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  1. I’ve stood beside her and she is not over 5’5″. I’m 5’7″ so I know what 5’7″ looks like. We were both wearing flats and she’s about two and a half inches shorter than me. Pretty girl.

    Dexter Co, “UP when they’re kuripot.” or maybe UP if they can make it to the top 16% of the 87,000 hopefuls. There’s a reason why you don’t see a lot of celebs enrolled in UP when most of the wealthy elites, the 1%, choose to send their kids in that state university…I highly doubt if that’s just them being “kuripot”.

  2. Enjoyed reading your posts. I am for Liza Soberano. She caught my eye a couple of years back as one with exceptional beauty. BTW, kindly do not belittle UP as this public university is one of the top 100 universities in the world 2014-2015 in (8) fields of studies. No, I am not an alum as I went to St Theresa’s College then UST.

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  4. She looks sultry at her young age. It is too early to tell if she would still be relevant as a beauty queen 5-8 years from now.

    • She will look better.. i can tell by the shape f her nose to the angle of her eyebrows.
      Mark my words..
      This girl will be gorgeous!!!

      I just hope that no controversy would ruin her..

    • Ilayo siya sa mga badididing para walang kontrbersya. Hihihihi.

  5. With the hype for the next BBP 2014 topics, I suddenly remembered Xian Lim’s hosting stint that BBP Coronation night. When he was calling out thr names of foreign dignitaries with their first names. hahaha. He probably didnt know what HE stands for haha. Still we love Xian! haha #flashback

    • I actually cannot blame him because in reality it should always be written as His Excellency. It cannot be abbreviated because it would lose its respectful intention. 🙂

  6. Papaluin ang mag FHM, mag UNO pati na rin mag ROGUE!

    pagkatapos na lang….parang books before boys lang yan

  7. Malamang ka-batch ko siya sa 2020. Siya na ang para sa MU. Pangkawang-gawa ang byuti ko. 🙂

  8. Norman, I used to follow globalbeauties for my pageant fix but now I follow you. Aside from my country (Czech Rep), I admire the beauties from the Philippines. This girl is the face that MU might be looking for. She is soooooooooo gorgeous like Megan Young. How old is she?

      • Aloha Norman – that you for your high complete of my niece Liza Soberano – I don’t know how to add my reply to the proper place so here it is

        Maraming salamat po!
        Am glad to have accidentally found your blog from my search of things about her eh binasa ko yong iba mo pang articles and your readers’ comments – I’ll surely be visiting your site again, lalo na yong tungkol sa movies – incidentally, friends of mine and I are hoping to have classic Filipino films privately shown here on Maui and we are looking for ones with a multigenerational family systems and other issues (in addition to their artistic merit, of course) – we want to urge educators in social work/public health and other fields to use them as teaching tools – you may know that here in Hawaii Filipinos are 25-30% of the local population – and service providers must be culturally sensitive to really help our people – plus we would like other Filipinos and the mainstream communities to learn about and appreciate Filipino cinema.

        Can I contact you again via your email address?

        Btw, until She’s the One hindi alam ng mga kababayan natin – pati na ako and am supposed to be an aware member of the community. Yong mga puti and other Pacific Islanders nanood din for the first time – people said they did enjoy themselves and were wondering when else?


  9. She’s only 15 and now stands at 5’6″ and probably be taller as she gets older. No worries about educational background because nowadays people from showbiz go to either La Salle/CSB or Ateneo. UP when they’re kuripot. 😉

    She is a beauty queen Class A potential so let’s wait and see…

    • You may also consider Elizabeth Jane Urbano Oineza. She is 17 and also 5’6″ tall.

      Jane Oineza

      • LOL. So we now have to follow your standards, aye?!? I’ve been typing this for long now and I always miss a word or two because I can’t help but laugh at most of your imposing statements. What a chuckling Saturday!

      • @Dexter

        Its my opinion.. deal with it.

        and based on height and looks alone, I know for a fact that Julia wouldn’t place anyway so what’s the use of joinning… unless she gets academic honors, the highest placing she could get is a 1st runner up at BBP.. She could join Mutya ng Pilipinas if she wants to win a national title.

      • LOL. I wasn’t thinking of Julia whoever she is when I made my comment earler. I was amazed at your impositions (opinions if you would insist) and the infos you know. Cheers! I am as usual loving all your input because I learn from them.

