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  1. Finishing THIRD RUNNER-UP for Philippines is not bad at all! Congrats Ariella , you made us really proud in your journey!

  2. Ara is the most facially beautiful compared to our past 3 candidates (Venus, Shamcey & Janine).
    She may not have a Cum Laude but she is the class Valedictorian of her high school and
    She graduated from BS Chemistry at the University of the Philippines- Los Banos with honors.
    She has the determination, hard-work and resilience of a winner!


  3. It’s about time we all TRUSTED Ariella Hernandez Arida. From the time she set her feet on the ground of Moscow, she has been exerting all her efforts and has done even more that what we could ask for. Trash all our worries and continue bringing/sending good vibes.

    Relax and enyoy the show in a while…

    #For the Philippines

  4. Dami sinasabi Mommy D! Pasuntok kita kay Manny dyan para makatulog ka! Sabing positive vibes ONLY! Peace Aling Dionesia! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kuya Norman, malakas po ang paniniwala namin na si Miss Philippines na ang magwawagi sa Miss Universe sa taong ito. God bless Ara Arida and Philippines!

  6. Nakakaloka last tweet ni Jonas, hindi daw siya kinakabahan ngayon compared sa previous years. ๐Ÿ˜

      • Yey! Kaya ang confident ni Norman maglagay kay Ara sa #1. Last year ayaw nga nya ilagay si Janine sa top. Hehe

        Norman, share naman dyan ng mga pang pa good vibes ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. i’m a bit concerned with the rehearsals vid because ara’s position for the evening gown is something that the choreographers can just replace during the event in case she makes the cut. and previous editions would show that the ladies in such critical positions in the choreography are those who missed the cut. i hope i am wrong. i really hope so.

  8. See…..pinagmmeetingan na kung sino ang ipapanalo….hehehehe ….this is all about politics for entertainment and business…. I hope our ARA is one of those pics…..lol

    Thumbs up pa rin ako sa pageant ni aling julia….โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘‘

    • Parang yung Ice Princess picture ni Ara yung nasa gitna. Tapos andyan rin si South Africa in EG. Then meron din nakaYellow so si Ara or Puerto Rico lang yan. Andyan rin si Emin Agalarov and we know Top 7 nya si Ara.

      If gusto ni DT sumikat he can crown Ara then next week sabay na sila puntang Tacloban & Bohol… tapos sabay photo-op na for Century Trump Tower “bagyo or lindol matibay na building to.. bili na!” Hehehe

      Praying for the Philippines na nasawi sa lindol few weeks ago, and sa hagupit ni Aling Yolly kahapon. Praying for Ara na rin na pagpalarin manalo!

      • Posibly po yang iniisip mo Mr. Trump is a buniness so hindi nya papayagan ei let down ang pinoy sa ngayon dahil ongoing pa ata ang project nya sa pinas……

  9. http://cdnapi.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/openGraph/wid/0_hj475wsv

    This pageant is really politics…..kahit ano pa itsura ng candidate pag ikaw ang bet ni papang DT sure win na!!! Olivia culpo is reallyhis favorite….swerte pa rin ni janine kc sya ang 1st runner up tho shes the deserving one….pero favorite eh….after her throne talagang bibigyan pa ng show si olivia via DT…..so ang labanan pagalingan ng pag sipsip kay DT…lol

    I hope ara will win!!hehehe โ˜บ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘‘

    • Maganda at deserving rin si Olivia. Yes maaring in that final round mukhang si Janine nga nakalamang pero let go na. Mamya yung 3rd crown ng Pinas hindi last year ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Agree Maria Isabel Lopeeez … Like you are suddenly attacked in this blog got expressing a different opinion…

    • Cool Ka Lang ate Maria Isabel Lupa less than 24 hours and we will how Ara does. I will be very happy if she wins. I do agree … There is no room here for differing opinions. Sorry Norms but this blog has lost it’s objectivity. Thanks for your hard work though

  11. Ara you can do it. Ara has the innocent charm which Venus, Shamcey, and Janine lack. All these three women no doubt are confident and gorgeous, but Ara has the inexplicable charm and the most tantalizing eyes.

    We believe in you Ara.

    Unat ang buhok ha! Ipakita ang gandang Pilipina! Haba ng hair! Sumusunod sa galaw hahaha

  12. Bakit ba di nalang gumawa ng sariling blog itong mga nega na to at doon sila magtirahan ang magsiraan nang kung sino man ang gusto nilang tirahin at siraan!? Bakit pa ba nila kinailangan manggulo ng blog na puro positivism at optimism naman obviously ang mga naka publish!? Hindi ko maintindihan kung anong klaseng pag uugali meron tong mga to. Hindi ata kumpleto araw nila kung hindi nakakasira ng araw ng iba. Lakas ng inferiority complex… umaalingasaw.

