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  1. BTW, Gabriella Isler happens to SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH but she still opted to use an interpreter. Here’s a brief video of her post-pageant press interview with her answering questions in English, with Trump standing next to her:


    I thought these Latina candidates couldn’t even complete one sentence in English, well, at least not until they’re crowned, then they’re suddenly fluent in English, LOL!

    • No wonder. On top of the cosmetic surgery, her 2 years of training, the expensive gowns, and her pretend use of an interpreter, it’s no wonder she won. This is Venezuela’s formula for success.

  2. Couple of things:

    Ara didn’t look too comfortable last night. I felt that she was very nervous especially being the lucky 16th to be called and being the poll winner. She redeemed herself in the swimsuit but even there she can hardly smile. It looked so forced. Not sure why. The gown was a train..wreck. It was nice but she’s not very tall and she couldn’t move at all and looked like a statue when the others were doing their poses on center stage. If the scores being circulated online were true, she got beaten during the evening gown really bad that even the final answer wasn’t enough to redeem her in the standings. I believe that the swimsuit and evening gown had bearings this time around.

    They need to have a Filipino create the gown in the future. Have a back up since Venezuela did use a different gown. Her jet black straight her stood out amongst the rest of the field. True Filipina beauty! I’m happy that she still represented the country well. I hope the organization keep on learning its lesson in the future. I think Bb Pilipinas has figured out the winning “image” of a Filipina that could compete in Miss U. Just gotta work out the kinks.

    Ecuador seemed to have come out of nowhere. I was surprised with the upsets. Russia really didnt have a fight anyway this year so even the automatic top 16 isnt deserved.

    At the end, I think it should have been Spain, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela. And I think the Philippines should use an interpreter. Spain can speak English and yet decided to use an interpreter.

  3. When the top 5 is being called, I knew that Ara, Patricia, and Molly are in and imagined them to be the last 3 standing. Isn’t it sweet for the 3 girlfriends to be bracing themselves during their last few moments on stage? 🙂 Anyway, I want Spain to nail it, if not Ara. But I know her MW stint before affects her chances of getting the crown so I thought it’s going to be Molly or Ara until Ecuador got the 2nd runner up. then I suddenly remember the first time I saw Molly’s pictures in one of Tita Norms’ entries about her and thought that she is one candidate to beat. Although she was a bit inconsistent somehow because she doesn’t look good in candids, but she blew me away during the Tony Ward fashion show with her beauty (never mind her walk, it was a pageant walk but who cares if you look like a goddess that night 😛 ) and she became my sentimental fave, together with Patricia. Wasn’t so impressed with her preliminaries but I know her beauty and performance in SS will get her in top16.

    Funny thing about her and Ara is, they don’t look so good in some candids (IMO) and both of them were being ridiculed and called “tranny-ish” by some bashers. On a positive note, both of them also looks gorgeous in motion.

    I hope the 3 of them will be able to maintain their friendship even after the pageant. I’d say Molly deserves the crown even if they say that she’s surgically enhanced. She won the judges’ hearts for a reason. She might also be the same with Ara who looks 10x better in person. We’re just all spectators here since our only basis in “judging” the girls is videos and pictures. And another plus thing about Molly is she is a genuinely sweet person. She even lent Croatia one of her EGs and shoes. Not sure tho if it was used during the coronation night. She may had plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty but her sweet demeanour and genuineness radiates through and this is something that “science” can’t fake.

    Congratulations Gabriela Isler! ❤ Congratulations to the girls who made it to top 5! Job well done girls! 🙂

  4. Now that the Miss Universe’s spokesperson is again a Venezuelan, what does this tell us about its “Confidently Beautiful” advocacy? I shudder at the thought that the subtle message it conveys is that to be confidently beautiful one has to go the lengths of a plastic surgery and spend a fortune on cosmetics. A survey conducted a few years ago by Roper Starch, a consulting company, found that Venezuelans were the vainest of all the countries studied. A full 65 percent of women and 47 percent of men owned up to worrying about their looks “all of the time.” Venezuelans are also one of the world’s leaders in plastic surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Venezuelans rank eighth in the world in terms of per capita aesthetic surgical procedures. They have about the same number of per capita aesthetic surgical procedures as Americans, even though Venezuela is, of course, much smaller and poorer than the U.S. According to Euromonitor, the 2011 per capita cosmetics consumption in Latin America has Venezuela at the top with US$390, Brazil with US$380, Mexico with US$330 and Colombia with US$320. I am not against Venezuelans’ obsession with beauty and personal care—its their culture. I am just not comfortable with an international organization like Miss Universe advocating confidence by being beautiful only in the physical sense, not in cerebral and humanitarian terms. I believe that confidence through physical beauty alone will not empower one to meet life’s challenges, so much so that such confidence is obtained through surgical interventions and expensive cosmetics. The MU should have elected the embodiment of its tagline “Confidently Beautiful” the natural and economical way, other than through mental, spiritual and humanitarian ways. Then it would have given its brand a more relevant perceptual image to the teeming billions in Third World countries who need confidence the most.

    • I agree but MU is still a business.. It’s understandable why they would favor the most glamorous contestant. Their main goal is to promote their sponsors. It’s their game and so they set the rules.. Our goal is to play their game the best way we can and to do that we have to be well equipped.


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  7. Yan ang gandang hindi mo inakala.
    Gandang kinutsilyo at gandang tinusok tusok.

    Nakakaawa ang Russia na gumastos ng $16M, hindi manlang pumasok sa semi si Elmira bilang consolation.
    Sayang ang ganda ni Poland, proper training is the key to the semi.
    Ang aking sinisintang si Hinarani, anung nangyare?
    At ang mahaderang si Monic, malas ang magpakulot teh, sad thing is there’s no second chance., bye teh.
    Emotera si Ukraine, I think she deserves to be in the top5.
    At si Nicaragua, kung makasigaw sa intro, para bang wala ng bukas.

  8. hndI ako nagulat kung di pumasoK ang AustraLia ngaung taOn….maganDa si Olivia Wells perO anG boring nYa nung preLims eh, (ang laki pa ng hiTa)….ganun din si France na ineexPect ko sa toP 10 or tOp 5 perO nung preLims, paraNg nag fade xa………..si Venezuela naman paRang paNg Ms InternationaL Queen ang beauTy…. 🙂 (joke) perO na Prove nya na siLa pa rin ang PowerHouse of Beauty…perO sa dito sa Asia, Pilipinas ang Powerhouse!!!!.. biLib na talaga ko kaY Jonas Gaffud….