    • Pwede din namang “UP if they can pass the UPCAT.” Chos! 😛

      Yeah, let the girl finish her studies first, let her enjoy her life and then we’ll see. She may potentially be the most qualified looks-wise, but maturity and wisdom can really make one go further. Kelangan din yan kahit sa beauty pageants.

  10. The most likely possibility is that she will not be our rep in Miss Universe. No matter how beautiful, Stella seems to have something against halfies with no outstanding academic credentials (Kleiner, Henson, Gersbach, Wurtzbach etc.)

    Cory Quirino will take this girl under her wing and groom her to become our next Miss World.

    • I have something against halfsies with no outstanding academic credentials.. They will be role models to young girls.. Letting a halfsy win for just being top model pretty sends the wrong message.. That’s why I want Liza to excell in something wether its sports or academics..

  11. Beautiful girl with magnetic appeal, can pass as a relative of Joanne zapanta, if Aces&Queens is handling her then Liza is on the right track, Liza registers so well in the television screen, I love this girl….. ALAGAAN NA YAN!!!

  12. I push natin to
    Ok lang mag-antay
    bantayan tong batang to kung may ambisyon
    yung pagka mestiza nya may pagka feline yung features nya so asian pa rin
    sana lang wag magpabaya sa studies and sa bad publicity, bad influence ek ek
    isabak sa public speaking
    chaka na natin problemahin yung height kung issue talaga
    eh yung midget na si olivia nanalo nga eh kung magsalita kala mo kapampangan (hehe no offense cute nyo lang ang intense ninyo)

    pero Closer2Fame tama ka for mentioning about having a heart of a Filipina and having Filipino values. Standout yun and mas mapapalapit sya sa atin hahaha sa atin talaga…if she really embodies the qualities of a true Filipino mixed race ka man o tisay…

    • Valerie Weigman may have the heart of a Filipino but she can barely speak Tagalog considering how many years she’s been living here. At most she can be a Miss World 1st runner-up.

      • valerie is gorgeous pero for me she projects sultriness na hindi ko ma equate sa pagiging beauty pageant titlist. feelig ko kase pag sumabak ka sa beauty pageants, it’s not one majaor pageant alone. Para kang athlete na nag prepre pare talaga ng husto. Si valerie kase feeling ko ang bentahin nya lang yung model background nya. after nun, wala na rin ako makitang anything endearing sa kanya. opinion ko lang naman.

        pero if we are all talking about her… baka makatulong din yung buzz and yung push
        yung aces and queens, feeling ko kung mag train whole package naman
        im sure they have pr folks to teach the girls to be likable, approachable and kagalang galang

        look at what happend to megan. her rogue photos were stunning but at one point inisp natin mga pageant watchers … what the f*ck did she just do? sinayang nya…

        mabuti maganda ang handling. nag eexist pa mga photos pero kagalang galang na dating ni megan so wapakels nalang tayo. i think we are convincing ourselves na ganun din path nito ni valerie.


      • Valerie is a sweet nice likable girl.. her pbb stint and hosting at Eat Bulaga is very endearing.. but it doesn’t remove the fact that she’s this statuesque modelesque beauty that has a girl next door personality and nothing more.. Megan is different.. when she talks, she spills her brains out. She’s studying film while taking care of her siblings on her own. And dnt forget the charitable activities she has done aside from being peace ambassador to the youth. Those are credentials that are hard to beat. Only Janicel Lubina or Janine Guttierez has publicities that are almost at par with our Megan.

  13. She’s the one we’ve been waiting for. Few more years she will be a rightful representative with the right handlers. Muy Bonita Nina.

  14. She’s very pretty in person… Looks wise, she will grow more gorgeous in a few more years.. Classy girl with good com skills… What she needs is to build on her credentials.. work on her modeling skills.. excell on a sport.. finish college preferably w/ flying colors… be active with abs’ charity foundations… practice her hosting skills.. and maintain a good reputation untill she’s ready.. time is on her side. If she’s able to do all those things then all my money is on this girl.

    • She had her gradeschool in the US but I can tell that she has the heart of a Filipino.. She can speak good Tagalog and I can tell that she grew up with the same Filipino values.. I’m just not sure about her ancestry wether she has Filipino mestizo parents or she’s half white?

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