8 comments on “Watch out for the Amazing Philippine Beauty in MIQ2014!

  1. Wow. Katuwa naman mas tisay pa sa akin at malakutis porselana, in fairness. Naka youtube ba ang pageant na ito, anyone?

  2. I thought she was Bea Rose with her hair down at first glance until I read your story, Norman. She really has flawlessly smooth fair skin and who would believe that she used to be (or actually) a “he.” Since she has nearly a year to train and do some enhancing transformation, she probably has the chance of duplicating Kevin Balot’s success back in 2012. No offence to Bea Rose’s fans.

  3. bakit biglang nagdilim ang paningin ko nang tinitigan ko ang bikini pic nya? sa ilaw lang ba yan?

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