  9. After finally watching the much-delayed telecast of the 2013 edition of MU here in the States, I believe that Ara should have placed no lower than 1st runner-up if the deciding factor was the final Q&A. Obviously that wasn’t the case. She gave the most sensible answer without utilizing an interpreter unlike the other 4 finalists. She looked really well in her yellow evening gown & she nailed the swimsuit competition with her signature ariba walk. I really thought it would be a toss between Spain & Ara for the crown but lo and behold, Venezuela was declared the winner. I must admit she looked stunning, queenly & regal but comparatively speaking, her demeanor on stage was to put it bluntly, simply annoying whenever she raises her arms everytime her name was called, as if saying with conviction yes – this is my moment to shine and capture the crown ! Just so unbecoming of a beauty queen, I’d say ! If I were to judge the top 5 my placement would be Philippines or Spain as Miss U/1st runner-up; Ecuador; Venezuela & Brazil in that order. And if I may add, it’ s kinda hard not to notice the enhancements that Miss Venezuela went through everytime the camera zooms on her face. I believe that politics & economics once again played a major role in this year’s edition of the pageant ! Be that as it may, I am still way so proud of what Ara has achieved in her MU journey, despite all the odds that she went through. I am so proud to be a Filipina ! Ara – thank you for representing and doing our country proud ! We love ya ! To Norman – appreciate your blog so much ! Please do not quit just yet ! We need you and your blog ! We’ll always be here to support you ! To Aces & Queens headed by Jonas – great work guys ! You did it again ! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas ! Love you guys xoxoxo 🙂

  10. Brazil 2011 – 2ndRU
    Brazil 2012 – 4thRU
    Brazil 2013 – 4thRU

    Philippines 2010 – 4thRU
    Philippines 2011 – 3rdRU
    Philippines 2012 – 1stRU
    Philippines 2013 – 3rdRU

    Also the 5 year streak for Australia has now finished as Olivia Wells failed to make the top 16.

  11. Just when everyone thought Venezuela’s days as a pageant powerhouse were over, Venezuela wins its 7th Miss Universe title. Osmel must be very happy and feeling vindicated.

    Congrats to Ara for giving the Philippines a 4-peat victory in Miss Universe’s top 5. A rare feat indeed. The Philippines is now part of an elite club and undeniably THE pageant powerhouse of Asia!

  12. There’s just no pleasing the bashers in some of the websites. They’re now undermining Ara’s achievement by claiming that Ara made it to the Top 16 based on popular votes and not on her merit. Yet, they’re also claiming that her undeserved placement in Top 16 robbed the heavily-favored candidates, France, Israel, and Poland. It’s just devoid of any logic. If at all, they should be grateful. Imagine if Myanmar or any candidate made it by popular vote and assuming that Ara also made it to Top 16 (which I assume she could have easily made with her Top 5 placement as proof), that would have been one less candidate in the Top 16.

    • MJ, it came from a Puerto Rican fan. Can’t blame them. Me thinks Monic (or her fans) declared war against Ara. Especially when she slipped into a yellow gown during the preliminaries. She managed to upstage Ara as the best in yellow gown then. But as fate would have it, never got a chance to do it again as she failed to make the top 10.

  13. this is Moro-Moro at its best. Wag na nga sila gumastos ng full production kung puro Venezuela nalang. Sa pamamahala ni Trump ilang Venezuelans na? Sana sila nalang mag appoint ng winner hindi yung may ka lechehan pa silang grand production with less that stellar performers. Hindi masama loob ko na di na nalo si ARA. Yung placement man lang nya at yung company na napasama sya. Latinas who go round and round. Sya may regional accent man…hindi nagkalat. Hay….MUO walang kwenta…sana binigay mo man lang kay Spain natuwa pa tayo

  14. I don’t know kung napansin ninyo Guys. The presentation of candidates part, when Ara’s batch exited the stage then the next batch coming…parang (take note: ‘parang’ lang) sinaling si Ara ni Monic (Ms. P. Rico)..napalingon tuloy si Ara !!! Hindi naman cguro intentional… pero may tamang hinala ako eh… na intentional ang ginawa ni Monic. ;)..echooos !!! 🙂

    • Akala ko nasagi ni Ariella si Singapore si Monic pala ang may kasalanan? Buti na lang maiksi at tight curls ang kanyang buhok dahil hindi lumabas ganda ni Monic.

  15. I understand what you mean, but Ara’s beauty is far, faaaaaaaaaaar different from that of the three previous girls you mentioned.

    Her beauty is so mystifying. She does not need to exert effort, be vivacious or anything. Her beauty is so classy. Calm, reserved, genuine.

    Yes I saw how nervous she was, but in spite of everything she was amazingly graceful.

    What I like most about her is that she has not “mayabang” vibe. Very humble ang aura. Chemistry is a very tough subject in U.P, and a woman’s beauty often is incomparable.

    I’m not even defending her just because she’s Filipino. I really saw something in this girl. I’m even reading tweets of foreigners. YOu have no idea how much they love Ara Arida’s face. They describe her as “sensational” and very elegant.

    A lot of foreign women are envious of her hair as I was reading the tweets, lahat sila dying to have her hair.

    Hayy. I’m so sad pa rin until now.

  16. Ha-ha…itinigil ko na po ang pang-ookray ng dahil sa isang poster na nirerespeto ko…yon ay upang di na makadag-dag pa ng kawalan ng enerheya ng idolo mo. Tumahimik na nga ako, pero pino-provoke ako ng mga ako kagaya mo na mang-ookray uli…tapos, eto, marami na naman ang nasasaktan at inookray na naman kayo…pagalitan mo mga kasama mong tiwali.

  17. Miss Philippines looked the most relaxed and confident when she was called to the Top 16. It’s really a tough job being on stage. She became more tensed and uptight as the night progressed. You can notice it in her rapidly narrowing smile. Miss Universe 2013 is Ariella Arida. Walang kokontra. Dahil kahit ganun, she is the complete package. What with the over enhanced beauty and over rehearsed answer of you know who. Hahaha

  18. Congratulations Ara for a remarkable job. I’m very impressed Norman with your right on target predictions. Saludo kami sa iyo.

