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  1. She must be that tall and attractive lady I saw at StarWorld when we went casino-hopping in Macau just a few months ago. Hotel guests and passersby alike were staring at her as if they were looking at a celebrity if you guys know what I mean. She can try her luck again and maybe her stars will align that time.

  2. Oh please god no… You walk in any mall in the Philippines and you will see someone that looks just like her.

  3. Ninang, kamag-anak ba natin tong Bulakenya na ito, kawangis kasi ng angkan natin ang taglay nyang ganda at alindog.

    Anyways, this young woman is the epitome of strength and will power.
    She’s a good wife, mother and a daughter.
    I really hope that she’ll win her battle against breast cancer.

  4. Yes! Lucelle is one of the girls brewing in my mind these past few days. Although, I’m not solve about the idea of giving her the BPU title, beauty-wise parang pang Miss Supra. I also like Catriona Gray.

    • Why do u guys like Catriona Gray so much?!… Yes, she’s a beautiful talented top modelesque half filipina but she did not grow up here.. she doesn’t have the personality or at least the academic credentials of a winner .. and did I mention she did not grow up here?

  5. Sayang naman ang ganda at tangkad ni Luzelle kung tagabukas lang siya ng pinto sa Starworld kaya dapat pinababalik na siya dito para makasali siya sa binibini at maiwagi niya ang Miss Universe Philippines. Mas may pag-asa pa siyang kumita ng mas malaki. Oo nga at kumikita siya ng humigit kumulang sa 75K pesos sa isang buwan pero higit namang mataas ang pamumuhay doon sa Macau. At kung maging binibini siya, tiyak mas malaki pa ng kikitain niya dito. Pinaganda lang ang pangalan ng trabaho niya doon pero sa totoo lang, GRO cum doorgirl ang job descrption noon.

  6. I like Luzelle… She should get ms. Supranational or ms grand international at BBP… she can slso be Ms. EArth.. As for Miss World.. i have reserved it for Janine or Janicel.. she can compete for the crown after them..

  7. ☮ PEACE✌

    A beauty queen should exude charismatic appeal first and foremost. She should be very likable in a sense that even if you are not rooting for her for some personal reasons, you cannot at all find a way to turn your back on her. And if by chance your favourite does not succeed and that she triumphed, you immediately (or at some point gradually) find your way to be on her side.

    The right amount of confidence is the essence of charisma. And that confidence is actually supported by beauty, intelligence and style. When we speak of intelligence, it is the moral knowledge that is imparted by parents, the academic knowledge gained from educational institutions, and the practical knowledge experienced from the real world. Style, on the other hand, is the effective way to convey one’s presence to the public. It is the way one shows grace and poise when she talks and walks. Therefore, intelligence and style add up to one’s physical beauty.

    So going back to the main topic and after watching youtube clips, I really cannot understand what happened during the Binibining Pilipinas in 2011. Luzelle was obviously a standout having been chosen the best in long gown and being able to give the wittiest and most relevant answer in Q&A. Janine, too, did well in Q&A. Thinking… thinking… thinking… Well, well, well, I suppose the judges believed that Luzelle and Janine were both Miss Universe materials but they have already made up their minds that Shamcey should be that year’s representative. Since Janine has already claimed what is rightfully hers in 2012, 2014 should be the year for Luzelle to shine.

    Yes, my crystal ball says that Luzelle is the candidate with the highest chance of bringing home the third crown. So Norman, please tell Jonas to prepare her now and let him inform Madam Estela to reserve that title for her. The judges will only select the winners for other titles. If she does not represent our country next year, we might as well forget about that crown. Call me whatever, but my voice can dictate winners. 🙂 😉 🙂

  8. Nag hahanap ako ng pag po-postan nito: http://nickverrreos.blogspot.com/2013/11/sashes-and-tiarassenorita-colombiamiss.html#more

    2014 candidate ng Colombia sa Miss U
    Hampuchang yan…ang ganda naman ng gown ni Miss Colombia
    Si Barraza pala ag design. Bakit kaya di nya ayusin ng ganyan mga kandidata natin?
    Kabwiset! Basahin nyo yung nag comment. Hindi nga daw sya consistent.

