55 comments on “My Miss Earth 2013 Forecast: Of Continents, Wildcards and Earth Equality

  1. I was looking at Weather Channel in Alabang, 30% rain forecast during the pageant.

  2. ang fresh nung face ni nepal. may fat sa face. gusto ko yung hindi batak na batak ang fez

  3. If not only for the two consecutive placements of the Phils. in ME 2011 and 2012 being held here in our country, I will bet on Angelee. Too bad that the judges during those years were uhm ahm ehh?? Well if Angelee made it I think she’s a major major upgrade than her two predecessors who placed before her.

  4. @Basil: Napansin ko rin ‘yan. Pero mas maganda ang hugis ng ilong ni Pia at mas gusto ko naman ang butt ni Punika.

  5. I really wish I followed this pageant from the very beginning! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    But from what I have seen, My top 4 prediction is:
    Fire: Philippines
    Water: Venezuela
    Air: India
    Eearth: Thailand

  6. Ang gaganda naman ng mga listahan ninyo. Ito naman ang hula ko base sa EcoBeauty videos at kagandahang walang gamit na palamuti sa mukha. Dapat lang na ito ng basehan dahil ito and tunay na dedikason ng Miss Earth.

    Miss Earth – INDIA
    Miss Air – SOUTH AFRICA
    Miss Water – PHILIPPINES
    Miss Fire – NETHERLANDS

    TOP 8

    TOP 16

  7. I’m almost feeling sure now that Ms. South Africa would win ME 2013. This could be a consolation to the Afrikaans who are currently mourning for the death of a world political icon and the ex-President of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela. I believe it could give an impact to the ME 2013 judges tomorrow night. Just a thought. Peace ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Ill take a quite different course:

    Top 20 for me based on their photos/demeanor in the ME website in alphabetical order:

    Costa Rica
    Czech Republic
    Dominican Republic
    South Africa



  9. well my choices are…EARTH-serbia…AIR-india..WATER-venezuela…FIRE-martinique
    TOP 8…bolivia…thailand…south africa..ukraine
    TOP 16….russia..bosnia..nigeria..canada,,germany,,poland,,chile,,crimea,,
    POSSIBLE SURPRISES…indonesia,,kosovo,,turkey,,nepal,,and many many more

  10. My top 4 in this order:
    1. Thailand
    2. South Africa
    3. Venezuela
    4. Philippines

  11. Dapat lang na pasok si Venezuela sa top 4 dahil 1st time na ieere ng Venevision ang Ms. Earth, as we all know malaking market ang Latin America sa pageantry.

    • That’s good news, Ber. No doubt about Venezuela’s placement as one of the elemental queens. On the other hand, I hope that Venezuela would volunteer to host next year’s event as beauty pageants in that part of the world is like boxing here in the Philippines. Everyone — straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender — loves following Miss Venezuela.

    • Then they should include Puerto Rico if she’s performing well since their TELEMUNDO has a greater Latin American coverage. Same reason why PR won Ms. Grand International…

  12. Miss Earth: South Africa or Thailand
    Air: Brazil, South Africa, Thailand or Philippines
    Water: Philippines
    Fire: Venezuela, Ukraine, Brazil, Thailand or Austria.

    Their all beautiful… It’s hard to decide yet.. Let’s just wait on the coronation night who will stand out!

    • LOL.

      So Miss Water has been reserved solely for Angelee, aye?!? My polly goodness — I am intrigued!

