18 comments on “Like them or not, these are the elemental crowns for Miss Earth 2013

  1. Pangit ang designs nang elemental crowns, cheap din ang dating. The old designs were better and prettier.

  2. I’m posting these images to prove that the Miss Earth crown featured by Norman above is the same crown that was elegantly and regally worn by Miss Earth 2012. Only the elemental crowns are newly designed!!!

    Miss Earth Elemental Crowns

    • Point made. I thought that the Miss Earth crown was new. Still, why change the elemental crowns? Do you think they are a step up from the elemental crowns here? I think that’s what most commenters here are referring to.

      • I do not have the slightest idea behind the changing of the new elemental crowns, Mrs AJ, and I only posted the two images above when I noticed that they are exactly the same as the one worn by Teresa Fajksova. My wild guess is that it has something to do with the colour representation, more or less. So let’s wait and see how the runners-up would look like when they wear the new ones come 7th December.

    • Magaganda naman talaga yong korona lalo na yong pang Miss Earth. Sa 2020 ako ang makokoronahan niyan.

  3. I’m sure, recycling rin ang peg ng Miss Earth sa paggawa ng korona de imbuda.
    Gawa ang mga yan sa zeto foil packs, mga pinagtabasan ng lepanto tiles, pinatigas na janitor fish at mga hinurnong abo mula sa Mt.Pinatubo.

  4. The Miss Earth crown looks (operative word: LOOKS) like it has authentic stones on it.

    But the elemental crowns…parang bato ng Charms and Crystals. LOL!

  5. As per my ‘Crystal Ball’…(don’t give another meaning pls 😉 …tsar), that new beautiful ME crown will be seen on the top of the head of a ‘Black Girl’ during the coronation night. Yep…it’s for South Africa. I think it’s time to crown a Black Lady in Ms. Earth. 🙂 . As for Angelee, my heart tells me that I LOVE YOU more than all those little Pearly Shells. 😉

  6. ANG CHAKA NITO! pucha pati ako pwedeng may DIY ng ganito. Yung ibang elements ok. may pagka carnival queen ang peg. pero ano ba to? parang laruan ng pambata

  7. Was there a clamor to change the crowns? I always thought them elegant. These new crowns look cheap, resembling mardi gras plastic tiaras to be thrown to the masses. LIke fine art, I know little of art other than the obvious: either I like it or I don’t. The gems in these new crowns might be worth a lot of money, but ugly is just downright ugly. They should have left good enough alone. But, since we’re on the topic of crowns, I think that the Miss International crown should be updated. I never liked the faux fur lining and the the bonnet-type ribbons tied under the chin.

  8. Those that deserve the crowns will look regal when they wear them, in my opinion. The golden sapphire atop Miss Earth’s crown if I am not mistaken is high-priced. Hopefully those colourful ones are all genuine stones.

  9. I prefer the old design of the elemental crown as well. The Miss Earth crown design has meaning so that’s why I prefer the new crown over the old one. But for the elemental crowns, I wanted to know what was the inspiration for the design.

  10. ok naman ung crown nung miss earth, di ko lang type yung masyado gemstones na nakapagdagdag iba’t ibang color nagmukha tuloy cheap. as for the air, water, fire crowns, two words-cheap & tacky! btw mali yung colors associated with the crowns, dapat yellow for earth; blue for air, green for water and red for fire… 😀

  11. The elemental crowns sa pagkakaalam ko ay inspired ng water cooperation theme this year kaya yun ang design nya, I like them actually no complain.

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