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  1. Ok… so I’ve submitted my top 5 to Kuya Norm. It’s out there, with the exception as Ara as my Miss Universe but why not? MU is always full of surprises so I thought, why not make my list full of surprises? And here it is:

    Miss Universe – Miss Philippines
    2. Spain
    3. Ukraine
    4. Czech Republic
    5. Poland

    Top 10
    6. USA
    7. Venezuela
    8. Korea
    9. Turkey
    10. Great Britain

    Sweet 16
    11. Austria
    12. Swizerland
    13. Haiti
    14. Tanzania
    15. Azerbaijan
    16. Mayanmar

    A bit out there, but why not? πŸ™‚

    • Of course… this might be closer to what actually happens:

      Miss Universe – Miss Philippines
      2. Ukraine
      3. Spain
      4. Venezuela
      5. USA

      Top 10
      6. Puerto Rico
      7. Israel
      8. Korea
      9. Russia
      10. Great Britain

      Sweet 16
      11. Turkey
      12. Switzerland
      13. Haiti
      14. Australia
      15. Azerbaijan
      16. Mayanmar

  2. can anyone share information about the live streaming of miss universe. link please πŸ™‚ appreciate it…..

    3RD – PANAMA
    4TH – SPAIN

    TOP 10

    TOP 16


  4. When I watched Ara’s “Good Morning” vid with her miss U barkada (spain, ukraine, Poland) on IG,I felt these will be my sure top 5 (I include PR “the fierce contrabida in this batch”). Its either Ara vs Poland/PR for d crown.

  5. Hi Norman,

    This is my first time to address my curiosity on a CONTEST which make me interest on saying that i also did a list after knowing that Philippines have already GRAB the Two Titles is the most prestigious competition in the World in the World which is the Miss World & Miss Supranational… Moreover i think that Philippines can also make the Miss Universe this time after 1973…. As per the History…

    Well i can say that more Asian Beauties will now make the TOP 5 on this year Miss Universe Competition…

    On My List:
    1. Miss Philippines
    2. Miss Indonesia
    3. Miss Myanmar
    4. Miss Spain
    5. Miss Russia

    6. Miss USA
    7. Miss Thailand
    8. Miss Mexico
    9. Miss Venezuela
    10. Miss Puerto Rico

    Those are my TOP Favorites ……

  6. Hi mama norms.. Just want to ask. Is madam SMA in Russia to witness Ara’s crowning moment? 😊 Thanks for your reply..

  7. Now that our country’s respected beauty analyst had spoken, let me share what my eyes have come up with…

    Everyone here probably knows who my pick is for the coveted Diamond Nexus Crown as I have already made a firm choice as to who will be crowned prior to the arrival of the aspirants in Moscow. And I would not blame anyone if they accuse me of being bias or being nationalistic. But was I really bias or nationalistic? NEITHER!

    Since I am 4,482 nautical miles away from the event, it is damn obvious that I cannot physically evaluate anyone of them and that’s when the chosen judges have more edge over me (us) because they meet each candidate up close and personal. There is no way they will be deceived by the power of Photoshop and the scripted clips that flood different video sites.

    Obviously I have to depend much on the images and videos uploaded by the official site as their input are more candid and therefore closer to reality. The high definition video covering the preliminary competition has certainly helped me in determining my Top 5 not to mention that the sponsors’ choices had made an impactful advantage points in favour of the candidates. After all, they won’t be chosen if they don’t have enough spark.

    In the swimsuit competition, the catwalk execution and the body proportion from head down to the Chinese Landry shoes were the leading factors for my judgement whilst grace and projection were the deciding factors during the evening gown. The swimsuit style and the elegance of the gown has very little bearing but I must admit that the latter works effectively to those candidates whose facial beauty are not stunning enough.

    And here’s my Top 5…

    Miss Universe is Miss Philippines. I believe that Ariella Hernandez Arida is destined to win. Albeit the many obstacles that continue to bar her from reaching the crown, her stars remain outshining them. I can’t help but imagine the beauty experts around the globe who have totally eliminated her in their respective lists — they have been scratching their heads to great disbelief. The more they discredit her, the more her stars glowingly shine. And those experts and judges who had met her in Moscow have only one thing to say. She is the frontrunner.