  13. kung kelan malapit na yung pageant saka naman umaariba tong mga baklang mapanlait. hahay!

  14. HI guys! Tama na ang negativity!!! let’s just think positive thoughts na lang. If it’s meant for Ara to be in Top 16, then let’s all rejoice! But if not, it’s ok, at least Ara represented us so well this year. Whatever happens to Ara tomorrow morning is God’s will!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. YESTERDAY! Philippines conquer the world,, TODAY! worlds greatest typhoon โ€œyolandaโ€ strikes the Philippines,, TOMMOROW! ariela arida with the whole FILIPINO nations will top the universe!

  16. As Ara said before: ” Whatever happens , it’ God’s will for her. ”. Win or not, she has already made her mark to the world. So proud her already even at this stage of the competition. May God bless her & guide her more.

  17. Hanga ako sa isang tao dito, andaming identities-maria isabel, mau, cruellodeville, basil, etc- para lang maipaabot kung gaano siya kagaling..hanay-hanay lang, at di natin alam, magka-aneurism ka o ma-stroke walang nakakaalam.

    Kasi ayun, yung kasambahay mo palihim na ginagamit broadband mo habang nag-che-cheer kay Ara…

    • pa napoles-socially relevant-relevant ka pa hahahahahahahahaha…and I thought this retard was clever…hala, ilabas mo yung ibang identities mo! ingat lang, malapit-lapit ng pumutok yang isang ugat sa ulo mo…hahahahaha..THE END.

    • #Andrew. Let’s find out! Easy enough to do. We can trace their IPRs, publish it and then let Karma and the internet world give these Trolls a taste of their own medicine – only it’ll be in real life and not in their internet fantasy world where they think there are no consequences for bad, ignorant behavior.

      • One more comment from these trolls and I will reveal the address, identity and even the contact number of each one of them!

  18. Magupisa ka ng magklap ngayon pa lang! Dahil mmya clapper kang bongga bongga sabay talon kase ipapasa ni ara yung nexus crown para mafeel mo rin ang korona!!!

  19. I wish Ara the best but I’m afraid we are hyping her too much. Please be realistic guys. Let’s hope but prepare for the worst. Somehow I feel she will be this year’s Bodine Keller. Tipped to win but does not make semis๐Ÿ˜ž I hope I’m wrong but it’s just a guy feel….

    • Shut the hell up and go bite your toenails in the corner somewhere!!! Chakahhh ang negaaa

    • “guy” feel lang pala eh hehe peace! Kabado ka lang Venus halos lahat ng 90M filipinos gusto manalo cya. Normal lang yan naramdaman mo. Panalo yan mamya! Puso! Tiwala!

  20. What time is the LIVE telecast of the show? ABS CBN said that it will be aired live on ANC and Velvet on Nov 10 at 2 AM and encore telecast on ABS at 9am. BUT the Miss Universe website says it will be aired LIVE on November 9 at 9PM Eastern time – that is 10AM Philippine time and 6AM Russian time on Nov 10. I’m confused. Help Tito Norman.

    • Josh, the live show will be 2 AM in the Phils. NBC in US will not have a live telecast. The 9 PM is a delayed telecast. In other words we already know the winner when NBC airs the show by then.

    • I agree. We should not believe sa mga reviews na yan sa IB Times at yang bago na Latin Times. Wait na lang tayo mamaya sa finals at mag pray!

  21. ang saya panuorin! tumalsik cellphone ni ara!

    Goodluck Queen Ara! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Next CNN Headline: Strongest tropical cyclone on record landed the Philippines, Ms. Universe 2013 Crown landed on Ms. Philippines too!

    All the best and best of luck Ara!

  23. All I’m gonna say is–everything is pointing in the right direction and I cannot stop praying!!

    Everything comes in 3

    2 miss universes–

    2 crowns this year so far–

    2 major calamities earthquake and Yolanda–

    Third is Ara winning Miss Universe 2013

    Again prayers move mountains so let’s continue to pray for her victory #forthephilippines

  24. Missosology’s list came out and they’ve picked Israel as the one to beat. Globalbeauties on the other hand chose the coward’s path of explaining their list as based on ‘personal favourites’- lame! The latter shouldn’t be in the business of being beauty experts when they don’t even bother making an objective assessment. If we wanted a list of personal favourites, we could just troll the message boards for any Tom, Dick and Harry’s picks. Anyways, the point I’m making is how unpredictable this year’s edition is. Anyone could claim it- so let’s claim it! If it’s anyone’s game, let it be Ara’s game. And she’s ready knowing that an entire country- minus the irrevocably retarded and you know who you are- is well and truly behind her.

