25 comments on “Miss Grand International 2013 will be crowned tonight!

  1. I think, it’s a battle between Cuba and Indonesia.
    But my dog fulgoso barked when he saw Cuba’s picture, so,it’s gonna be Cuba!

      • E ano pa nga ba magagawa ko kung hindi ikalderata ang aso kong si Fulgoso.
        At dahil nga sa mali ang mga tinuran kong hula, hayun at pinagsasampal ni Facundo sa mukha ko ang naghuhumindig nyang tarugo.
        Latayan na naman ang fes ko, ang sagwa nga ng shape nung mga latay e.
        Gusto mo pa bang I-describe ko yung mga shape ng latay?

  2. Hilariously reacted to the post!!!
    Natawa talaga ako sa emoticon mo @Dexter co……. Lol

  3. I’m basing My Top 5 on their Personal Opinion About ‘Stop the War’

    Ms. Grand International 2013: Australia
    1st R U: Dominican Republic
    2nd R U: Puerto Rico
    3rd R U: Philippines
    4th R U: Netherlands

    (cont.: 5th to 12th hot-picks)

    5. Thailand
    6. Brazil
    7. Latvia
    8. Wales
    9. Poland
    10. Venezuela
    11. Vietnam
    12. Indonesia

    (Now, ‘Black to all Contestants’ 🙂 … have u notice that Guys ???!!! 😉 )

  4. judging from the the pics I have seen Ali Forbes is a clear standout. Looks like she will be crowned tonight well hopefully

  5. The show will be streamed live at 8pm BKK time, 9pm MNL time.

    It will be streamed LIVE via youtube. You will find the link here closer to the airing time: http://www.missgrandinternational.com/index.php

    Judging from the exposure at the website, she seems to be a clear favorite. Let’s all pray Ali Forbes brings home a 3rd crown.

    • Galingan mo Ali. Pataubin mo lahat ng kalaban mo ha. Iuwi mo ang koronang may jade.

  6. Hi Norman, Is this a gay pageant? These transvestites are stunning! Most are very beautiful but some can not hide their manly features like Pakistan and Paraguay. I love the innocence look of Norway. She looks like 9 years old. I so love the gown of Myanmar. Gays are really talented and creative. Vietnam looks like a ladyboy. Philippines was exaggerated, oh and she twirl like there’s no tomorrow. I also like her drag name Ali Forbes, very manly like Muhammad Ali and rich lke the Forbes Family of the US, the combination of the two names is really catchy indeed.

    • Not at all, Anastacia. But these candidates are surely gay and happy with the way their hosts are taking care of them. 😉

      • Im in love with Miss Puerto Rico, She looks like a twin but younger and more beautiful sister of Catherine Zeta Jones! Also love Miss Moldova, and Venezuela. These are my top 3.

  7. Just wondering the real number of delegates participating in this first ever Miss Grand International. Different blog gives different number. There were 75 participants during the preliminary. Has anyone withdrawn after that? I’ve read somewhere that two reps are still grieving over the death of their loved ones but I know that they are staying.

    Ali Forbes is definitely a favourite in Thailand. And her presence wows the people and the press. I am sure she is a shoo-in for top placement. So here’s wishing Ali Forbes all the best of luck. May she become the first Miss Grand International!


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