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  1. I dont mind plastic surgery, really. Everyone on the beauty scene uses make up, and I guess it’s the same principle of enhancing one’s features. It’s a way of making one really be better. And same with make up, use it in the right manner basta wag lang over.

  2. The slogan of MU states, Miss Universe confidently beautiful. Although I was hoping that Philippines will win, I know that after the Q & A that Venezuela has won. She was the most confident among the top 5 as seen on the way she answered and how she carried herself. They all give convincing responses so it was just a matter of who delivered the most confident and commanding presence. Latinas are very smart in using an interpreter because they are not ashamed of their language. I think it is just a Filipino pride that we can speak English despite of our accent. Our accent can be a hindrance in expressing our thoughts thus we tend to speak English but think in Tagalog and sometimes it comes out funny or vague to the listener because the translation can be different. Our English words that we used are very basic compared to the norm here in the US. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in speaking your native tongue if it is appropriate like having an interpreter. That way a person can deliver a message with sincerity unless you are really fluent in American English. Just a thought.

    • This is not a rocket science. The reality is that our main language is Tagalog so we as Filipinos should be proud of that. We speak it in our daily conversation anywhere so why not express your thoughts that way. I think it is unconventional, brave and smart. We are not English or American colony so we should use our own language. Let us not pretend that we speak like American because it is not real. We do speak English but it is not our conversational language.

  3. I think the “Standard” of Beauty in Miss Universe has undeniably evolved. As I reviewed the photos and videos of the past Miss Universe winners, I could sense that different sets of criteria were used from time to time to determine the winner of a particular year. It depends, I supposed, on many factors: beauty that sells the sponsoring products, market viability of endorsed products in a particular country, possibility of business expansions, acceptability of trends and forecasts, increased in commercial viewerships…and other considerations…

    The first Miss Universe from Finland was truly a picture of what is beautiful if the criteria of beauty is “porcelain complexion”…the tagline would be “You are beautiful if you have that porcelain skin of Armi Kuusela…so buy the bath soap of Miss Finland and you wil be the most beautiful woman in the world”

    The succeeding years would focus on those with sexy bodies who would appear voluptuous in swimwear…hence, the criteria would first be: 36, 24, 36 in body body proportion…

    The criteria would be redefined because the winners will promote the products (in guise of charitable activities with lots of sponsoring groups)…hence, the added value to intelligence.

    The spiral evolution continues…now and then the beauty would be defined first and foremost by Elegance (Lupita Jones, Dyanarra Torres, etc)…Spontaneity (Gloria Diaz, Brooke Lee)…Intelligence (Barbara Palacios,Sushmita Sen)…Natural Charm and Prettiness (Amparo Munoz, Stefania Fernandez, Ximena Navarrete)…Seductiveness (Jennifer Hawkins, Zuleyka Riviera)…Stunning Appeal (Oxana Fedorova, Amelia Vega, Natalie Glebova)…Ethnic Ingenuity (Janelle Commissiong, Wendy Fritzwilliam, Leila Lopes)

    Regardless of surgical alterations, enhancements, salamat doc procedures, etc…as long as other criteria are complied and coupled with beauties that will represent best the products, one can be the “Miss Universe” of the Year.

    Well, just my humble opinion!

  4. Nakakaumay na ang beauty nila. Ang maganda nagiging blah na lang kapag nasobrahan. Pero tadhana niya yan. Congratulations Gabriela Isler!

  5. I think she’s just being dumb or pretentious . We know that she speaks and understands English. Her “Truth and Dare” Video can attest to that. And for a number of years now, the MU host always announce the winner and then the 1st RU. So, her appearance of being confused and surprised was part of her acting. Ms Spain should have been the winner.

  6. If the trend in Miss Universe is cosmetic enhancement and surgery, and even rewarding so-called plastic beauties with the crown, then Donald Trump is right all along allowing transgenders to join his pageant. After all, some of the transgender women have gone under the knife to correct the flaws and look perfect just like Gabriela Isler. I don’t see why many pageant enthusiasts should object to this, otherwise it would be hypocritical of us. Me thinks this is the only way Miss Universe can stay relevant, don’t you think?

  7. Congratulations Mama Molly, continue to be a good mother to your children and a loving wife to your husband and side boys.

    Ant to Patricia, so sad that you were also a victim of Miss World Curse, like the fate of Yendi Phillips and Ada Aimee dela Cruz, Miss World semifinalists to being first runner in Miss Universe.

  8. Norman, what happened to Gabriela Isler was a perfect example of MENTAL BLOCK.

    Just like AHA, she has practically received the most insults from Latin American pageant fanatics based on the blogs I have browsed but her confidence and her background were too strong to topple. Fact is that she really made an impact during the preliminary competition but I intentionally took her out of my Top 5 list because I only wanted good vibes for my AHA.

