11 comments on “Another one for your consideration: Zahara O. Soriano

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  2. Bawal ang humusga pero huwag na lang siyang sumali para hindi siya masaktan ng mga bashers.

  3. A filler but not a potential winner. She is beautiful but she lacks a lot of “IT.”

  4. Yeah, a potential joiner not a potential winner. Pam buo din sya ng 24 candidates…go girl!

  5. Bad for her na ang mgakawangis nya ay mga clapper.
    Sakit sa palad nyan, palakpak from opening till crowning.

  6. Pretty face… She seems to have the body…
    Question is.. what else did she excell on aside from pageantry? I have yet to get to know her.

    Let’s give her a chance…

  7. She has a good figure that matches a good height BUT her face is not the kind that I would really want to look at. Just my taste, I guess…

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