6 comments on “Hola, Mexico! It’s Cristal Silva for Miss Earth 2013

  1. Miss Mexico looks different in all the photos above but I have a feeling that Molly Isler is her peg. In her video she talks about Mexico being rich in gastronomy, culture, history and natural touristic sceneries. She aims to help in stopping/preventing the contamination of the rivers. Well, she is really proud of being Mexican.

    Guess what, she ended her narration saying that she is Crystal Silva, “MIster” Mexico. She is a woman of the Earth. Hmmm… I wonder why that part was not edited properly. Maybe I need some earbuds. LOL. 🙂

  2. I feel like it’s not difficult to select a beautiful representative to represent each country from Latin American continent. Each country seems inundated with so many beautiful girls and height is not a hindrance. Here in the Philippines, there are so many beautiful faces all over the archipelago but the height is always the major major deficiency. This Mexican girl is obviously another stunner with 1.78 cm height…it’s a WOW !

  3. Ang ganda ganda naman ni Miss Mehico.
    Anong sabon ang gamit mo?
    Sabihin mo at kahit medaling araw ay iraramsak ko ang mga botika makuha ko lang yang sabon na yan, kesehodang ma-rape pa ko sa kalsada.

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