5 comments on “Sunday Specials: An ironic year for Miss Earth

  1. I think the recent calamity does not provide an ironic backdrop to this ecology-oriented beauty contest but rather lends a stronger platform to advance its save-the-earth advocacy. It is a fact that global warming is making natural calamities more and more destructive. For embracing the environment as focal point of its advocacy, Miss Earth is showing the world that beauty pageants could be relevant after all. It is no coincidence that all cultures of the world has some folklores of fairies, nymphs and other spirit guardians of forests and seas. Let the winner then be the global Maria Makiling or Dyesebel who will take up the cudgels for environmental care worldwide.

  2. Sana lang deserving ang mga mananalo at walang hometown decision, yun lang naman ang concern ko sa Miss Earth.

    • Lahat naman deserving. Tayong mga Pinoy lang ang mahilig na mag-akusa na may nadaya o dinaya.

  3. It is, indeed, ironic but it is a fact that the country is situated in the core of the Earth where typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, amongst other disasters originate. This is one reason why the Filipinos are, by nature, strongly resilient. Just imagine if such tribulation occured in the west, I bet most of them ended up in the cuckoo’s nest.

    Miss Earth may not be the glamourous beauty pageant that excites fanatics but it is that pageant that invites beauties with purposeful agenda. True beauties, inside out.

    Time will come when the pageant will be recognized for its true worth.

  4. Global warming greatly changes the season / weather, Philippines should be on the cold breeze season at this time, typhoons used to visit our country during June to August extending to September at times. So it’s just appropriate and just to have miss earth finals be held in a decent indoor stage, last year’s presentation was so windy as the reps hair do’s and gowns look ridiculously messed up due to windy situation, pretty embarrassing if the situation will be duplicated this year?

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