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  1. 3rd Runner Up! Well done Ara! Congratulations Ms. Venezuela. Tight Competition this year!

  2. Sadness. Walang Israel. =(

    At least maraming Asians this year: China, Indonesia, India at Philippines.

  3. I’m a nurse, in the middle of my 4th night shift! I have 1.5 hour of sleep break..but i wont be sleeping!! Hopefully the show isn’t finish by the time i get home!! Good luck miss Ariella Arida!! #forthePhilippines!!!!!!!!!

  4. guys help. wala akong makitang diva and starworld sa cable namin. may nilista ako sa papel na 2 am telecast sa diva channel. na malik mata lang ba ako?

  5. Ariella will be blessed by God and the Holy Spirit will descend on her and she will be triumphant on that stage. She will be crowned Miss Universe 2013!

  6. bud its starting now!!

    LIVE ! from MANAGUA, NICARAGUA The 2013 Miss Universe !!!


    2) FRANCE
    3) ISRAEL
    4) ITALY

  8. “* After a decade “in the dark”, Philippines entered the 2010′s with full power. Its representatives placed in the top 5 in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Will the streak continue? Miss Philippines 2013 never enjoyed as big of a status of favorite that the other three had (aside from in Filipino ran blogs and forums), but she should not be counted out. Her fans are probably voting day and night to secure her a top 16 spot as well! (she does have the most beautiful hair in the competition, #fact).” -by GloabalBeauties

    Ninang, what can you say on this?
    Kala ko ako lang ang basher, yun pala ang GB na world’s renowned pageant site ay magbibitaw ng ganitong statement.
    I can’t understand it, they really love Megan Young, and all of a sudden, here they are.
    But who am I to question them, I’m also a non-believer of Ara, that’s why I’m asking you my dear Ninang.

    • GB-wise, my say on that will remain the same. They simply may not want to hype or put Ariella in a pedestal anymore just to put a lid on the onslaught of Grand Slam-winning Filipinas this year if they can. So far, we’ve already snatched two of their most revered titles. And before the Philippines finally seals its fate as 2013 Country of the Year (which is almost moot and academic considering that we also earned points from MTQI when Cindy made Top 10) they probably want to make sure that another delegate steps in for MU. This is just a speculation, but something that is not really far off in my opinion. And btw, Basil, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some slight changes in the rules of their rankings by January 2014 just to downplay our country’s performance this year. They definitely won’t admit it, but I’m almost sure the consecutive victories of both Mutya Datul and Megan Young left a bitter taste in their mouth, or at least the ones who matter in the group. 😉

    • Hahaha. Funny GB! Si Ara lang naman ang invited sa lahat ng events (save one on that Chi). Ara exceeded her 3 predecessors in that respect. Hindi masyado front runner yan invited sa lahat ng events 🙂

      But ill respect on GB’s choice. To his each own.

      • True!!!

        OMG, really? Favorite lang daw si Ara sa mga Filipino blogs and forums? Hello?! Ang Telemundo, Au IBtimes, etc… Filipino din ba ang heads/ bloggers dyan? They’re making a fool of themselves by downplaying Ara. Obviously they are not objective and fair. For me, their credibility is tainted because of this. Why not give credit where credit is due? What a complete BS.

        GB doesn’t even have a correspondent in Moscow. Too cheap for a site claiming to be global if you ask me. They rely on tips, hearsay, emails from bloggers and other beauty pageant sites then post it up on their site.

        Mas credible pa nga si Dyan Castillejo sa kanila. At least si Dyan nasa Moscow nagco- cover, eh sila? Nga nga lang, wait wait sa email at tips ng mga chismoso at chismosa sa Russia.

  9. i believed…USA crowned ms universe 2012 as a consolation after disaster hit their country ( i just forgot the huricane name),,,,,, im thingking that the world will also think that if ariella wins , it is for the same reason as a simpathy for our nation……… but nevertheless before the typhoon make a mark in the world as greatest typhoon,, ARIELLA ARIDA already made her self , showing to the world that shes the one who deserve to win the crown this year!………….

  10. In 4 hours and somethin’, the excitement will begin.


  11. @Sir Norms manonood po ba kayo ng live? I mean kagaya ng pagsubaybay niyo ng MIss World last time?

  12. Maraming maraming salamat po sa mga suporta po kay Ara. Ang laban nya ay laban din ng sambayanang Pilipino na pagkatapos ng mga kalamidad at pagsubok ay may panibagong bukas na naghihintay, kaya mo yan Ara! God bless the Philippines! Goodnight everyone.

  13. The excitement overwhelms me !!! Even if i decide to go to bed earlier before the MU final, I just know I can’t sleep. So, it’s better be awake ! Mag-login na lng akitch sa Misso…para makipag-bangayan against sa mga bashers ni Ara para gising ang diwa ko, whilst waiting for 2:00 a.m. tsar 😉

  14. I’m about to sleep and hope to wake up later at 2am with great news. Nightie everyone!

  15. Maraming salamat, Norman! Alam mo, ang galing talaga ng blog na ito pati siyempre ang blogger!

  16. thanks for this sir norman. i hope she makes it. God bless her. we all need an uplifting news. a sense of hope at these times.

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