  19. I disagree with you about Ara. It’s not good that you’re comparing her with the Past queens because you need to compare her to the girls she competed with. She was so elegant and radiant that night and yes maybe a little bit of energy could have been shown when she was called in Top 5. However, she has come so far….. Imagine she beated Poland? Yes she won the voting thingy but she wlll not reach the Top 5 if she was not originally placed in the Top 10 list in the preliminary.

    It will be difficult to continue the Top 5 placement as you said. They need to send an overall package who is already prepared enough after winning BB and only mild transformations will be done. The gown should be made by a Filipino designer – whoever that may be. Ariella’s gown was just a mere luck of Barazza.

    • Poland was a case of “over-hyped”. Along the way she just fizzled-out. She seemed to be bored by all those activities wherein she was included. The judges, with their keen eyes, noticed all those.

      In the case of Philippines. She,too,was overly hyped long before the contest started. The pressure of surpassing the achievement of her predecessors was there. She needed to train, etc. But there were things that were not inculcated well on her: The need to claim (and not superficially…the need for her to think like a winner, feel like a winner and behave like a winner) and to just have fun! But she was very numbered and calculating. When she stepped-in at the airport in Moscow, her lack of time to chill out and to relax just took a toll on her disposition. She was slowly fizzling out. THNAKS to her bashers for constantly picking on her for her bland performances…she thus started to get life again…but a bit too late…Judges were noticing already her being inconsistent…But fighter as she is, she started to shine (Unlike Poland, Puerto Rico, France and Bolivia who were losing pizzaz in their performance)…starting to ROAR…but was not strong enough to get the top spot!

    • @Alex,

      Maybe you’re right. I shouldn’t compare Ara to our former Binibinis.

      Sooo…. Out of the 5, performance wise, I ranked Ara at 4th place.

      Spain gave me a Megan Young vibe. She wasn’t overly doing anything. She looked sweet, confident with a tad bit of nervousness which equates to an aura of innocence.

      Venezuela is very poised and queenly looking. Very hard to miss.

      Brazil was a breath of fresh air. She looked young, bubbly and fun. Her walk is full of personality.

      Ecuador reminded me of Ms Ukraine during MU 2011. Also, she has a similar look with Spain… But Spain has darker features… But performance wise, Spain edged it out by a mile.

      So my final ranking for top 5, based on overall performance is: Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Philippines, Ecuador.

      I would have crowned Spain instead of Venezuela. But I don’t have any bad feelings about her victory. I think she performed well.

  20. Whether or not Ara did this or did that, they will still crown Venezuela. The runner ups are just for formality.

  21. @Benjie so what did you want Ariella should have done. Tumambling ng tinawag sa Top 5?? So Bakit hindi rin si Spain ang nakoronahan?? ITIGIL MO NA ANG PAGKAKALAT MO DITO. TAPOS NA!

  22. @Benjie, may point ka naman dun at naiiintindihan ko what you were trying to say. Peace.

  23. Its ironic na kung sino pa yung mga reps natin na heavily bashed and criticized ay sya pa yung nakakapasok/nananalo. Gloria Diaz, Pebbles de Asis, Desiree Verdadero, Miriam Quiambao, Janine Tugonon and now, Ariella Arida. Yet yung mga inexpext na makakapasok ay pulo ligwak.

  24. O ayan…may nag-rereact na tuloy ng negative…kayo kayo kasi, nananahimik yong mga taong ayaw i-spoil yong fun ninyo, tapos ngayon masyado kayongnagmamayabang. Mapupuno na tuloy ng hate-responses tong cheap-fun-filled celebrasyon ng mga kuntento sa mediocrity!

    • Sumali ka na kasi. What Miss Universe needs are Extra Terrestrials like you. Masyadong earth-centirc na kasi ang pageant.

  25. Stop the war guys, stop all the bashings. Suportahan na lang din natin yung winner, its her destiny. Peace!

  26. We should be proud of Ara’s achievement afterall God has other plans for her, there’s still life after MU and kelangan nating mag move on. Ara represented us well, giving all her best and make us proud. We should accept the defeat gracefully and show to the world our sportsmanship. Congrats!

    • For me, Ara’s performance was a downgrade from our last 3 Binibinis.

      She did well. Well enough to penetrate top 5. But she just did not shine. No stage presence. Nothing was memorable in her performance, sorry.

      Venus – Great cat-walk. Knows how to do a fun yet queenly walk during Swimsuit & pure elegance during evening gown. Great body. Perfect size boobs (not too big, not small, just perfect), perfect small bubble butt. Bubbly personality. Very exotic. She is not the conventional “pretty” but her look is so exotic and mysterious that you just WANT to know more about her.

      Janine – The poster child for beauty queen transformation. This girl really delivered… And then some! She surpassed my expectation. Did great on Swimsuit round… This girl moved like Casper the ghost in her evening gown…. Soooo fluid and sooo smooth. Definitely the one who stood out the most in EG round.

      Shamcey – Shamcey is just full of energy on stage. She was a scene stealer. She made sure that as soon as she stepped on that stage, she will not leave unnoticed. Had the most memorable walk out of the 3 Binibinis. Great personality, excellent, communication skill, great smile. Very confident girl and it shows.

      Ara – I can’t say I dislike her… I think she did well… But that’s it. There was nothing really memorable in how she performed. She lacked energy, charisma and poise on stage. I do think her answer was one of the best during Q&A, but on stage, she looked kinda dull.

      2014 will be a crucial year for Philippines. We’ve reached top 5 in 4 years straight. The chance of doing that in the 5th year may be slim.

      BBP needs to send a girl who has great PERSONALITY & excellent COMMUNICATION skill because that is the most important (besides the face). The rest can easily be transformed – body, walk, styling, etc.

