32 comments on “Miss Grand International 2013 is Janelee Chaparro of Puerto Rico

  1. Congrats to you Mareng Ali for knocking out your opponents on the 7th round.

    Muhammad Ali, 69, Bangkusai, Nueva Viscaya!

  2. All Philippina candidates need cosmetic surgery especially nose! They should all follow Janalee’s example. 🙂

  3. Ms. Puerto Rico has also a resemblance to Monica Lewinsky in her close up shoots. 😉

  4. Yeheey !!! I’ve got 4 out of my Top 5… and 2 placements are in the right position (Dominican Republic & Philippines). See Sir Norman’s Blog dated Nov. 19, … ‘Miss Grand International 2013 will be crowned tonight!’ I hope it qualifies me to be a ‘Pageant Expert’ !!! Lol…Echoooos lang ! 🙂

  5. Tito Norms, cant you block ANGELO REYES? We could all agree his comments are just below the belt trash talk.

  6. Congratulations Miss PR…..
    Parang banlag po siya, napansin ko lang, otherwise good job Ms.PR.

  7. Kudos to Thailand for hosting a credible and well produced pageant. Miss Thailand didn’t make it to top 10, unlike Miss Earth where Philippines always manages a high placement.

  8. Atleast we placed in top 5, galing talaga ni Ali ganda pa nya. Infairness naman hindi nila ipinagsiksikan ang host delegate nila sa top 10 or top 5 may delicadeza pa rin ang mga Thai. Congrats Ali!

  9. Congratulaions, Janalee Chararro. Smile and walk proud. You are the first Miss Grand International.

  10. We were expecting for Miss Philippines’ higher placement since her answer wasn’t that bad. But, knowing Thais, ayoko nlng magsalita. Bka masabihan pang bitter. We were expecting for Dominican Republic to win though.

    • Move on mode na tayo. Let’s just be happy Ali placed. As far as Dom Rep is concerned, she won’t win the top prize because Thais are more fond of fair-skinned ladies. That’s according to the locals themselves.

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