16 comments on “The Miss Earth 2013 Evening Gown Preliminaries

  1. I’ve watched the announcement of winners in SF forum. The crowd’s choices won. That’s incredible!


    MISS EARTH 2013: Thailand
    Miss Air: Venezuela
    Miss Water: Serbia
    Miss Fire: Philippines

    TOP 8 (in order of preference)
    5. Costa Rica
    6. Mexico
    7. India
    8. Korea

    TOP 16 (in order of preference)
    9. Martinique
    10. Germany
    11. Bolivia
    12. Sweden
    13. Spain
    14. France
    15. Brazil
    16. South africa

    • My gut-feel dictates that it’s either Thailand or the Philippines. I doubt if Serbia makes it to final 4. You are right with Miss Venezuela.

  3. The video of activity I saw in Sorsogon is such a blast for Miss Earth… I hate to say this….but given the major sponsor of Miss Earth..it will outshine Miss Universe and other pageant…coz it has truly its clear platform of activities not just having those glamorous shots and killer catwalks..they are really aware of the pageant they are joining and at the same time they were able to showcase the beauty of their country and their advocacy with their 3 minute video of themselves( they were not so commercialized by their sponsors… ) …Kudos to Miss Earth and It really seems that they have interesting candidates compared with Miss U..just saying….

  4. funny lang na kita na singit singitan ni miss phil nung national costume ngayon balot na balot naman sya. may certain look talaga venezuela no? i mean tindig at tipo.

  5. Kahit gaano pa kaganda ang gown ni Venezuela, kahit gaano kaparaktisado ang mga galaw nya, hindi nya makakabog ang kabugera a kudaerang si Angge.
    Maraming magtataas ng kilay pag nanalo na naman ang Pinas, but Angge deserves the crown.
    Angeline Quinto for the Win!

  6. Ayon sa video, ang daming magaganda. Ang hirap pagpilian sa totoo lang.

  7. A serpentina cut for Angelee is most ideal IMO.. but still, good job you rocked it!!!

  8. Thanks, Hunk — loved the video. I was wondering why they didn’t invite all the candidates to enjoy that wonderful Sorsogon experience. Just looking at each one of them already confirmed that the Province of Sorsogon did their best to entertain our visitors. That boat race was the most exciting one I suppose. And the motorcade was practically witnessed by all the friendy people of Sorsogon. Goosebumps!!!

  9. I knew Angelee would rock that gown!!!! She has that sosyal and very expensive aura in her.

  10. So did you watch that event, Norman? It’s hard to comment when you don’t see how they walk (in full) with all those beautiful gowns. It seems that Alyz and Angelee are shoo-ins for the elemental crowns. Thailand and Austria may join them to complete the elemental circle. 😉

    • My colleagues at OPMB covered the event. Just like most, I relied on the vid. Not the most fool-proof way of assessing the ladies, but better than just photos. 😉

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