  27. Look at the 1st picture, prang “a baby girl crowned her Mommy” lng ang peg…hahah..kainis, bak8 ung nagpaplastic surgery p ang kinuronahan…by the way, Congratulations to our very own, Ariella Arida.you make all of us proud.:)…and you prove that our country is a powerhouse in this world of pageantry.best of luck to you…#AHAtheBEsT

  28. Again congrats to the winner and to our rep for a job well done. It will be interesting what the creative team of ARa may learn from these and how they fell short of getting the crown. I suggest they get the gown earlier and practice the angle and hairstyles and the catwalk with that gown. We all thought phil might bag the crown this time but looking at the top 5, our rep looks underwhelming. Judges might have noticed that too and thus venezuela again won. I prefer spain though.

  29. Thanks Sir Norman for your coverage! Ara did a really good job. Salamat sa walang kapagurang pagsuporta sa kanya.

    I was hoping for Miss Spain to win if not Miss Philippines. Sayang. Ang ganda ganda pa naman ni Patricia. But of course a lot of people now are complaining about Miss Venezuela’s win, just because it is the name Venezuela again. Gabriela for me has the whole package so she should make a great Miss Universe.

    What I’m more disappointed about is the number of Filipino fanatics complaining on social media, saying that a Miss Universe should be able to speak English. Just last year, these fans are cheering Janine Tugonon’s answer that Miss Universe does not mean that you have to speak a specific language. Ngayon, sinasabing hindi dapat maging Miss Universe dahil hindi marunong mag-ingles. Ang iba, ini-equate pa ito sa pagiging bobo. At siyempre mega-buhat naman ng sariling bangko at galing daw ng pinoy dahil marunong mag-ingles. I swear nakakahiya talaga ang ibang pinoy online. Buti dito relatively civilized at matalino mag-comment ang karamihan.

    • Many Pinoys are inherent balimbings. Nakakahiya lang kasi sa Internet nagkakalat. Damay tuloy lahat ng Pinoy sa impression ng ibang bansa.

  30. You should make a post about future possible BBP queens! 🙂

    My rough list of girls who I think could make a tough and interesting BBP 2014 pageant:

    Janicel Lubina, Charmaine Elima, Pia Wurtzbach, Samantha Bernardo, Parul Shah, Isabelle Daza, Diva Monteloba, Patricia Ejercitado, Vina Openiano, Mariel De Leon, Luzelle Felipe, Emily Victoria Oke, Wynwyn Marquez, Yvette Santiago, Janine Gutierrez, Patricia Tumulak, Grendel Alvarado, Diana Aravelo, Melanie Angeles, Marie Lynn Osuna.

  31. Congratulations Ariella!!!
    4 top 5 finish for the last 4 years, 2014 will be our Miss Universe year…
    Keep the faith going, we won’t stop, we will not be complacent, continue being vigilant,
    Paging Charmaine Elima, move to Aces&Queens dear pleaseeee!!!

  32. Congrats Philippines! i said it b4 that best answer is not d only basis to be MU. Nangyari na yan noon pa…Basta gusto ka ng Judges at MUO na maging Miss U, Ikaw na ang nanalo huwag lng bokya ang sagot mo.

  33. Congratulations Miss Philippines Universe. Best answer, again…Top five finish, again. Keep the streak going. Pegged as the favorite by many, to win it all, is always a bittersweet blessing of a curse…but nonetheless a fantastic job Ms. Arida. You extended the top five finish to 4!…

  34. Just for laughs..I saw this comment on one of the FB pages made for Ara…I couldn’t help myself laughing 🙂

    Arida: Education is my primary advocacy so that these bitches behind me can learn how to speak English..#repost

    Peace! 🙂

  35. nakakatwa mag assume yung iba… Porke nanalo tayo ng fan voting this year eh wala na daw tayo karapatan?
    how come Ara made it all the way to the top 5? means she deserved it. She should have won actually kung pagbabasihan ang Q and A at natural beauty…

    well ang mystery ng top 15 ng MUO ay hindi talaga marereveal… pero naniniwala ako na kahit hindi tayo nanalo ng fan voting this year pasok pa rin tayo either through the preliminary judges or MUO pick. They just had to be true kasi kung sino talaga nananalo sa fan voting otherwise they will lose their credibility na talaga.

    How i miss the old miss universe. Beauty+brains+attitude+humanitarian spirit.


    Miss Universe = Plastic surgery

    • Mr. NORMAN,

      Why have a final question category if the delegate who has had the best answer the last 2 years does not win? This is the major difference between the Ms.World and Miss Universe competition. Very frustrating.

      Funny, heard someone “angrily” say that the top five was a based collection of Latina Hispanic countries. Brazil, a Latin American country. The Philippines, an Asian country with deep Hispanic cultural patterns and influences…didn’t realize that…hmmm?

      Coincidence or bias? Or just plain sour grapes? Lol

    • @kimchew…I agree. Ever since Donald Trump took over, it has not been the same. In those days the 5 finalists were picked and all the previous scores were erased…the crown would given.to the delegate with the best answer…If this happens next year, something is definitely wrong.

      • I believe all previous scores are still erased. Even during the 90s, the host would say during the final look that the criteria would be overall impression, in addition to the final answer. They would vote who they think would be best Miss Universe.

    • I agree! It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not choice of the prelim jugde or MUO. They have to adjust their pick coz they have to truly reflect d sentiments of d people thru a fan vote.

    • I thiNk kasama talaga sa toP 15 si Ara bukod pa sa xa ang naNaLo sa onLine voTing….. kung ang pagbabaSehan ang preLims, taLaga nmanG nag stanD ouT xa……….. paRang tulad Lng yan ng Trump’s picks eh… pipiLi si Trump ng 6 na papasoK sa semis at kahiT ung anim na un aY napiLi rin ng mga preLim judges,or Lets say pasOk talaga sa semis kahiT hndi siLa piniLi ni Trump, hndi na mababaGo o mapapaLitan ung Trump’s picks…

  36. Ironically, the Philippines did got the third, Third Runner-Up nga lang. Mas masarap pa rin sana sa pakiramdam kung THIRD crown sa MU ang nakuha natin. In any case, thank you Ara for a job well done. We your fans and supporters are immensely proud of your achievements.

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    • She’s a winner, title or not. She bashed-proof her way to the top. Reaching as high as 3rd runner-up is a quite a peat.

