3 comments on “Nita and Sophie: East meets West in Miss Earth 2013

  1. Malalaman mo kun maganda ang isang kandidata kung wala syang kahati sa article.
    Alam na!

  2. I kind of question the actual platforms of candidates that are not from an independent national Miss Earth just like Miss France, unless they specifically indicate that the second runner-up automatically competes for Miss Earth. I know that the titleholder was runner-up to Queen Megan and Marine Lorphelin has a “beauty with a purpose” agenda. Maybe Miss France is not entirely about being physically beautiful and every candidate must have a role to play. I like Sophie and I can feel that she is a sensitive woman.

    Miss Indonesi’s Nita Sofiani, on the hand, is pretty and her aura is very Thai to me. I known that Southeast Asians have a lot of similar features but there are some distinct qualities that separates one from the other.

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