    And first-runner up is Miss Ukraine. Politics didn’t play a role when I have decided that Miss Olga Storozenko as the runner-up. Her angelic facial beauty is her defense and she knows how to catch attention. If AHA is not in this competition, she will definitely be most victorious.

    Second runner-up is Miss Spain. Who cannot resist the charm of Patricia Rodriguez. Everybody loves her. She is beautiful. She seems very friendly. The web is full of her pictures because she is the safest choice. Not that she does not deserve the crown but her armor is not strong enough to dethrone Ariella and Olga.

    Third runner-up is Miss Great Britain. Amy Willerton knows how to pull a surprise. She is no ordinary English celebrity. She is a fighter and she may even be able to give the best Q&A but she knows that it is not enough to get that crown.

    Fourth runner-up goes to Miss Panama. Miss Carolina Brid I must say is IT amongst Latinas. Her popularity might have been overshadowed by the top producers of Miss Universe in that region. But her statuesque beauty towers them all. She looks most natural.

    Possible dark horses for top five would be Misses Israel, Poland, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the USA. These five I believe are the mot hyped in this competition and therefore complete my Top 10.

    It’s just me… my humble but firm observation. πŸ˜‰

  8. Hindi ko hilig ang Miss Universe. Wala akong pakialam kung sino mananalo. Dati yun. Pero ngayun bakit di ko mapigilan. Vote ako ng Vote kay Ara. Sana manalo sya kasi ngayun ko lang ginawa ko sa buhay ko. Go Ara!

  9. It’s a very good list indeed. I love that you put our Ariella on top and without batting an eyelash. As someone has pointed out, she is the most polarizing candidate this year or in recent years. It’s either she’s in or she’s out of the list, no ifs and buts. Of course, she is my top favorite to win the crown. This girl deserves it. It would be the sweetest victory.

    I’m not going to make a list but let me just say I am partial to natural beauties and underdogs who can surprise come judgment day. I love Spain, France, USA, Vietnam, Korea (although I’ve read she has done some cosmetic enhancement), Tanzania, Nicaragua, Poland, Great Britain, Haiti, Czech Republic, Colombia, and India. I’m not in awe of Latina beauties. Having lived in New York City for a dozen years now, I’ve seen their type everywhere. I must admit they all have come prepared to do battle, and I tip my hats off to Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Brazil as they know their game plan very well.

    Anything can happen on November 9 as it is not Miss Universe for nothing. But if there’s one thing I’m certain, it is going to be one heck of a wild ride.

    If I may add, however inappropriate, the super typhoon Yolanda (one of the strongest ever recorded in history) is making headlines here in the US and the Philippines is on top of the news everywhere. This is predicted to be a major disaster. I’m sure MU judges will be aware of this. And maybe, just maybe, they will think of Ariella this Saturday. Lest I offended anyone, I say that without malice. I’m praying for the safety of everyone back home. Another calamity, another suffering. But like the others before it, this too shall pass. God bless the Philippines!

    Thank you Kuya Norms for all your insights and expertise. (btw, I love writing and I love beauty pageants and maybe I can be of help if you decide to semi-retire hehe) Here’s wishing everyone a happy Miss Universe viewing this weekend!

  10. Hello Norman,

    I love your choices, but you are discounting the fact that Philippines may enter the semifinals (and win) because of politics as well. Let’s face it, Philippines winning Miss World this year is a politically charged event. When Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup placed in Miss Universe, Gwendolyn Ruais, out of nowhere suddenly placed as first runner-up, and with Janine Tugonon almost taking the Miss Universe crown last year, Julia Morley will not let her second-rate pageant lose viewers, so obviously making Philippines win is a way to get all eyes (especially the Filipinos) on her pageant.

    Arida is amazing, but she will place because Trump knows how much she is being talked about, she is one of the most buzzed candidates this year despite being the weakest Filipina as compared to Venus, Shamcey and Janine. Every country is looking out for the Philippine delegate this year, after Venus put back the country in the map. She is a Trump pick as much as Ukraine is.