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  39. Ariella deserves a higher placement than 3rd runner up, imho it should be MU or the least again is 1st runner up, nevertheless I’m happy with what we have… A 4 PEAT!!!
    Cheers to Gabriella, for she was also bashed heavily ( read it here ), once again 7 miss universe crowns, cheers to Venezuela and the iconic Osmel Souza.
    Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2014 wish list:
    Luzelle Felipe
    Parul Shah
    Janicel Lubina
    Mercegrace Raquel
    Charmaine Elima

  40. Vindicated! I am just so happy with Ara’s 3rd RU placement. Sobrang dami ng bashers, haters and non-believers around the world. Kung makikita nyo lang ang mga pinag lalagay nila sa net at pinag sasabi kay Ara e baka ma high blood din kayo. But after the dusts settled she was there and standing proud. A 4-peat is a great achievement already. She didn’t succumb to the pressure. What a marvelous girl!

    Norman, since you are planning on your retirement, sana bago ka umalis e matulungan mo na maiangat ng Philippines ang quality ng local pageants natin. We have a lot to learn from Osmel. Molly’s gown was criticized and the next thing they did wasthey had her change the gown. Ara’s gown was criticized and the hairstyle was changed. I would never blame Ara. I am talking about Stella. Is there anything you can do like maybe talk to some people about getting rid of that old hag from Colombia. Kita mo, Ara was forced to speak iin English when it was clear hindi naman kailangan. Ang nanalo nga ni hindi alam na nanalo sya because it was announced in English. Our candidates are always prohibited from speaking in Tagalog and Stella is making it feel like a Miss Philippines should be ashamed to speak to the world in her native language. For how many years now, Miss Philippines is not allowed to wear a gown created by a Filipino. Laging Colombian. Laging si Barazza. I think its about time we showcase a Tagalog speaking Pinay dressed in a Filipino designed gown. Ang dam-daming gowns na gawa ng Filipinos so I am wondering why Ara had to use the yellow gown which was mocked by so many people around the world including myself. The top part of the gown was screaming “BACON”. The creases and wrinkles were very visible. Si Ara lang talaga ang nagdala ng gown and not the other way around.

    Sana next year, CQGQ na ang Binibini or Aces and Queens.

    By the way, congrats on your blog. You always have interesting topics and articles.

  41. Saw Ara’s Q&A replay… mahirap ang question for her. It was an economics & business question. Whew Tara Lipinski! Hehe.

    • Miss Venezuela wasn’t able to give the right answer also. So the q&a, apparently, has no bearing.

      • MU should just remove the Q&A altogether. Gone are the days when the Miss Universe winners were chosen based on quality answers.

  42. I think they really wanted Venezuela to win, they weren’t able to do it last year. Venezuela really messed up in the q&a last year., and the incident that happened in the US. Ngayon nalang binigay yung utang na korona.

  43. Those who believed in Ara should share in the vindication as well. Asan na yung tao dito na may pagkarami-raming identities na nagmamarunong, nagmamagaling at nag-iinsulto?? hahahahahahahahahaha..


    • she’s pretty yes but not her.

      gosh how sad am i. mukhang mahirap makakita ng kagaya ni ara. yung kakaibang hinhin, napakadalagang Pilipina. walang aroganteng ere… hayy how sad.

  44. So I think I have to mention Mr. Jonnas Gaffud. Imba ka Sir! Four years in a row? This is not a coincidence! Credits to you and the people behind Aces and Queens. Ibig lang sabihin nito, na lahat tayo ay mga igaganda pa! Punta na kay Jonnas! HAHAHAHA

  45. Saya, saya supalpal ang mga basher, kala ko siya na talaga hindi ko pinanood ang streaming, sa nbc que manood at 9 pm.. sabi ko kpg hindi pasok si ara sa top 5 nunka ko manood, pero pasok kaya tuloy ang ligaya.. chicka ko kanina I got 4 winners prediction wrong pala ko.. spain I place her first runner correct, ara I place as a winner but end 3rd and Venezuela I place 3rd but end up as a winner! Congratulations Venezuela another crown, collect lang ng collect!! Ecuador and brazil not in my list!

  46. Parang ayoko na munang manuod ng Miss Universe next year. Nakakapikon lang na na-politika ang result at Venezuela na naman ang nanalo. Mas tanggap ko pa ang Spain kung hindi man Pinas ang nanalo. In any case, congrats Ara for a job well done. Next stop, Bea Rose Santiago for Miss International 2013! Ibawi mo si Ara! The quest of the Philippines for the 3rd crown this year continues…

    • Actually, I share the same sentiment. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll stil watch next year’s Miss U telecast, but I will not be as invested time-wise and emotion-wise. t would take a really strong Philippine rep to make me want to follow our next candidate the way I did our beloved Ariella Arida.

      • @Grounder Tama ka, less investment sa time at emotions next year. Bawas-bawasan muna ang kabaliwan sa mga pageant na yan. Haha! 🙂 On a positive note, worth it ang oras at pagod sa pagboto ke Ara para makapasok sa top 16. Ara’s placement is a testament of the power of unity emulated by the Filipinos. At the end of the day, 4-peat pa rin ang Pinas this year sa MU. Looking forward for the win next year.

    • I’m sorry but Riza Santos does not have the charm. Her answers too are always sort of scripted. There is that undeniable tinge of hypocrisy on her that you cannot explain. Basta people just can detect who is sincere and who isn’t.

  47. I feel bad for Riza though. This is the third time that she had been unplaced in a major international beauty pageant – Miss Earth 2006, Miss World 2011, and now Miss Universe 2013. Two questions: (1) Is this the end to Riza’s international beauty pageant crusade? and (2) Why does Canada keep letting Riza win? (I’m not trying to be mean or anything, just genuinely wondering why this is so.)

    • yeah,.I thought she would do great knowing her stints from Ms Earth and MW,.,well experience is the best teacher maybe shes doing this to gain more. ^_^

    • Because most of the beautiful true boooded canadian ladies doesnt have much interest in beauty pageants.. They are more focused in theie respected careers. They dont evn watch beauty pagenats actually.. Mostly, the contestants are mixed race or immigrants..