    • I also feel that Israel can be this year’s winner for tons of reasons. My Top 16 are as follows:

      1. Philippines
      2. Spain
      3. Israel
      4. Puerto Rico
      5. Venezuela

      6. Russia
      7. Ukraine
      8. Poland
      9. Australia
      10. France

      11. Brazil
      12. Myanmar
      13. Indonesia
      14. Great Britain
      15. India
      16. Panama

    • I don’t think Miss Israel will win Miss Universe. As we all know Donald Trump is a Republican and Titi Aynaw is a great supporter of Obama who is a Democrat. Have you guys forgotten the Birth certificate fiasco of Obama which was released by Donald Trump? Titi will not place. That is for sure.

    • Get the hell out of here–you’re in a wrong site doll KSP ka!!! You feel the need to be negative to rain in people’s parade!!

      Cry in your little corner you loser

  25. Norman, just a question. Ara is undeniably one of the top favorites this year. What do you think happened to 2010 favorite Miss Malaysia and 2012 favorite Miss Puerto Rico? I’m just a bit concerned to honest.

      • Hahaha….sana lang sisterette ko nga para naman na ambunan ako ng onti pang height.
        In fair…kiliting kiti mama ko sa post mong to….

      • O isa ka pa….
        ano va? di ba kayo marunong nung tinatawag na comprehension?
        Malamang kasama sya…hindi ba kayo na suspense at alphabetican yung order then he skipped to letter R for Russia? Little did I know he’d include Ara at the bottom under fan vote cause I was really under the impression that the fan vote would be with Myanmar.

        Seriously guys….you’re soooo making me think you’re getting paranoid it’s making you look well…Stupid

    • Hunghang nagegets mo ba yung word na MEDYO? Meaning ninerbyos ako nung di ko makita Philippines at palagi tong minemention ni Manany Nick. Malamang nag scroll down ako. Bobita ba naman ako to post and make saw saw here na hindi ko alam mga pinag she-share ko?

      Hala may araw na…mag sampay ka na!

    • hihi bakit nag rerely ka sa sinasabi ko?
      stupid kaya nga sinabi ko medyo kinabahan ako malaman nawala kaba ko nung nakita ko si ara sa dulo…and my dear…ang comprehension ibig sabihin pag intindi. kung binasa mo nga ng buo at di mo naintindiahn katulad ng short post ko – eh ikaw pianak malaking BOBA! hahah or BOBO (lalaki ka i’m sure hahaha…)

  26. any links for live streaming where we can watch the coronation later? tnx
    #for the Philippines

  27. Boto lang ng boto. Todo na lahat ng suporta para swak na swak. Pasok tiyak si Ariella pero mas mainam na yong nakakasiguro. Para sa ating lahat ang biyaya. Boto na tayong lahat!

  28. maliit talaga ang kanang mata nya, pag makapal ang eye shadow at 3 patong ng falsies, lalong liliit.

  29. Magkakaaman na mamaya kung kaninong pukelia ang pinakamahalimuyak at kung kanino mamumugad ang pototoy ni Donald Duck.

  30. Hagreeng hagree ako. dapat ang peg for her freshness ang glow. ang lamig ata sa russia so dapat lutang na lutang pagka morena nya. well moistured na skin para di mukang dry, hindi yung sang damakmak na muk-up. easy on the eyeliner kase ang sharp na ng features ni manay ara. i soften nalang nila. nagbabasa kaya yan sila ng mga handlers nya ng mga comments natin? sana naman. we mean well….para rin talaga yan sa ika-uusad nya sa pageant. yung q & a kase on her own na yun. wala na tayong saw saw dun. GOODLUCK ARA! Di mo man mauwi yung crown (still hoping though) pero ramdam ko that you really hustled!

  31. PEOPLE!!!! PWEDE PA BUMOTO!!!!!!

  32. bud? the air is so thick, you can cut it with a butter knife. It’s getting closer.
    heart pounding>> lub dub, lub dub, lub dub, lub dub.
    It’s like waiting for that mail to arrive that bears the news if you got accepted to college, and you wait and you wait.

    tic tac tic tac tic tac ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s like waiting for papa bear to arrive, you’ve prepared for this all day long, an hour of bathing, cleaning all the tunnels,instructing presious pussy to control it’s muscles, positioning on the wall, with pussy’s hole facing the door, only to find out that papa bear will not come home, because papa bear is now a mama bear too.
      Too bad, you end up fingering.