    • You are making it seem like that the ladies you mentioned didn’t deserve their victories, especially Megan Young. We can all speculate but we can never really tell what went on, is going on, and will go on during the judging. I hate to rain on your theory because really the decision ultimately is the sum of all the circumstances happening at that moment, be it politics, personal choices, bias, and luck, in my opinion.

    • i think you haven’t seen these girls in PERSON that’s why you made that conclusion that Ara is the weakest. so any comments w/o proper backup cannot be considered as a fact.

    • Too much bitterness in this statement. Megan and the others did not deserve the crown/placement??? Shamcey and the successors did not deserve the placement?? YOu got to be kiddin me.

      If you think that Ariella is not beautiful then comapre her to Miss Venezuela Mariangel Ruiz who finished first runner-up in Miss Universe and I swear Ariella looks 5 times better than her with make-up and without so don’t go here saying that non of the other Filipina beauty queens deserved what they got Shame on you.

    • She has a name you know? If you can refer to our other reps by their first names, why not with her? Just curious, since in your post, it was only Ara and Mr. Trump that you cited through their last names.

    • Whether politics has a factor or not, girls who wear the Philippines sash are known to WORK THEIR ASS OFF just to prove their worth in the pageant world. From toning their bodies to practicing their pasarelas/projection and Q&A.

  11. Ara is strikingly beautiful in that last photo above. Reminds me of Disney Princess Pocahontas.

    If weather lore is any predictor, (as was in Megan’s case) then super typhoon Yolanda augurs a whopping win for Miss Philippines.

    • beach, so how many people will have to suffer, lose their homes, or even die because of this super typhoon just so it could augur a whopping win for Ara? Really? Think about what you’re saying man! No beauty title is worth that much! Sheesh!

      • @queen: Right. Amazing the thought processes of some people. I mean even to partly welcome the news of a super typhoon coz it might predict a possible victory in a beauty pageant is really SICK. I enjoy Miss Universe like the rest of the folks here, but c’mon, people’s lives and property are at stake here. To even sort of anticipate an effin typhoon just because it could mean Miss Philippines might win is so insensitive to those affected by this natural calamity. SHAME!

    • What’s the hullabaloo? I read and understand what he says. No more, no less.

  12. If it’s true that Brazil is being considered as a possible host country next year, it’s very possible Brazil might penetrate top 5.

    • There’s also a story going around that IF Miss Ukraine wins the title, its billionaire national franchise holder Oleksandra Nikolayenko is committed to hosting the pageant in Kiev in 2015 or 2016, as well as help expand the TV telecast of MU in Eastern Europe. She is currently in Moscow in “talks” with Donald and the MUO… not sure how much truth there is to this story though. But in truth, among all the franchise holders Oleksandra is the most financially equipped to make this kind of commitment, so yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this rumor were even partly true. That is why I have Miss Ukraine locked in my top 5.

      • @ima. WOW. That sounds like a game changer.

        So a possible top 5 could end up as (in random order):


        I guess I had to throw Russia in there especially since President Putin is rumored to be at the finals. Him you don’t want to piss off…

  13. Can somebody update me about the super typhoon there? Can somebody tell me how high the flooding as of this moment around the Visayas?


  14. My Top 16:

    16. France
    15. Israel
    14. Indonesia
    13. Czech Republic
    12. Tanzania
    11. Great Britain
    10. Bolivia
    09. Puerto Rico
    08. Panama
    07. Ukraine
    06. Korea
    05. Spain
    04. Brazil
    03. Philippines
    02. Poland
    01. Switzerland

    Girls I think can make the top 16, but aren’t on my list:

    Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.

  15. From 2008 to 2012 lahat ng nanalong Miss Universe ay nagtatapos sa letter “A” ang kanilang first name.

    2008 – DayanA Mendoza
    2009 – StephaniA Fernandez
    2010 – XimenA Navarrete
    2011- LeilA Lopes
    2012 – OliviA Culpo
    2013- walang iba cyempre si AriellA Arida

    Lalayo pa ba tayo eh meron din tayong GloriA Diaz at MargaritA Moran na parehong nagtatapos sa letter “A” ang 1st name. Kaya for our 3rd crown sa Miss Universe- AriellA Arida.

