15 comments on “Another Priscilla for Brazil in Miss Earth 2013

  1. GlobalBeauty has long lost its credibility. They are mere beauty pageant bloggers with a group of amateur critics. Their evaluations are nothing but trash that they always have to create their own winners as they are obviously hungry for attention. They filter the comments they receive and only publish those that would look good in accordance to their hidden agenda. Lucky them that they get supplied with good photos, otherwise, their website will not be able to invite fanatcs of their level.

    If Miss Earth is really a questionable pageant entity, I wonder why Russia is still sending an entry. And yes, Venezuela and Brazil are always sending their best candidates — genuine beauty with substance.

    Miss Earth is here to stay!

  2. Global Basuras definitely had a heart attack because they could no longer cover Miss Earth.. Anyway MU, MW, MI survived for so many years without pathetic pageant site like Global Basuras.

    • Correct. Haters will hate. Miss Earth is here to stay and will remain successful without global basuras. Look at their miss TQI – only 43 contestants from 113, a definite cooking show with 3 reps from China as a 2nd runner up, a top 10 placement and a continental winner.

      • @sleuth: yes about Miss TQI. Half of the expected candidates didn’t show up. The candidates who did show up were treated so horribly being made to dance around in their bikinis on an outdoor concrete stage in the middle of nowhere while many of the male audience watched inside their cars doing who knows what.

        And with 3 of China’s candidates placing, WTF! I hope the BPCI wises up and drops the MTQI franchise once and for all.

  3. Despite the bribery scandal and the removal from their Grandslam list for a “G”oing “B”ankcrupt website, Miss Earth is in fact, by Charlie Sheens words, WINNING.

    A total of 97 delegates for this year’s pageant – making it the first time the pageant reached the 90+ mark (a number Miss Universe never reached until now), and the fourth time has more delegates than Miss Universe (2007, 2008, and 2010).

    Miss Universe, in my own opinion, was a bit boring in terms of prepageant activities. And even the finals night left me asking, Is this it? What happened to the glamour of past pageants.

    I still do hope the venue and stage for the finals night will be grand (though i doubt that as the pageant never focused on it).

    But because of the pageant’s cause and advocacy, looks like Miss Earth is here to stay and will be bigger and better.

    • Ingkong Sleuth, it’s not on the number of delegates.
      This Miss Earth pageant may have number of delegates in attendance, but the question is, how much is the franchise fee? Too cheap that even a prostitute in Texas can afford.

      Eh yung Miss Gay 2013 nga dun sa Malabon eh 134 ang entrants, so mas bongga yun, not to mention their advociy which is pukawin ang uhaw ng mga otokong ligaw.

      • even if miss earth’s franchise fee is cheap, if national directors don’t think miss earth is a worthy pageant then they will not send delegate to miss earth. simple as that. but because miss earth’s dedication and advocacy to the environment, countries around world want to participate in this pageant.

        there are so many international pageants that i am sure have lower franchise fee than miss earth and yet, these pageant never reached the level of fame and popularity miss earth is enjoying.

        congratulations to carousel production for doing an amazing job.

      • Fame?
        Paki-explain ng maigi,masinsin at marubdob.
        Magkano ang ibinayad sayo ingkong?

  4. Gandang babae, parang ako lang.
    Runner up for you girl, may nakabili na kasi ng korona.

    Priscilla Almeda, 69, Tondo, Quezon City!

  5. The video is so touristic that I now miss those good ole days when I was in São Paulo a decade ago. Indeed, Brasil is a huge country that is so rich with natural beauty and very lively people. Boa sorte, Priscilla!

  6. Brazil is definitely the powerhouse country of Miss Earth. This country really takes Miss Earth seriously. Her national costume is also amazing. She will do extremely well as I predict she will give Brazil it’s 3rd Miss Earth crown.

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