19 comments on “Are you ready for Bea Rose Santiago in Miss International 2013?

  1. If she’d learned from Venus Raj the walk she walked during the Miss Universe and the confidence from Meagan Young during the Miss World, I bet she gonna win. Good luck Bea Rose. Bring Home the crown. Mabuhay!!!!!

    • Puro Aces and Queens binangit mo…
      Kagandahang Flores sya…

      I think being herself is more than enough to make her win! 😁

  2. I believe on this girl. Honestly I didn’t notice her before BBP coronation but when she answered the question it is a wow. I just wish her a good luck. Bring it on Ms. Bea! 🙂

  3. actually we have nothing to discuss about this ladies who truly made their way just to put our country on top of the list in beauty pageants…….lets all be glad that we won the miss world and miss supranational crown respectively…to add it more ara arida finishes 3rd pace in miss universe same with our representative in miss grand international…..lets all support them towards their success…..

  4. inaabangan ko to si bea rose eh close. i thought na hindi sya pumatok sa bb pilipinas kase sa tingin ko masyadong americanized to si ate. tama ba ako? sya nga ba yun? pero i think for this pageant patok sya. if she is fluent in japanese then it is a plus for her. she is tall and of all the binibinis she seems really elegant. si ara kase sobrang focused malayong malayo sa pagka spontaneous ni mutya. i liked her photo here with the thick bows and wine red lips. ang editorial lang. maswerte tayo this year. nakaka place tayo. im sure bea will have a good finish as well… sino ba yung hunghag na nag post sa facebook na banned na daw pinas sa mga major beauty pageants? kung totoo yun wawarlahin ko sila hahaha…eto na nga lang kaligayahan ko eh hampucha…

  5. Sa lahat ng nanalo sa BB 2013, si Bea yata ang medyo kulang sa ganda. Palagay ko mas maganda sya in person.

    • Ay naku, nasaan na ang batya at palu-palo ni Bea para gumanda naman siya kahit papaano. Buti na lang hindi inilaban sa MU, tiyak butata ang byuti niya.

  6. Bea is the girl to beat!

    Can’t wait for her new teleserye.
    P.S. Wag ka masyadong magpapalaspag kay Zanjoe, tirhan mo naman ako teh,.
    Oo, malinamnam ang tarugo ni Zanjoe, pero I-try mo naman na magbahagi, wag kang gahaman.

  7. Facial beauty, elegance and grace are qualities the organizers are looking for. Not sure if Bea has all three… good luck to her anyway.

  8. Bea is very fluent in Japanese. This woman is tall being a model herself. She’s very elegant and quite stunning in person. She also has a good command of the English language, and is quite a good speaker. My cousin in Manila who saw the Bb. Gold last April told me that you really have to see her motion to really appreciate her beauty. There was a buzz also that she was being considered to represent the Philippines in Ms. Universe, but Mr. Hirofumi Hashimoto the chairman of Ms International chose her for their pageant. Let see what happens on Dec. 17. My gut feeling that the third Alpha crown might come from this lady. Considering the fact that the chairman of Ms. International was the only official from the four pageants that Bb Pilipinas has only invited. This is also the fiftieth Bb. Pilipinas, and Ms International has very good relationship with the first Ms International Madam Stella Araneta and Bb. Pilipinas national director. In the good old day especially in the decades of the 60’s and 70’s the best and most beautiful was always send to Ms. International. Let’s have good vibes and stop all the bashing. A win by Bea will put Philippines over the top, because not even Venezuela has ever produced three Grand Slam winners in the same calendar year. This is going by Global beauties standard. If we go by Missosology then it’s different, because they don’t recognized Ms. Supranational as a Grand Slam Pageant. Peace to all especially to you Norman.

  9. Bea seems ready!!! Compared to the other binibinis, she had the most time to prepare. I think she’s ready to fight! Good luck Bea! 🙂

  10. Hmmm… here we go again. I still have to know more about her. So I’ll stand by for updates for now. 🙂

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