    Mula nung Miss World 2013 until now eh nahook na talaga ako sa blogs mo. Nakakaadik ang magbasa na naging everyday habit ko na rin.Palagi akong nagaabang kung ano ang susunod mong ihahain sa iyong mga tagasubaybay kasi para siyang pagkain na matatakam ka at pag natikman mo na eh ayaw mong tigilan dahil sa sarap na iyong nalalasap.

  16. Yesss! That Miss Ukraine. Now she’s a real goddess! Her face screams “Miss Universe”! Not like some others…. whose face screams “que horror, ayayayayay, andale!!” jajajajajaja!!!

  17. 2013 MU Top 5
    Miss Universe: Philippines
    1st Runner-up: Spain
    2nd Runner-up: USA
    3rd Runner-up: Puerto Rico
    4th Runner-up: Ukraine

    Top 10

    Top 16
    Great Britain


  18. Norman, reading your blogs each day for quite sometime now since the time i discovered this online has been a source of silent entertainment for myself…though creating and putting a blog each day is no joke i presume. Not to mention the fact that you have to deal with bullies and psychopaths that lurk obsessively just to take a pounce each time the barrier is wide open…pathetic! A part of me now is crying inside, no kidding, by your abrupt decision to go low next time, because reading your blog has been a part of my daily routine for the longest time. Sad, but i respect your decision. Thanks, though i’m certain you’re still going to be around…

  19. Sir Norman.. Is it true that our bet Ariella Arida has won Miss Photogenic? I saw it in MU Wkipedia. Please Confirm.. Thank you

      • Really? Miss Photogenic? Waz probably put up there by a desperate Ara fan I prezooom… jajajaja! Careful, she’ll end up like Anna Licaros who won that “prestigious” award… jajajaja!!!!

  20. Looking at the picture above showing your top 5 (Philippines, Spain, Ukrain, Puerto Rico and venezuela), It is Ukraine that posed a different angle, the other girls have the same. Could she be the girl? Huwag po…

  21. Bold prediction to put Ara on top. Others would say this smacks of nationalism. Ara is so far the only candidate since venus that is polarizing among top picks from other so-called experts. She’s either in or out of their top 16 post prelims. How would you analyza that?

    • Actually, I don’t want to intellectualize too much into the disparity of predictions for Ara. There are simply too many nagging factors the other predictors considered in weighing in their choices, least of which are the infamous interview with Karen Davila at the onset, the ‘alleged’ friction with the Latinas, what foreign analysts would silently consider the Philippines already reaching its quota for international pageant wins this year and more. I decided not to be influenced by any of these anymore. The only fact that helped in putting our bet on top (aside from her performance during Prelims) is the good record we have established with MUO to date. I’m not saying that we get special treatment. Our reps simply get easily noticed and almost always singled out ahead of the rest. πŸ™‚

  22. These are my top 16 in alphabetical order in terms of facial beauty (eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, facial shape and contour): Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam. For the most fine complexion and most fine body shape, there is only one: Philippines. Let’s wait for the interview portion.

  23. Glad to see Ariella and Riza the last two candidates standing after the 2nd runner-up was announced!

  24. Last year, no one could do anything about the political pick (the non-confident, boobs-popping-out contestant who ironically thought she was in a Disney film rather than at the Miss Universe). Everyone knew that the exotic-looking and more intelligent 1st RU should have won, but that’s just the way things are…

  25. si miss canada halos ginaya si megan young from her gown to hair do. wala lang…just saying!

    • Inggitira kc talaga yan si Riza Santos. I mean, she and Ara are roomies but we don’t hear anything from Ara if they are close (although it doesn’t mean they are in bad terms). But Janine’s roommate last year Miss Indonesia is her closest and it should be in most cases if you are roommates right? I still believe that Riza is jealous of all the attention Ara is getting. No wonder Ara is always seen with the Latinas and Miss Spain. Speaking of the latter, the more I keep on looking at her pictures and poses, the more I see how Miss Universe material she is.

      Philippines, Spain and Israel are now my final Top 3 favorites!!!!

  26. GB has released their final scores and ranking and guess what? Philippines is at number 30. Wtf.

    • GB’s prediction list are always or most of the time WRONG. Who cares what they say, they lost all respect and influence. I stopped going to their website long time ago.

