45 comments on “Sunday Specials: Will a half-Ifugao, half-Scottish beauty merit your attention?

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  2. Sana siya ang pumalit kay Megan Young. Ang ganda naman ng kaniyang mata.

  3. It’s very rare to find a beauty and talent combined. She has ‘THE VOICE’ ! But her physique in that video gives me a ‘lil doubt about her height. A big ‘YES’ for me, with the right training, styling and make-over, I could already imagine a crown on her head may it be one of the crowns of Bb. Pilipinas pageant or Ms. World Philippines…hopefully next year?

  4. grabe naman kayo…i have elderly aunts na green yung eyes pero ilonngong illongo naman.
    meaning…hindi naman ma hehelp kung anong lumahi sayo. if your heart is filipino and you have filipino sensibilities and values, wala naman sigurong problema dun.

    mas exotic nga dating nito. hindi ganun ka aquiline yung nose. ifugao pa. may character yung features. hilaw na hindi. ayaw pa natin yun? kung may magagandang morena or probinsyana or chinita sige go narin

    • Sakit sa ulo ng mga comments mo Laila, wala manlang rhyming, kabagot, kabwisit.
      Kukunin pa naman sana kitang Ninang, pero dahil dyan e wag na lang.
      Para kang butanding na nasadsad sa pampang, at ginawang tinapa ng mga manang na walang panty na taga-caviti.

      • acshully sinakitan din ako sa ulo ng comments ko. malamang bangag ako nito bwahahaha…
        ninang? naku wag. hindi ako mayaman hahahahaha

        Para kang butanding na nasadsad sa pampang, at ginawang tinapa ng mga manang na walang panty na taga-caviti. YAN TALAGA ANG RHYMING. Karapat dapat na ikaw ang mag ryhme kesa ako *clap clap clap

        @ basil

  5. Yan ang tunay na maganda, effortless.
    Bigyan ng jacket!
    Ng CD!
    At ng Will Fone!

  6. Bangag nako kagabi nung nag post ako. So yung eyes nya hindi cheapo contact lenses? Interesado ba sya?

    Plus factor kung DJ, or I mean confident at kayang makipag sabayan sa usapan.

    Na realize ko lang magagandang mga tao yung mga taga Mountain Province area

      • O ayun naman pala go sige i push natin yan
        Lahat ng magaganda sige go…pati lahat ng feeling maganda na nadadaan sa confidence at x factor go go go!!!!!

  7. Her look is not as stunning or exotic as I want her to be but the background is excelent!!! I DON’T MIND THAT SHE’S HALF WHITE BECAUSE SHE GREW UP HERE! It all proves that this girl has the drive, the personality and the heart of a Filipino! She is not my ideal beauty but she can be transformed and represent the history and culture of our people.. No need for Q&A trainning for this one.. team JDV now has a rough diamond that they just need to polish.


    • Agree! She would be the most ideal successor to Queen Megan. And she’ll probably give us a back-to-back if the Kingdom of Ifugao will give their blessing. I am so loving her already. This early I could imagine her wearing an authentic tribal natcos prepared by them. 😉

  8. Pageant Betty, Bravo to you. To me just like what I said earlier, the Filipino is a unique race, because he or she can be anyway you want them to be. I have no problem whether they are Mestiza or Morena, because I love them all for being Filipinos and wearing the Phippines sash. My problem is those Filipinos that keep insinuating that the only Filipinos that would stand out in the International Pageant scenes are the women with brown colored skin. It has been proven before that Mestiza as well can beat any Latinas or Pure White candidates. Margie Moran. Aurora Pijuan, Charlene Gonzales, Gwen Ruais, Queenie Rehman, Lalaine Bennett, Louise Vail Aurelio, Blessida Mueller Ocampo, Alice Dixson, Dorothy Sue Bradley, Karla Henry, Yogi Dominguez, Jane Murphy, Melody Gersback, Krista Kleiner, Nicole Schmidt etc. etc. This is what make s the Filipina so unique, because no two Filipina candidates looked the same.

    • I agree… I’m a mutt too and yet you can tell that I’m Filipino.. But if you compare me to a Mangyan, Aeta or any pure native unmixed Filipino, then you would know I’m mixed race. Most mixed race Filipinos in the city looks more homogenized because our parents chose traits that are closest to what most find ideal and what the rest considers as average.. But what is average here in the city is different compared to each province.

    • na miss ko si lalaine bennett ano na nangyari dun?
      si alice dixson shucks ang hot ah…i mean kahit fhm yun gustong gusto ko tingnan
      si maggie wilson gandang ganda ako sa legs

  9. With her talent, eloquence and amiability, she can be a strong miss world contender. Enough with the debate whether how much filipina blood a person should have to represent this country. Even the US send latin americans, afro americans and lately amerasians to international beauty pageants. Beauty knows no boundaries or race. We have sent different types of beauties of late to miss universe/world (raj: fil indian, supsup pure filipina, tugonon pure flipina, young fil am, arida pure filipina) and yet everyone proved successful! The secret formula is not the ethnicity of our candidate but 1. the heart and pride of a true Filipino PLUS 2. Will and patience to go through the long ardous (excruciating even) preparation and training 3. Millions of rabid Filipino fans(like me ehem) who will rally the candidate from heaven to hell and back! So there.. If other countries have all these, then (quote janine) they can be miss universe/world anytime too! Hhehehe

    • Now Miss World Philippines 2014 is now officially taken. Worries no more to those who are bothered about the heir to Megan Young’s throne.

