12 comments on “Two Miss Worlds in Hong Kong

  1. truelaloooo na miss ko yung miss universe nung medyo relevant pa sha nung time na may little girls (little sisters 1983 to 1995 ) from the host country na kakanta ng ..

    You are my Star
    You light my way
    you brighten all my nights and make my day

    You are my star
    I’m not alone
    now that i have one of my very own

    and if i start to lose my way
    i search the sky and find out where… you are
    then i call on you and you shine through
    because you are…because you are my star

    Bare a smile when she smiles
    She brings to those who watch
    the sweet fullfillment of
    your secret longing…

    like a hope…like a dream
    no request, is too extreme
    when you wish, upon a star
    your dreams, your dreams come true.

    La la la, la la la

    Hahaha shucks bwisit over age ako nung nag miss u dito …peg na peg ko pa naman yun

    hindi yung ngayon na tama pang bra at panty…
    pang telemundo
    pang extra, insider at e!

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr kasalanan to i trump…na sexualize na nga ang cheap cheap pa
    pinapanood ko nalang kase wel…tradisyon

  2. Wenxia truly deserves the title last year, in spite of a home turf victory.
    One of the most beautiful and humble Misses World.
    I wanna see her compete in That’s My Tambay, now that her reign is over.

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  4. Miss World = unexciting finals night, jetsetter queen, socially responsible, reputable scandal free reign. Miss Universe = exciting finals, commercial endorsement/actress, not so reputable reign, less travel, celebrity induced gossips. Miss Earth 2012 Tereza had more travels than Olivia in terms of brand (pageant) marketing and more socio-civic activities organized/attended.

  5. Megan and her Balenciaga bag! I love beauty queens with a great sense in fashion and signature brands. 🙂

  6. si Megan lang ba ang may ganitong diary for her Miss World journey? last year po ba, may diary ba din si Wenxia and the previous Miss Worlds?

    • If I may add, establshed beauty pageant websites like MW, MU and ME have a dedicated page for their respective reigning titleholders, it is up to them if they want to make use of it and make it their diary. Fortunately, Queen Megan is a blogger herself.

  7. And Miss World Organization’s advocacy is for real — they truly extend full support and help to the needies. I wonder if MUO does the same. Argh! “Maybe not.”

    Nice to see Wenxia and Megan just having fun as tourists and not as beauty queens.

    • ang “advocacy” ng miss u ay ang gawin lang model ng bra at panty ang winner! miss uni-whores! 😀

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