      • I’m just wondering why their anti-Philippines sentiment is all over the place this year when they have placed Philippines in their top 5 list in 2010 to 2012.

    • GB is always wrong!
      Why bother visiting their website?!
      They can’t even explain their picks based on what’s really going on…

  27. Whether or not Ara brings home the crown she is a winner already. She has participated in most MU activities that other candidates would have died for -global beauties can eat their heart out! Whilst her participation does not guarantee the nexus crown, it has opened doors for her to fulfil what she’s meant to do. Science combined with beauty, hard work and luck …who knows what the future holds for her. One thing I do know, she has a strong name and strong planets in her chart, the world is her oyster!

    • @Hi Abigail…if you won’t mind, may I humbly extend my unsolicited suggestion. For us to maximize the positive vibes in this forum and to generate more engaging energies that we can project and connect to the overall aura of Ara, perhaps we can refrain from using unwanted words such as “not”. What I mean is: Your statement is generally very positive, however, the good vibes that it wants to impart is being stippled by your use of the premise “Whether of not…” You can perfectly start your sentence by starting it with “She is a winner!”. I am sure it makes a lot of difference. That will become now a more powerful statement pulsating with infectious positive vibes. Thanks.

      • I stand corrected. Sorry, I forgot your positive vibes now….but I must say you just can’t help it can you? Were you born under the Virgo sign by any chance?

      • Sorry, no offense to many Virgo readers because like any signs Virgo has many positive qualities as well as not…oops here we go again. peace..dili lang ta maglalis kay gabagyo ra ba sa Visayas, igo ra ba ang akong ciudad nga natawhan!

  28. Mananalo yn c Ara Sa q and a galingan lng nya. Maybe gusto ng Architec ng Crocus city hall na cya manalo kapangalan nya kaya c ara almost. nkita ko pa nman cya nanood noong prelim. Just a thought who knows that her fortune sabi nga ni margie Moran swertihn lng yn

  29. Thanks for being very brave in publishing your fearless forecast. I imagine the amount of time/effort/research that you put into this. While I don’t claim to have skills in predicting pageants, I have always earnestly hoped that Philippines will win this year. Aside from being Filipino, and Ara being a schoolmate, I saw through this blog her colorful journey from the time she won BBP upto today. And to my delight, she delivered much more than I expected. She did not get the same amount of adoration and approval (from her fellow countrymen, which is quite irksome) as Megan Young did but she did not yield. She studied her battle so well, did her homework, and gave us a all a good show. She was a league of her own. And mind you, THE Venus-Shamcey-Janine was a tough act to follow, that at some point I doubted she would perform at least at par with the three. But she proved me wrong. And that’s what I loved most about her, she kept on proving doubters wrong. πŸ™‚

    As for your retirement, I hope you are not too serious about it. Really. I admit I wasn’t a fan of pageants until Shamcey’s reign. After the ruckus on Venus, and Shamcey’s emergence, there was no turning back for me. I have avidly followed your blog since and I always (almost addicted-ly) check for updates during BBP season, Miss Universe season, and from now on, Miss World season. Such is the influence you emanate to people, esp. to me. So please, please, reconsider. πŸ™‚

    But if indeed you will decide to lie low, I want to say THANK YOU, NORMAN for sharing your passion, for giving your readers your often fearless, expert, and careful judgment, and for providing an avenue to showcase pageantry and a positive limelight for these pageant contestants and winners, which they very much deserve.


    • Semi-retirement for me would mean less coverage and more focus on magazine type of pageant articles. The pressure is not as intense, but still rewarding. πŸ˜‰

      • Sir Norman, do you have any Protege or someone doing Apprenticeship, somebody who is a Survivor like you and who has that X Factor to be the Voice of the Philippines in beauty pageants? …Someone who is a Talentadong Pinoy to take that Extra Challenge to inherit what you have been passionately doing? That heir apparent to your throne will surely become another Star in a Million.

      • Oh my, I never thought of having one or mentoring a promising enthusiast just yet. But if there are any interested takers, I will seriously look into it. πŸ˜‰

      • Okay, so I overreacted with the word “-retirement”. πŸ™‚

        But still, we’ll be reading less of you. But anyhoo, that’s on the condition of Ara winning the crown. I guess it’s not a bad trade. πŸ™‚

  30. Great Blog Norman! Totally respect your choices, but with a decision to go into semi-retirement if Philippines wins? Makes me think and be selfish as reading your blg has been a good daily habit. I hope politics didn’t play a role in this decision. What can we do to change your mind?