  10. I just wondered what the true representation of a true Filipina is all about. This kind of remarked make me cringed. The Philippines is not a homogeneous society. We are a mix of different races that God put in our country. It is this mixture of races that the Philippines stands out in every pageant. When someone try to make a comment about a true Filipina beauty try to do your homework first. It seems to me that some people of this forum has a little racist issues toward Filipinos of Eurasian heritage. As I said before the Filipino race has no definition. She or he can be anyone you want them to be. I would be proud to have a blue eyed Filipina or a blonde winner someday from this country. Also, a Filipina of African descent. Just to remind people from this Forum that it was a beautiful Eurasian Filipina by the name of Megan Young that kicked everybody’s asses to reign supreme as the most beautiful Grand Slam Queen for 2013. She’s also the queen who raised $1.2 million dollars for her typical morena or morenoi Kababayan.

    • I made quite a stir in one pageant forum while debating this “issue.” I will do the same here to educate my fellow kababayan – we are not a mixture of races! The Philippines was, is, and maybe will always be a homogenous nation. In fact, we are one of the least ethnically diverse in the whole world! Like most Asians, Filipinos have always adamantly kept to themselves when it comes to inter-nation mixing. Just because many stunning halfies join our local beauty pageants doesn’t mean they’re representing the current ethnic state of the country. Just because a handful of Filipina women happen to have children with foreign men, doesn’t mean that all Filipinos have foreign blood. Historically speaking and contrary to the popular belief, our Spanish conquistadores rarely mingled with the locals largely due to social taboo. Furthermore, there were actually very few of them that stayed in the country because of the distance of the country from mainland Spain. So the idea that all Filipinos have Spanish roots is a huge misconception. The same goes with all of our other foreign colonizers.

      Ask yourself this – How many beauties like Megan Young, Nikita McElroy, Pia Wurtzbach, Venus Raj et cetera do you see walking down the streets of urban Manila? I don’t know about you, but in my case, almost none.

      My point – stop the delusion that we are a “mixture of races” because a pile of hard evidences point to the contrary.

      • @Gina

        I agree with you only at a certain extent.. I know that majority of Filipinos who have Spanish last names recieved it during the Claveria act of the 1800’s. BUT depending on the the city and province, the locals are of mixed race at varying degrees even before the arrival of the spaniards. Here are a few Ex. The Acapulco Galleon trade brought all kinds of creoles, mestizos and mullatos to the country who settled at Manila and Pampanga. Zamboanga was already had a mix of middle eastern population from the Alexandrian era to the Chola and Ottoman empire before Portuguese troops settled there… When Manila was occupied by the Brittish.. their Sepoy troops and Brittish-indian leaders settled in what is now Cainta.. in Ilo-ilo and Bacolod which are one of the 1st Encomiendas in the countries had Spanish settlers because they were granted land by the spanish crown.. Most of them are distinguished men and they married the daughters of the local chieftains to reinforce the colonization of the Islands. Best example is this Scottish-Ifugao girl… Ever wondered why she has BLUE-GREEN EYES?.. Do u know that for you to produce those features, you have to have the genes from both parents.. meaning her ifugao parent has that recessive gene.. How come?! The Ifugaos were never mixed with Spanish because they were living in a remote autonomous region who opposed Spanish rule for hundreds of years… Guess what, there are a lot of Mestizo Ifugaos but not mixed with Spanish but instead by Belgians.. Missionaries have traveled there and intermarried with these natives for a long period of time during the colonial era. Most of them look very native but the recessive genes will remain due to their small gene pool. I could enumerate all these but what Im saying is you have to travel from 1 province to another to see this diversity. IN conclusion based on history, SOME OF US ARE HOMOGENIZED PER ISLAND OR PROVINCE AND SOME OF US ARE MIXED AT VARYING DEGREES.

    • @Ernest: Megan is no Eurasian. She is Americian. Peace.

      @Gina: You made no stir. You just made a fool of yourself with your own analysis. Peace.

    • Ernest, Eurasian is a mix of European with Asian lineage. And we all know that Megan is a Filipina American or what we call Fil-Am 🙂

      Gina, sorry but I beg to disagree with you. Manila is not the only city in the Philippines. Even if you go to Cebu alone, you’ll see A LOT of mixed blood Pinoys, and that’s just in Cebu alone. And aside from the ones mentioned by Closer2Fame, Let me just add that there’s also a number of German settlers in the Bicol region. Oh and there’s a town in Leyte/Samar area where you’ll see people with blue/green eyes because there was a time that the town had a number of Russians who intermarried with the locals 🙂

      • True! Most of it happened when The Philippines was opened by the Spanish government for International trade. This happened right after the opening of Suez Canal which brought in most of the mixed European settlers/investors to our country right before the American era.. but the influx of European genes are minute compared to the thousands of years of maritime trade and settlements from all corners of Asia, Africa and the pacific prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.

  11. She’s interesting! Not sure if her beauty will be a hit in MU, though. I remember several years ago, there was a VERY STUNNING Thai representative who had blue-green eyes as well… and she clapped. I don’t want us to face the same fate.

  12. she’s preTTy…. buT with thOse bLue-grEen eyes, Im not sure if she’s a true representation of a Filipina beauTy….but maybe sHe can represent us in Miss International or Supra….. coz we aLL know that we usuaLLy send mOrena girLs to Miss Universe…

  13. Whenever I think of the people of Ifugao I immediately imagine rosy cheeks and she has that native Filipino feature. What intrigues me is the colour of her eyes. I’ve never heard of a Filipina candidate to an international pageant with blue eyes. If she stands out in the competition and if she is given the title, then I’d ba a full supporter. 🙂

  14. Tita Norms, she looks very interesting! If she can be trained and transformed, why not? She seems to be a chameleon beauty to me although I’m afraid with this kind of beauty, she can be easily shadowed by Latinas in international pageants.

    P.s. ang ganda ng mata! 🙂

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