9 comments on “Her name is Andjelka Tomasevic from Serbia

  1. That headshot has no competition but just wondering if that glorious face remains the moment she is beside the other beauties. Just a fantasy but I’d like to see all the contestants without a dash of make-up. I’m sure the morenas will be outshining the rest.

  2. She WOWS me !!! She is melting my heart, so Ms. Fire 2013 is Ms. Serbia for now… or can be my ME 2013 Winner when I do my final pick soon…or shall I say a ‘wild guess’ ‘coz it’s really tough to choose the winners for ME. Good Luck Ms. Serbia… Go go go Angelee !

    From: QueenKong / formerly: Lulu Jo

  3. Serbian delegates always have the features of a goddess.
    Problem with them is during the Q/A, ayaw na ayaw nila ang matatanong.
    Janet Napoles lang ang peg.

  4. She’s one of my faves along with Mexico, Albania and Thailand. But this pageant is headed south so it doesn’t really matter who wins anymore.

    Is it true that Philippines “won” the Press Favorite award again? If true, that would be unfair and embarrassing considering that it was the Philippine press that voted for her. Tsk tsk.

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