19 comments on “For your consideration: Avonlea Paraiso

  1. Maganda kung maganda. May laban kung may laban. Kaya nga lang hindi naman tayo hurado.

  2. She is beautiful. But many clappers in MU and MW have this look. Maybe because she’s from Philippines at will make a difference.

  3. I don’t mind any racial ancestry to represent our nation and it’s people. I’m just really biased against girls who did not grow up here.. Being raised here is the best way to understand our history with all it’s truths and lies. It answers all those questions on why we are the way we are despite all the chaos.. It’s only then one could love the beauty of our culture despite all it’s flaws.

  4. Avonlea reminds me a lot of Hispanofilipina Maria del Carmen Ines del Alcazar Zaragoza who was the first reprentative from the Philippines that won Miss Asia Quest back in 1982. Maybe they have the same ancestral lineage. She can join MWP or Bb Pilipinas.

  5. she’s lovely alright pero parang distracting yung pagkahaba ng mukha niya, tamang makeover lang siguro at pwede na siya sa bp o mwp. best in talent for sure siya sa miss world that is kung siya ang maging rep ng pinas! 😀

  6. This kind of beauty existed during spanish colonization a Castilian filipina, I hope she considered joining bb.filipinas or Mwp.

  7. She is a typical Filipina born with the silver spoon resulting to beautiful fair skin. Only the rich can have harps in their mansions. And in most cases the ladies in the house at least have to learn either to play a musical instrument or sing operatic inspired songs. I won’t be surprised if she also has taken voice lessons. She is of Spanish descent I guess but I wonder if she has Amercan blood as well since she grew up in Honolulu. For sure she is a good entertainer and therefore can express herself well in English and maybe Spanish.

    She would be needing a lot of gym trainings as her waistline is not proportional to her chest and hips. Standing at 5’8″, she could compete in any major pageant — World, Earth, International or Universe when she is physically ready. My million dollar worth! 😉

  8. I wish she’d consider joining Miss World Philippines instead of Binibining Pilipinas, if she wants to compete in a major beauty pageant. With the current trend of sending more homegrown morena beauties to Miss Universe as our delegates (just a frank observation), I’m afraid she might just be relegated to BBP-Supranational, BBP-International, or worse, BBP-Tourism. Not sure that these are where she would want to end up in.

    I do believe that with the proper training, and with our revived Sash Factor, we could send reps of any ethnic background to Miss Universe now, provided we choose the right girl. 😉

    Can I suggest a blog topic, Sir Norms? How about a blogpost on your dream panel of judges for Bb. Pilipinas? I already have three in mind: Ines Ligron, Nick Verreos, and Melanie Marquez. 🙂

  9. I love her name! I’m gonna name my next baby Avonlea. hahah. By any chance, do you know what her mix is, Norman? She’s NOT full Filipino, fershur.

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