11 comments on “Dressed down Miss World 2013 Megan Young for PNRC

  1. If Megan Young has Red Cross sponsoring her and backing her outreach activities, who backs up the BBPCI winners?

  2. I am actually expecting Queen Megan to always dress up appropriately to any given occasion. She is no social climber anyway. 🙂

    • Actually, D, she was wearing a dress but had to change to something more comfy and casual so that the people won’t think twice about getting near to her. 😉

  3. It’s so hard to find a candidate that would surpass or at least be on the same level as Megan Young.. Beauty wise, there are a lot of flawless Filipinas out there who may even be more beatiful than Megan but personality wise it is almost impossible to find another girl like her.. Janine may not be of the same aesthetic qualities like Megan except for being mestiza but her personality and background is excellent. It all comes down to her performance.. if beauty is the only criteria then there is a very long list of grandslam filipinas.. Question is, will her personality, background and pedigree be able to excell over the statuesque long legs and beautiful faces of all those top model contenders..

    • If beauty scouts are only brave enough to approach those colegialas from affluent families, you’ll discover that there are a plenty of beautiful Filipinas with great personality that can equal Queen Megan. Most of them prefer low-key profile and out of the limelight. In the corporate world, you will find them as well but they are happy with their careers. But of course there are a few that would make an attempt to join.

      • I myself know a handfull but the the desire to be in front of the camera is rarely there.. My cousins are a good example… They could be winners and yet they chose to have a carreer in the corporate world.. They see pageants as a traffic jam towards a successful carreer.

  4. ang ganda talaga ni Megan Young. very beautiful inside and out. 🙂

    Super excited for MY’s future travels.

  5. Pag Miss World parang sabak na sabak sa trabaho no?
    Gusto kaya nya talaga to or super sakripisyo kase kailangan byooti ka kahit hagardo versoza ka na.
    Pero in fairness, ramdam ko yung pagka active ni Megan or baka kase kumpleto coverage na nya since fresh pa and andito ang social media naka tutok sa bawat galaw nya.

    Sabagay eto naman yung promise nya sa Miss World nun na she will (try) or be the best Miss World. Mukang relevant naman reign nya.

    Karapat dapat lang talaga tong si bata

  6. Yan ang tunay na diyosa, hindi na kailangang magsuot ng korona para lang masabing reyna.
    May mga kilala kong beauty queen na kahit tapos na ang reign ay lagi pa ring suot ang korona, mga clapper naman ang mga hitad.
    Magmamahjong lang naka-sash pa, pupunta lang sa pampang at sa pantalan e naka-korona pa.
    Naalala ko tuloy si Manay Ruffa, dalawang dekada na ang lumipas mula ng manalo sa MW ay simpleng tv guesting lang e lagi pa ring ini-introduce na 2nd princess.
    Haaay may mga beauty queen na hanggang title lang, mga wala naming silbi, maarte at malalandi lang.
    Kung pwede lang iihaw ang mga beauty queen na yan, matagal ko na silang itinuhog,at pinaikot-ikot sa ibabaw ng nagbabagang mga uling na inimport pa mula sa British Virgin Islands.

    Sharie de Castro, 69, Toytola, Britishhhhh Virgin Ako!

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