14 comments on “Filipino Para Sa Filipino (Filipino For The Filipino)

  1. Para sa mga Pilipinong walang taste naman ang mga gown. Hindi ko yan isusuot kahit libre.

  2. Excuse me. The gowns all look bad. If Ariella wore that in the preliminary competition in MU, she will not even reach the semifinal round. Bea looks blooming. I think it’s a good sign.

  3. Bea has Miss International written all over her! She really reminds me of Amelia Vega! Yes I agree with @Closer2fame another crown for sure!!!!

  4. Hmmm.. it’s just now that I realized..
    Bea looks like our own Miss International,
    Aurora Pijuan..
    They do have the same ancestral mix..

    I smell another crown #forthePhilippines 😂

    • You’ve just made San Longhino happy, did you know? 🙂

      I like Bea, too. She looks charming when she expresses herself…

  5. I hope the affair succeeded so that our needy brothers could benefit from it. Unfortunately, all the gowns shown failed to impress me. 😦

  6. tito norms, two questions.
    1. When is Bea Santiago leaving for Japan or better yet, has she had a send-off yet?
    2. Where is Cindy Miranda?

    Thank you. BTW, I like your post about possible beauty queens. Keep them coming! 🙂

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