  13. miss earth – south Africa
    air – Venezuela
    water – Serbia
    fire -bosnia herzegovina

  14. kahit sino manalo wag lang venezuela, philippines at brazil! pero i’ve got this feeling na pasok sa top 4 ang venezuela & i must admit deserving naman talaga siya pero kasawa na kasi kung parati na lang. i’m pinning my hopes sa thailand, ukraine, kazakhstan(only bec of her awesome talent!) o isang african or black sana.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. 16. India
    15. Korea
    14. Ghana
    13. Poland
    12. Sweden
    11. Austria
    10. Indonesia
    09. Nepal

    08. Philippines
    07. Serbia
    06. Mexico
    05. Brazil

    Miss Fire: UKRAINE
    Miss Water: THAILAND
    Miss Air: VENEZUELA


  16. I’m an avid supporter and defender of Ms. Earth and proud that in just a span of 13 years it has grown tremendously. I just dont want to see another hometown decision. Siguro naman Ms. Earth is not created by the Filipinos for the Filipinos. I like Angelee during MPE because she’s my bet. Being Miss Philippines Earth is enough.

  17. Miss Fire Ukraine
    Miss Water Philippines
    Miss Air – Venezuela

    Miss Earth – South Africa

    here are my predictions..

  18. I think Venezuela will win! Philippines will be one of the elemental, I think thailand could be one of the elemental also, hoping one African and one from Europe will place runners up. Para balance yung earth pageant! Iam proud with MEO sa kabila ng dinanas ng pinas sa yolanda nakapagbigay pa rin ng maayos at friendly pageant , I think each candidates treat like a winner!

  19. I like the balance of your choice of 4 elemental winners, Sir Norman. On the other hand, I could also feel the echo of a roaring voice within our hearts for our very own lady, who truly deserves to be at the top. I can say that our ‘delicadeza’ moral value is swaying upon us in an event being held in our ground.

    • Am feeling exactly the same and it’s total sacrifice considering that Angelee is in it to win!

  20. Here’s my choice just by looking at the pics above coz’ i haven’t given much thought about Miss Earth:

    Fire- Brazil
    Water- Thailand
    Air- Philippines
    Earth- VENEZUELA

    • Para hindi macira and momentum ng filipinas and Venezuela this year 2013
      Ms.Earth 2013 – Venezuela
      Ms . International 2013- Philippines
      Ms . universe 2013-Venezuela
      Ms.World 2013- Philippines

  21. If Thailand, Venezuela, South Africa and Ukraine will comprise the top 4, this will be the best Elemental court ever. Any of these 4 gorgeous earth warriors deserve the crown.

    But here’s my who would win and who should win.

    Who would win: Venezuela – she is consistent through out the pageant. She is definitelty prettier than Gabriella Isler, Miss Universe 2013.

    Who should win: South Africa – she is my sentimental favorite for the crown. Yes, she is not your typical beauty but her dedication is what makes her stands out.

    • You are not actually alone. I’ve been browsing pageant blogs earlier and some are really rooting for Miss South Africa to win. And I want her to be the runner-up to my favourite, Miss Thailand.

  22. Time again to challenge myself and enjoy shuffling play cards with the contestants in each card to determine probable winners for this year’s edition of Miss Earth. As I’ve reiterated a number of times, our very own Angelee de los Reyes do deserve an elemental crown but everybody else in the competition deserves the same recognition as witnessed by the many Filipinos that have been with them during their almost one month journey to the crown.

    So here are my LUCKY PICKS ๐Ÿ˜‰

      16 Semifinalists


      Top 8



    Miss Fire Venezuela
    Miss Water Austria
    Miss Air South Africa

    Miss Earth 2013

    Hopefully, all the candidates of the nations aforementioned are the exact names that will be called during the 7th December Miss Earth Finals Night. But who really knows? Different experts and blogs have different visions. My mission is only to save Mother Earth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I like your fair and unbias choices for the elemental queens and the semi-finalists, great choices actually. I could only hope that it would be the final outcome. I dont like the trio of Brazil-Philippines-Venezuela to make the top 4 again as there’s a lot of other outstanding delegates, however, only Venezuela appeal to me among the trio. Sana lang maging patas ang mga pinoy judges at hindi sila blind nationalistic. Kasalanan din naman kasi ng mga judges kaya naba-bash ang Ms. Earth at naaakusahan ng pagiging bias.

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