  48. Love you Ara!!! You are my Miss Universe. Period!

    Can’t help but feel that the Donald is taking a page out of Julia M’s book – string the Filipinos along until they loose interest and then throw them a bone just to keep their interest and the TV ratings. Sigh… I’ve let go of the dream of ever seeing a Miss Philippines crowned Miss Universe. Sort of calms me down and not anticipate the next MU pageant. I may watch it, I may record it, or in all honesty, I just may not watch it. We’ll see. I think the time for my annual Miss Universe party is over. They’re fun but my heart breaks every year for my country.

    Congratulations to Venezuela and all her proud people!

    Ara, you are one tough cookie with a heart of gold. MABUHAY!!!

  49. The outcome isnt so bad.

    I think based on the Q&A, Spain & Philippines had the best answer. Venezuela’s answer kinda sucked.

    Based on top 5 look, Venezuela & Spain definitely rocked it.

    Based on overall performance, my eyes were glues onto Venezuela and Spain the most. And of course Philippines, but thats me being patriotic.

    Venezuela looked queenly and Spain looks very sweet and ‘real’

    Congrats to them

    Maybe next year 😦

  50. Congratulations Ara and to all the winners ! You did our country proud, Ara ! I just have to wait and watch the taped MU tonight here in the U.S. Didn’ t get the chance to watch it on live streaming video earlier. Kudos to Norman, A & Q, BPCI, and to all our kababayans who prayed for & supported Ara in her journey ! GOD BLESS us all.

  51. parang wala na talagang credibilidad MU sakin. walang variety. mas mabuti pa ms. world may nanalo sa turkey sa india, sa gaito sa ganyan. yung diversity feeling me fair game, eto sila sila nalang ano pang lalo chance ng iba?

    anong traits ng mga nanalo? lista natin

    anong traits ng mga girls natin? lista natin

    yung mga magagaling sa math, sa analogy ek ek baka ma-figure out ninyo.

    Alam ko may nag post kanina parang ano pa ba yung kulang sa mga pinapadala natin?

    Oo nga ano pa nga ba?

    Ara galing mo. Natuwa ako sa performance mo. Natuwa ako na may nakinig satin on her styling

    • I always have the same sentiment,.,she answered well,she performed well,.,ano paba gusto nila?Seriously its a bit frustrating. I really have no problem with everything that Ara did.

      • Ara did not hit the bullseye in her Q&A “what can you do to solve the problem of creating jobs”… Its not education. Had the question was “what can you do to get a job” then ayun tama sagot nya. Mahirap tanong ni Ara actually.

        Although honestly i felt Ara was the winner kasi non sense din naman mga sagot nung apat except Brazil who talked about internet depriving the physical closeness between family & friends pero ayun 4th Runner Up. Nahihilo na ata rin mga judges hehe

        Di bale next time makukuha din natin yan.

      • @Harry, to add: Swimsuit/Evening Gown doon sa 5 finalist bias na kung bias si Ara pick ko dun. In EG round though i put Ukraine as 1st pero ayun ligwak din. Basta ok na ako. Basta next year ulit mas masaya. Good luck sa MU-Phils 2014 baka walang sumali kasi natakot na? Hehehe joke only.

  52. actually it was 11 out of 16 made it to the list,.,referring to the last post I had with Sir Normans article titled “All roads leads to crocus city hall” excluding Indonesia and Dom.Rep which I noted capable of pulling up a surprise, and so they did. By the way guys how did you feel when Monic didn’t make it to next cut? Seriously, It felt like winning since we all knew her bitchy side. Constanza was a surprise of the night for me since I opted to put her out of my list. Sir Norman I know youll be having a rest for a while yet I just cant wait for your next post about the result. ^_^

    • wait may i know monics side? can you share? nasa kangkungan siguro ako. thanks! i mean sigurado akong nasa kangkungan ako

      • She actually has a different gown but when she saw ARA’S gown she wore the other one with the same color. It was as if she’s declaring a war with ara,.,have you seen photos of them together? Its because she’s timid with her. They posted the blue gown for her on the finals yet they pull it out when ARA wore a yellow one.

    • Puerto Rico won’t make the cut because her personality is bland and she has this arrogant vibe. She’s also trying hard to impress.

  53. Same thing happened last year .. The question and answer shouldn’t be included anymore in Miss Universe Pageant. Its just a waste of time. Last year Miss USA answered the question like a 3rd year old kid but she won the contest. They should also pick the judges who are in line with beauty department not because you are a singer or what have you. JUST disappointed really on the results. Miss Philippines should at least be the first runner up if not the MIss Universe of 2013.

    • I concur, your honor!

      Ara was hands down the most applauded in the Q&A round after giving a most sensible answer. The audience could almost smell the crown landing on her head.

      And then the anticlimactic announcement with a somewhat disappointing choice of winner. 😦 I would have been happier with Spain taking it all.

      Congratulations, Ara! You did us all so proud like no other for going through this rather bumpy but ultimately extremely laudable campaign to win for our country its third Miss Universe crown!

    • ME TOO!!!!!!! and I thought Janine was robbed last year? Grabe Trump machine to. She really should have been at least 1st runner up if not Miss Universe. Tama rin the 2 remaining girls didnt have a clue on who won. argh

      • If we will focus on the content, yes Janine hit it right. But the manner she delivered her answer has this “competitive, serious” tone if you get what I’m saying. Olivia Culpo was a natural. She did not try hard to impress. She just said what came to her mind first. It does not sound scripted, unlike Janine’s.
        Of course I supported Janine but I am also realistic and I think I have a sensible way of judging.

        And makikita mo rin na may ere si Janine eh. And nagslide down rin ang reputation niya during Kris’ interview.

        Shamcey too. Shamcey was the most articulate and intelligible obviously doon sa top 5, but Leila Lopes was natural. She has that “charm” na hindi mo maipaliwanag.

        Now with Ara, Ara already has this charm. She nailed it right. She’s the most perfect to win. Talaga lang walang kwenta ang mga judges.

        Ang puna ko lang kay Ara is may kaba siya. Pero kitang kita mo how graceful she was in spite of the nerves. Siguro rin kung naalis niya ang nerves, siya na ang panalo.

        It’s not always the content of the answer. It’s how you say it too.

  54. Pingback: Otra corona mas para Venezuela

  55. This is my very first comment though ive been reading sir normans blog for quite a time na. First, i just wanna say ara you deserve the biggest congrats of all. With all the bashing, you didnt falter and you proved those ill intentioned people that they are wrong. Second, sir norms thanks for the posts you are very dedicated congrats to you as well. Third, jamir here i am, at last nakapost na ko dito fir the first time. Congrats!

