5 comments on “ILOILO: Another movie you won’t want to pass up on

  1. So you must be in Singapore, Sheena, as you seem to know a lot about the film and its director. The preview looks very touching and I’m sure that it’s a very good one considering its international awards and citations. However, I don’t go to cinemas and pay for a ticket to feel bad. It’s just me.

    • Hi Dex…I’m sure there will be scenes that will make you feel bad in the movie, but I guess the inspirations that the movie brings can more than compensate for whatever sadness it evokes. My point is, those inspiring moments in the film… and those creative depiction and delivery of the characters’ pathos, ethos & logos should not be missed. Just my take.

      • Thanks, Benjie. All your points are genuinely valid but it is those heartbreaking scenes that make me feel SO bad. Honestly, I used to watch such outstanding films before but nowadays I watch to laugh like a Joker or get amazingly thrilled. The last film I saw was Thor: The Dark Side in 3D at MOA. Thanks again.

  2. I’d say this is best Singaporean movie that I’ve seen so far. Deserving of all the nominations and awards.

    A little tidbit on the director:

    He got worried about her after hearing about the devastation Typhoon Haiyan caused in the Visayas region that he flew all the way to Iloilo just to check on her former nanny Teresa 🙂

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