    Yes hindi pa ako talaga over sa yellow gown.

    Sorry luzelle i stole your thunder
    page mo to i know

    • @Sir Norms: Speaking of Barraza and Ariella’s yellow gown… maybe you can answer a few questions now that the pageants all done now: (1) Was this yellow gown the one you mentioned as seeing the design of and said, that it may look nice if properly executed? (2) What did the supposed white gown look like and did you know who the designer was of that first option that they nixed?

      • Yes, that was indeed the yellow gown. I was concerned about the execution because it could look angular (read: not flattering from all angles) and I wanted something more shapely than A-line-ish. As for the white gown, I still don’t know who the designer is. But when I mentioned that it will remind you of what Kurara Chibana wore during her time, that was really it except for the details on the back. It’s body hugging but void of any glittery effect.

  9. I am always waiting for her return to the local pageant… LUZELLE Felipe and Mary Ann Rose Misa…

  10. Did she finish school? I think, there’s great possibility when you have a degree :). just my thoughts, especially for Miss Universe material for other beauty pageants, I think it is ok…

  11. She has a very Mutya Datul vibe. Maybe if she tries and they polish her right may chance. What about her skills? Ayoko nang mamatay (di ko alam tagalog ng cringe) kada Q&A. Gusto ko sana yung confidence in Janine, Smarts in Shamcey, katawani ni Venus, likability ni Mutya, slow and steady determinantion ni Ara and yung lightness ni Megan pwede ba yun? Makaka hanap ba tayo ng ganun?

    • Ang dami mong gusto Laila de Lima, e naitanong mo na ba ang gusto ni Luzelle?
      Dapat mong isapukelya na ang bawat tao ay kakaiba.
      Wag mong hanapin kay Siony ang mayroon si Timang, at gayun rin naman wag mong hanapin kay Timang ang nawawalang kalabaw ni Mang Fausto.
      In short, wag mong intaying tumilaok ang kambing.

      • Yan ang gusto ko sayo basil eh
        may manok may pagong may kambing
        involved na involved lahat ng animal sa animal farm

        oo nga naman ano nga bang gustong ni luzelle?

        mukang masaya naman syang nag papayaman, nagbubukas ng pintuan.

        nag bubukas naman ako ng pintuan ah…bakit wala akong 75k per month pakshet!

      • Puro Catriona Gray nakikita ko dito. I googled her. I know na.
        Pang commercial to, hindi pang pageant.

        Nakikinikinita ko na” eto yung mga tipo ng english englishan na palaging may diplomatic answer at ready smile kung bakit hindi nya naisip mag beauty pageant. eto yung mga tipo ng hipster cool types na uber beneath them ang pag byo-beauty pageant.

        Hindi ito yung mga giddy types na naghihirap ang mga magulang na tinutukson pangit na maitim na mapayat na sumasali para manalo ng prize para sa pamilya. hindi eto yung tipong may drive mag train at paglaruan ng mga bakla.

        Ang damni kong sinabi, hindi ko naman hindi bati si manay catriona.

        May it girl vibe lang sya na medyo bleh

      • on catriona:

        ay really? @closer2fame

        may milk ad sa glossies na ang haba ng legs nya (unless mega photoshop ginamit dun)
        kaso natitisayan pa rin ako sa kanya.

        laban sya kung talagang seryoso sya otherwise ang chaka naman na ang in-demand nya sa mga
        ads tapos sa mga modeling gigs tapos hindi naman sya makaka place ng maayos.

        miss inernational ok yung looks nya
        sa miss world sana lang may stamina sya kase na oobserve ko kay megan parang sinabak talaga nila sa trabaho
        kung miss u naman, ang trend kse mga medyo dusky

        sana lang likable sya.

      • She is likable, talented and those legs are real.. She can be Ms. Bbp-International but not Miss World Philippines.

      • Too bad Catriona have men’s magazine pics.. How will she join BBP now?!

        Yes she won the genetic lottery..
        Yes she is talented
        Yes she is a top model

        Is she a beauty with a purpose?
        Can she represent the history and culture of our people in Miss World?

        Definitely a far cry from Megan Young.

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