  56. Sir,can you please give your thoughts on the recently concluded miss universe pageant.
    Thank you very much.
    Congratulations Ara ! God Bless You Always…

  57. 4 out of 5 ladies in my prediction made it to the top.,yet during the final I was flat on who would it be,.will it be Ara, Patri or Molly of course here’s hoping Ara would be IT. Regardless of the result ARA made us proud. She is still our QUEEN!

  58. good job for Ara! After the Q and A, I predicted Spain to win and a 2nd runner up finish for Philippines. Brazil delivered a good answer, but the interpreter was not good and translated it not how Brazil constructed it her sentence. I speak Portuguese myself.

  59. Got 3/5 but different positions. Honestly, I was so disappointed that Ara was called as 3rd runner up. Pahirapan na naman sa pagmu’move on nito! Hindi talaga natin alam kung anong klaseng candidate na ba ang dapat nating ipadala. Grabe. Oo, ok na ang 3rd runner up at four-peat, pero saan ba tayo lagi nagkukulang? Haaay. Sorry guys.

    So tama nga ang sign:

    MU’08: DayanA
    ’09: StefaniA
    ’10: XimenA
    ’11: LeilA
    ’12: OliviA
    ’13: GabrielA nga lang not Ariella :'(((
    ’14: PiA (Wurtzbach) Waaa. (Yoko na talaga magexpect. :'((()

    • Kulang tayo sa Gown, National costume and CONFIDENCE on our own candidate!

      Obvious naman sa slogan ng MU “confidently beautiful”!

      We need to boost the confidence of our candidate and not the opposite!

      • Send a candidate for a year to study abroad (US or London preferably) to gain that confidence then join the Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant. Or change the sequence of the Philippine pageant. After winning, stay abroad for a year to learn how to become very confident and lessen the “pagkamahiyain.” Then, the whole Filipino nation should donate money to buy that most luxurious and classy gown( coz that is always the complain). With the training the reps are getting for sure Philippines will have its nest MU.

        Don’t be stingy if you want to win Philippines!!! Take away that always “naapi “attitude as well . Be proud and mighty and then you can be “confidently beautiful.”

    • Eloquence, Articulation & Depth in the Q&A is our waterloo.

      Our time will come! Next year or sa makalawa. Of course, Ara did her best and that was the most important. Congrats Ara! 🙂

      • Thanks po. Really proud of Ara rin po talaga. I’m also happy for her family na hindi nasayang yung pagpunta sa Moscow. 🙂

    • No offense, but not Pia. I’ve seen some of the 2014 candidates. We need to have a very very very strong candidate, someone who is on-par with Megan or Mutya’s beauty and with presence and command.

      Go check Venezuela, Mexico and Serbia for MU 2014. Next year will be a bloodbath. And I hope BBP will crown someone really stunning next year in order to keep up with these goddesses.

      • I always have this in mind,.ano ba talaga yung gusto nila(MOU) for the Philippines to win? For me I have no problem with the accent just like Ara,.,she conveyed her message well compared to the other ladies who relies on a translator.

      • Sino ba yung niluluto nila satin para pag usapan. Si valerie weigmann kaso tisay? ayaw

    • I do not know but Pia Wurtzbach’s beauty, in my opinion, is too mestiza. Though indeed she’s beautiful, she does not have that “it” quality, that exotic charm…

      Next year I hope the Philippines get the “Lucky” candidate. Kasi no matter what we do, even if our delegates are already good, if she is not that lucky, she won’t make it.

      For me, Ara is one of the most charming beauties we have ever produced.

  60. Hi Mr. Norman. Correct me if I am wrong but did Ara get to the Top 16 through online votes? I hope not! I hope she really was picked as part of the Top 15…

    Anyway I cannot sleep because I feel so sad. 3rd runner-up isn’t bad I know, and even if you read the tweets of foreigners, all agree that Ara is the ideal woman (Pocahontas daw haha). Soft-spoken but articulate, beautiful, elegant, and most of all humble.

    Spain should have won instead kung hindi si Ara. Miss Venezuela does not have that aura of a real queen, I don’t know. I don’t feel her. Dayana Mendoza and Stefania okay lang sa akin, pero itong si Gabriela, wala. Terrible judges really.

    • Correct spain is better, yeah c ara ba talaga win sa fans votes so kung hindi teo nagsiboto nganga pala tayo? 3rd place is not bad at all, pero we dreaming sana , back – back world 2 universe, sayang talaga! Ok na rin pahiya yung mga nagmamarunong kuno!

      • I think Indonesia ata ang nanalo sa Fan votes. Sa tingin ko many voted for Ara but at the same time she was really picked by the organisation.

        And yes nganga na mga bashers. Lalo na yang si Mo Twister. Ano raw sabi niya na magaling mag-ingles ang mga latina? E ni isa sa kanila hindi man lang nag-effort. Buti pa yung Miss Venezuela noon, si Esser ba yun. hahaha.

        I hate that MOnkey Twister.

      • i dont think ara made it becoz of fan votes. di naman sinabing sya ang nanalo sa fan votes kaya nga in random order…. ganon talaga… dapat palitan na si SMA kasi walang kwenta ang mga pinasusuot sa mga candidates natin. mabuti na lang at magagaling ang 4 na reps natin, kung sa ibang candidates pinasuot un baka di makatuntong ng top 16. Again congrats to Ara…..

  61. Congratulations Miss Venezuela! And a very big APPLAUSE for Miss Philippines, job well done!!! We are so proud of you but I guess our country & our people need you more. Good luck on your advocacy as Miss Philippines . God bless you and our country.

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!! 😀

    Congrats Gabriela for winning Miss Universe.

  63. Venezuela was not in my radar to win it all. She doesn’t have that IT factor.

    I’m proud of our 3rd runner up finish although after ARA answered I was expecting too much that it’s ours.

    Anyways is Venezuela part of South America? I just had a dream which i posted here that I woke up to Ms. SA being crowned not sure if it’s South Africa or South America.