    NOW, I understood why my iPad hung with “that” article that I have mentioned to you… I was being directed to your birthday wish. So next time, my dear friend. Wish for the MAX!

    I salute the new Miss Universe. She deserves the crown. And she is destined to become the queen of the universe.

  9. If Patricia didn’t join MW, I think it’s possible for us to see her winning instead of Molly. She may had surgical enhancements done but like I said in the other post, her sweet demeanour and genuineness as a person radiates within and that’s something that money can never, ever buy 🙂

  10. Yes….. I’m for it!
    There’s nothing wrong with “fixing” the flaws, surgical intervention “enhances” the beauty of an individual. With 7 MISS UNIVERSE TITLES, 6 MISS WORLD TITLES and 6 MISS INTERNATIONAL TITLES…. Venezuela indeed knows the craftsmanship and formula to win.
    But I’m pretty confident that Philippines is learning the winning template, we’re still in the learning curve but give it a year or two and we will be the country to beat!
    Congratulations to Gabriella Isler and the iconic Osmel Souza….

    • I believe surgical enhancements should only be done when part of your body became disproportionate or damaged due to an accident, malnutrition or any environmental factor. It should not be done for the purpose of altering the expression of your genes to create new features that will not be passed on to your children.

      • Facial asymmetry due to daily wear and tear can be considered as an environmental factor. Thus, I approve surgery to re align the symmetry and to slow down or even stop the aging process at least on one’s face.

  11. In addition to her physical attributes (height, face, body, etc.) Gabriela is an experienced TV anchor in her native Venezuela and, like Megan Young, I think that is what gave her the edge. She displayed a lot of confidence in front of both the cameras and the public that was unmatched by the other candidates who did not have this background. Being used to working in front of TV cameras Gabriela also knew her best angles and it showed during the prelims and at the finals.

    She also had 2 years of training under Osmel and she undoubtedly appeared as the most “polished” of all the candidates (including my personal favorites Spain and Philippines).

    Gabriela also speaks Spanish and English fluently even though she chose to use an interpreter during the final Q&A. And most of all, in Trump’s biased eyes, Gabriela “fits” the MU brand, as the other Venezuelans who’ve won the title before her.

    I personally would have liked to have seen either Patricia or Ariella crowned, but Gabriela’s qualifications, like it or not, are quantifiable and cannot be denied.

    • And let’s not forget Miss Venezuela’s national director Osmel who has practically given over his life to making sure all of his proteges are in winning form year after year. His dedication as Venezuela’s queen maker is both admired and envied. Venezuela owes a debt to him without doubt.

      If only Madame Stella was just as dedicated, driven, and as hard-working as Osmel… but we all know that will never happen.

      Unfortunately, Stella it seems has more dedication to her old pal Barraza and in enforcing her antiquated “rules” than in ensuring our beauty queens are well prepared and well dressed for their respective competitions. SAD.

  12. To those who complain about “plastic surgery”, the truth is that many of those who have won major international pageants in the 21st century have been under the knife, some more noticeably than others, from Denise, Justine, Amelia, Zuleyka, Riyo, Dayana, Stefania, Ivian, Ximena, and now Gabriela.

    As Osmel said: “If there is a flaw, why not fix it?”. And he’s fixed plenty. You may or may not agree with his philosophy, but apparently the judges, Trump and even Julia Morley don’t care whether or not their candidates have been under the knife. In fact, the records show that altered beauties are willingly and wholeheartedly embraced and, more importantly, crowned as winners.

    If that’s what it takes to win the title, then so be it. There’s nothing “illegal” about it. The rules and regulations of MWO and MU don’t prohibit it. So people like Osmel use it to full advantage, to win. And he certainly has the results, including a seventh Miss Universe title for Venezuela, to prove his case.

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  13. congratulations gabriela.,destinya nya siguro talagang manalo though mas bet ku talaga sa ms.spain.anyway,parang mabait din naman talaga xa so keri na rin.congratulations sa mga nakapasok sa top5,mas ok na ring xa kesa dun ke monic..i was really thinking before the coronation,kahit sino wag lang si monic,buti nalang ligwak xa sa top10.
    gusto ko lang ding sabihin sana mamahinga na si riza,d nya talaga tadhanang magng internationatk beauty queen,ako ang napapagod for her.wala lang,epal lang talaga ako

  14. Gabriela was oozing with confidence. I give her the props for that. But I have to say Spain was robbed. Can’t wait to see a photo of Miss Universe 2013 and Miss World 2013 together. Can’t wait to read the comments after that. It’ll be ridiculously fun.

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