  33. Norms, I had a vision. I think MUO will crown an ‘imperfect’ candidate to show the humanity of the pageant.

    • Lahat ng kandidata ay imperpekto. Kaya malaking palaisipan naman yang pasabog mo. Anong humanity naman kaya yang sinasabi mo? May hayop bang kasama sa kanila?

  34. The diamond Nexus crown is within reach if Ara has a ready answer to this final question: How do you handle pressure of winning Ms Universe in your country? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • @ I with you : I have hope of Ara to be in the Top 5 but I’m also worry about the question to be thrown at her. What if the question goes like this also: ‘If the man who loves you, that you know already from the beginning, is ‘gay’ and want to marry you, will you marry him’ ? ? ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Kung si Korea ang pambato mo, dapat ngang nerbiyosin ka. Kung ako sayo, alas sais pa lang matulog ka na. Hindi mo na kailangang manood baka ka lang madismaya. Ingatan mo nga pala ang BP mo ha.

  35. Yeah, kung gusto mong ganyan na beauty (Miss Czech Rep), napaka common na beauty dito sa amin.. Ang daming mukhang ganyan sa trabajo ko dito, ako lang kasi and Pinoy. Punta ka dito sa amin – Roanoke, Virginia. Samantala si Ara, pati dito maging standout. Sabi ng mga co workers ko na puti, napakaganda daw. Ang ganda daw ng skin, para daw si Nicole Scherzinger.

  36. I’d usually prefer curly hair or a bun for her, but WOW is she stunning in that photo! She’s glowing! She’s definitely ready to show the Universe what the Filipino’s are made of!


  37. See, she look gorgeous with her hair down, now her gown look stunning after ironing, good luck ara be the philippines 3rd ms.universe!!

    • Natawa naman ako sa iyo, atse. Hindi ako mahusay mag-Ingles pero alam kong may mali sa sinulat mo. At anong bagong plantsa ang pinagsasabi mo, kuha po yan sa rehearsal bago magprelims. Naku po ang dami ditong masyadong magaling. Tagalugin na lang ninyo ang mga reklamo ninyo. Hindi ko talaga alam kung anong klase ang suporta ninyo.

  38. Ang daming reklamo, pwede ba sumuporta na lang kayo., kaya puro pintas at pangit ang nasasabi ng iba dito e kasi yun mismo ang nakikita nila pag humaharap sila sa salamin. tsk tsk.

  39. Ilang oras na lang at itatanghal na ang ating reyna kaya itigil na ninyo ang pagrereklamo. Imuni-muni na lang ninyo ang itsura niya habang siya y kinokoronahan. Eh di panalong-panalo pa, di ba?

  40. Nakakatuwa ka naman. Ang hilig-hilig mong gumawa ng eksena gamit ang iba’t ibang pangalan. Nag-iisa ka lang alam mo yan. Siguro wala ka na namang nakaing agahan. Magtanong ka sa kapitbahay baka mayroon silang tira. Kahit kaning-baboy patulan mo na kaysa naman mamilipit ka sa gutom diyan. Malapit na nga pala ang akinse, huwag mong kalimutan yong sangkaterbang utang mo ha. Ilang taon ka na ring hindi nakakabayad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Mukhng npakalaking threat ni riza sa crown im afraid bka kla nila khit cnu sa knila dalawa ni Ara manalo magiging masaya ang mga pinoys oh no

    • nakow…wa ako ma say kay riza kundi nalalaspagan nako na byooti nya. parang gamit na gamit…ikot naikot na sa pageant circle.di nyo ba narinig yung comment on her? she won a reality show daw and has since been doing charity work for children in the philippines. something like that. weh…di nga? nanalo ba sya pbb? or may sinalihan pa ba yang reality show?

  42. She looks fresh in this video – Light make up works10x better for her.

    Why can’t she look like this during the prelims??? She had on TOO MUCH make up, too much falsies and WTF is up with the colored contacts??? She looked tired, dry and OLD during prelims.

    • Who ever did her make up during the prelims deserves a sabunot !

      Also… She looks really good in gold and shiny dresses.

    • Agree! Ara has such a beautiful face,no need to bury it under too much make-up, falsies or those contacts. Why don’t her handlers realize this?

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