&A. They should literally break her long toned legs to surpass her killer performance. I’m afraid that our candidate might slay them all no matter what.

  6. I really feel bad that Angelee has become the sacrificial lamb when she is exerting all her efforts for the crown, not just for herself but for all the Filipinos on earth. Let’s mke a different scenario here. What if Megan Young is the one representing the Philippines tonight. Would we hear the same thing from those who are halting Angelee’s dream?

    Let’s be real. Past is past. Let Angelee prove her worth!

    Good luck, Angelee. Be proud and walk tall!

  7. We have different opinions actually, as much as I like Angelee but I think she can be a Sandra Seifert here. She can be a sacrificial lamb. But whatever the results will be, its the judges decision. I want to clarify things that Ms. Earth Org has nothing to do with the final results as they let the judges do their job. One thing is 100% sure, Angelee is in the top 16 already ( with India and Venezuela ). That’s all for now.

  8. I find it quite ironic that we are feeling guilty (in advance) that once our very own Miss Angelee Claudett Francisco de los Reyes wins tonight, the judges surely have made a bias decision in favour of the Philippines. I guess we are translating the situation pretty badly because if Angelee really does perform outstandingly in tonight’s finals and the world sees that she is the ONE, then she definitely deserves to be crowned. Should we still feel guilty already knowing that she absolutely deserved it?

    Let me refresh your memories with historical facts in pageantry:

    From 1951 to 1988, Miss World was held in the UK and crowned 5 delegates from the host country or a 13.16% frequency. Likewise, from 1952 to 1971, Miss Universe was held in the US grounds and crowned 4 delegates from their own backyard or a 20% frequency. On the other hand, from 1972 to 2003, Miss International was held in Japan but never crowned any local beauty until last year. But should we follow what Japan does when we all know that the Filipinas are practically the most beautiful in Asia?

    From 2001 to 2009, Miss Earth was held in the Philippines and crowned 1 Miss Philippines or an 11.11% frequency. It is still statistically below the pioneers. If Angelee gets crowned tonight, then the frequency would be increased to 16.67%. It’s still below Miss Universe.

    Due to the possible scandalous comments that would be made by our fellow countrymen should our delegate be declared Miss Earth 2013, I am rooting for Miss Thailand. But if Angelee’s stars would align and that she gets crowned, I will be more than happy for sure because she is, IN FACT, my bet for the crown!!!


    • I’m not at all against Angelee winning an element. She is very competitive. It’s just that her two predecessors placed in the Top 4 when they deserve consolation Top 16 slots only.

      • Well, I am buying your reason actually but as Ber had mentioned in one of his comments, it is not MEO’s fault, however, they should be very careful in inviting judges. One Filipino in the board is enough. And a NO-NO to those celebrities that do not know why beauty pageants exist. Do you know who have been invited to judge tonight? I’ve turned down their invitation just for your information. LOL 😉

      • @Dexter: It’s superb post and with stats figures as well. For me, I would not feel guilty at all if she wins the ME2013 crown, and I surely would defend her from any harsh comment thrown at her. 😉

    • Definitely factual statistics, Dexter. A lot of people don’t include Angelee in their list for fear of being accused of uber subjectivism. But why feel guilty? It’s really unfair if we put our own bet down despite the fact that she can place even higher. I mean, she is doing all her best just as all other 88 candidates. If the crown is for her, let us not bar her hopes and chances. Angelee for the Earth! 😉

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