    • I agree. My original wish was for Venezuela and Puerto Rico to NOT even make the top 16. Call it cruel, but I wanted the Miss Universe Organization to send a message that these overly plastic surgery enhanced beauties are not what they were looking for. Obviously, I was mistaken…

  64. She speaks English well but she stuck to Spanish. Miss Confidence ang dapat tawag sa Miss Universe.

    • Thats their strategy. Remember Ximena Navarette also speaks English but she opted to have an interpreter maybe to give her more time to think of her answer… hay………………..di na credible tong MU na to… Ung Ms. World mas ok not becoz Megan won.. The result is really acceptable. Khit cguro si Megan ang sumali sa MU di rin xa mananalo kung wala naman palang bearing ang Q&A na yan…Dapat nxt year 6 footer, inglesera at pinoy designer ang gagawa ng gowns at nat costume ng candidate natin. Pag di pa tyo mananalo ppunta na ko ng siquijor at pakukulam si donald T.

  65. Ara gave a good fight! But nonetheless a 4 -peat, a tough tough challenge indeed. Now SMA and Aces and Queens/ABS-CBN should make a team on planning for the next BB kasi mas mabigat ang dadalhin niyang pressure! Isama pa pagka panalo ni Mutya sa Miss Supra. So to the future Miss Philippines Universe 2014! Isang malaking Good LUCK !!!!

    • We equalled our longest MU 4-peat placement streak of 1972-1975. ‘Slight’ difference was we won 1973 and hosted the 1974 edition. Hehe.

      Paging ABS-CBN, Henry Sy or Manny Pangilinan to bid for 2014 or 2015! 🙂

  66. @Sir Norms: I know you must be exhausted but, would it be too much to ask if you could write a post our very tenacious and determined Ariella? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  67. Oh well, our hearts got broken but still I’m truly happy for Ara because her 3rd runner-up placement is a big, cold, rough and thorny slap on the faces of her haters and those who only have negative things to say about our girl.

    You did amazing, Ariella Arida! I’m one of the few guys who believed in you since day 1 at Bb. Pilipinas.

    Love, JCD.

    • SURELY its a yolanda’ish kind of slap with their ill mannered filthy Impertinent mouth. They should engage their-selves in education as what Ara answered. Educating their Ignorant self with good manners. ^_^

  68. Nakakasawa naman. Walang diversity. Palagng Venezuela. OK pa sana kung Spain nnalo kung Hindi c ara

  69. Congratulations Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe 2013.

    And my love will remain for Ariella Hernandez Arida, my Miss Universe.

    Norman, I wasn’t able to watch but I did enjoy what I was doing. 😉

    Nagdilang anghel si Chrome… but we all have to accept the fact that AHA was not “destined” to win yet she really made us all proud!!!

  70. funny how the last two ladies standing wait for each other’s body language on who won.. miss philippines could have been the best representative of muo.. oh well, i really thought it was miss philippines..

  71. Bakit nanalo si Miss Venezuela, eh mukha nang matrona?

    Although feeling ko, big factor diyan ang Yamamay (Italy’s version of So-En) sa pag-decide ng kung sino ang mananalo. Gusto nila ng vavavoom na body as image model for their swimsuits.

    To be honest though, I had gained a whole new level of respect and pride for our Ariella Arida. She did not waiver when pageant enthusiasts from other countries and even some of her very own countrymen attacked her on all fronts. She is such a warrior and she remains a true queen of beauty in my heart. 🙂

    • Sad to say, she did not get all the support from her countrymen. But she managed to stand still and be strong despite the odds. A true winner, a true queen. I think lesson learned, we should always have FAITH and let us all UNITE to reach a common goal. Ara, you made us proud. It was a tough battle and a sweet victory for you, for us, for the philippines!

  72. I guess most of us got two out five in our prediction game. I got two, but in the wrong placement. 😉

    Felicitacion VENEZUELA !!!

    • i got 4… philippines, spain, venezuela and brazil kya lang di ganun ung placement laglag si ukraine. Bkit kya di man lang napasama sa top 16 si poland at russia tapos anong ngyari kay angelina joli? another hard blow for puerto rico.. cguro they expected more than we did. walang black na nkatuntong ng top 16… bkit kaya?

  73. Congratulations Ara! Thank you Norman for your updates! Congratulations to Aces and Queens too!

    • Yup! She expected the win! I thought she did enough too pero in hindsight dinala sa charm and smiles ni Venezuela. May konting lihis rin sagot ni Ara sa tanong actually kasi the question was ‘what can you do to create jobs’ and NOT ‘what will you do to get a job’. May kaibahan yun, right? Although naman non sense din sagot ni Venezuela “conquer your fear so that when you conquer it you’ll be strong” hehe ano nga fear mo? Hehe

      • Tama din po ang sagot ni Ara. How can you create jobs if you don’t have trained and educated manpower? Education is a solution. Perfect example – ang daming english speakers na Pinoy. So the investors thought they should transfer the call center industry to the Philippines from India. Get it? The resources were there first before the jobs.

      • I commented on your post without watching the actual Q&A portion. But now that I have, I will say that she was the only candidate who gave the best answer. They all answered poorly and considering they have the time advantage because of the interpreters. The question they gave Ara was the most difficult because it was very specific. The issue was lack of jobs for “young” people. Ara actually gave the best answer to the question. There is no other answer but to get education. Young people are usually discriminated against because of inexperience. Education indeed is the ticket to success. Wow, I have a new found respect for the girl. You rock Ara!

    • ako napansin ko rin kasi parang di nya ineexpect na 3rd sya kasi narinig nya naman sagot ng 4 at alam nya na she could place higher.. parang minadali ang pagtawag ng winners..di na maganda ang MU criteria for judging di kgaya sa Ms World parang acceptable tlga ang result at desrving ang winners kya cguro ms marami nasali sa Ms World. Parang kinawawa pa si Ara sa nat. costume at evening gown. Dpat wala ng Q & A o di kaya ibalik yong dati na isang tanong lang at pagandahan na lang ng sagot kasi lahat nmn mgganda na.

  74. first to comment. NO OFFENCE to the Venezuelan beauty. But she looks manly and I don’t think she relates well to other people. Im not being patriotic here, but I thought it would be Philippines, Brazil or Spain in the end. Clearly trump had to head back to where he makes money more. In Venezuela.

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