22 comments on “MU2013 Gabriela Isler in the US$1,000,000.00 Yamamay swimsuit

  1. Maganda talagas si Tita Molly. Pero yong swimsuit mukhang hindi mahal.

  2. The swimsuit should come with a magnifying glass. The stones are sooo small. Victoria’s Secret has just breached the $10M mark for a bra (not even a bottom), so this 1 Mil swimsuit just seemed anemic by comparison. Absolutely boring.

  3. The swimsuit design is so underwhelming. Clearly overhyped – it did not astound me the least bit when it was unveiled onstage. Does not look its price tag at all – has practically no sparkle and parang rhinestones lang ang peg. Victoria’s Secret would have done it more spectacularly.

    The basic structure of this swimsuit does not really highlight the female form – the lattice strips can be distracting. Think the downfall of Misses Israel, Poland, Indonesia and Switzerland, among others. Epic fail for Yamamay.

    In fairness, Molly Isler is a stunner – in a Kevin Balot sort of way. 😛

    • In fairness, Kevin Balot looks every inch a woman. LOL. Come on, Gabriela looks good in that pic!

      Nice assessment, T-Rex. The strips made it really look inexpensive. I’m sure that design will be out in 168 two weeks from now. Sequins and beads will be used in lieu of the stones. 😉

  4. ewwwy. maganda pa jan uoga nabibili sa divi. at d kaya nangati c gabriela e naisuot na yan ni olivia,at unisize shguro kasi ang liit ni olivia laki naman ni gabriela

  5. TIto Norman, they should fire the designer. They could have just created a diamond encrusted bra and then match it with a normal Yamaymay panty so ala Victoria’s Secret diba? Eh nagmukhang hindi mamahalin yung swimsuit kasi tacky.

    Sa sobrang luwang nagkarron tuloy na parang “umbok” sa harap at dahil dito pinagtatawanan tuloy si Gabriella 😦 SO BAD BAD DESIGN sayang ang diamonds.

  6. size daw ni ara yunhg swimsuit. choz! kuya norman kaya ako nagtanonh ano size nito yamamay, (kung natatandaan mo pa) kasi siguro may prospect n ang yamamay na magsuot nyan kaya ganyan size pinili?

  7. mahal sya,, pero ang panget! obviously hindi kasya s kanya! halatang pinilit n pagkasyahin masyado kc mahaba katawan nya…. nilagyan lng diamond kaya sinabing 1 miliion eh ung design same din ng mga contestant….. nothing amazing with that!

    • @Erwann Pierro
      Thank you for posting this video clip about Venezuela’s inside report of their beauty academy.
      I believe that lady who was interviewed is Eva Ekvall miss venezuela 2000 and placed 3rd runner up for miss universe 2001, she died of breast cancer I believe it was 2010, she used to be tv news anchor and speaks American English fluently, what’s ironic is that she’s been a cancer disease advocate,tirelessly promoting cancer prevention then this dreaded disease struck her. One of venezuela’s strong rep for miss universe….. God bless her soul.

  8. No wonder why Olivia Culpo was hiding her lower part, she probably padded it with something knowing that it would be worn by her successor the very next day. Quite honestly, the stones were laid nicely but the swimwear design looks terrible at the bottom part. And with that design, it would be a MUST to shave.

  9. Olivia Culpo wore the expensive swimsuit on stage during the pageant, and unless there are two of these expensive swimsuits, I find it gross to be sharing swimsuits that lay against so close to a woman’s personal assets. Tell me, with a million dollars’ worth of gemstones, do you really think they washed it between both gals wearing them? Baka tinanggal lang ng isa at sinuot lang ng pangalawa. And, in terms of being impressed with an expensive swimsuit, which we all know will never touch beach or pool water, Victoria’s Secret’s $10 million dollar brassiere trumps this bathing suit any day.

  10. And now what is the essence of wearing this piece of a rag with precious stones?
    If I will be asked, my answer is ” I invoke my right”.

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