      • Tito Norms…what does Jeff mean about politics playing a role regarding your decision to fold “Norman’s Blog” if Ara brings home the crown?

      • I just don’t buy it tito Norman ahah I bet you that you wil love to write and witness the back-to-back win of Philippines in Miss Universe and Miss World ahahah πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      • Sorry Frida to mislead you, the “politics” was used to ride- in Norman’s article on how politics can significantly play a role in decision making, in this case, the Miss Universe 2013. Still, I fervently pray for Ara’s success and Norman’s as well.

      • Hi Jeff,…Thank you for your kind reply. I was just wondering what you meant by “politics” that was all..but I guess it was just a little bit of a play on words. It’s okay because all is good!..And I too, am thinking for the best for Ara’s success and also for Tito Norm..

        Thank You again…Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!! (Y) πŸ™‚

  31. Same thoughts with you Tita Norms, I think it’s a head to head fight between Ara and Olga but my top 5 includes Spain, Venezuela, Poland (Paulina being the 4th runner up, one of the prettiest faces of this batch). PR is just on my top 6. Dark horse is Jamaica, Korea and Panama. Sana wag lang mapulitika talaga si Ara 😦 Naman tito Donald, payback time dapat to sa “kasalanan” nyo last year kay Janine LOL πŸ˜›

    Naintriga naman ako sa lovelife ni Azerbaijan hehe πŸ˜›

    • Oops forgot to add, another thing I noticed during prelims, a lot of girls seems to be much fitter during their Ice Princess shoot and there were a noticeably few who obviously gained weight, probably due to weather and lack of exercise… Lots of underwhelming performances by the frontrunners, and surprises like Curacao, Jamaica and Korea πŸ™‚

      • I agree with you Sheena regarding surprises by Curacao, Jamaica and probably even Canada…I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these girls would sneak into the top 16. And yes the cold weather can make you eat a lot more than if you are in the tropics. That’s probably why some of the candidates gained a bit of weight. It’s frigid cold in Russia…I noticed though Ara was not one of them, it also helps having a nice healthy tan to boot…Her physique was a knock-out! πŸ™‚

      • Frida, thanks to John Cuay and she gained those muscles, enough to boost her metabolism further. And Ara’s physique is payat naman to begin with, pusonin lang (typical payat) πŸ™‚ Si Riza yeah may chance makapasok ng Top16, pero let’s see kasi I’m not facially attracted with her. I find her nose too distracting (and sometimes her very thin and pointy eyebrows too) :\ countries also in letter P performed well (except for a few like Poland) including Paraguay and Panama.

  32. Norman, The five contestants you have chosen had potentials and possibilities to be the next Miss Universe 2013. I just hope one of your choices will be the winner. I remember last year Miss Universe 2102 you choice Miss Croatia Elizabeta Burg and Miss South Africa Melinda Bam, fortunately they were both on Top 10.

  33. Norman, your gut fill assessments about the top 16 and final five selections are undeniably within the radar scope of the judges. I bet almost all the girls you mentioned will land in the semi. Putting things perspectively is your greatest asset. No wonder your blog is amazingly attracting the voracious inquiry minds of supporters and bashers. Needless to say, I’m always thrilled and charmed with your exceptional down to earth pundit. May the gracious force and luck be with Ara few days from now. Wish you all the best Norman in your relentless quest to providing us free wheeling entertainment. God bless Philippines.

  34. I would like to see Korea also. Kaso di included Kay sir Norman, it’s 10:15 pm and it’s voting time! Go ara!

  35. I can barely contain myself–super excited for the final night on saturday to say the least. Ara is my top of the list as well followed by Spain and Ukraine.

    Something about Ara that very captivating and beautiful to look at–I guess X Factor ang tawag dyan. Also to mention she knows how to command attention and the camera really loves her. I cannot wait to see her wearing that crown. I have the same sure gut feeling as Megan during Miss World.

    Guys let’s continue to stay positive and most of all pray for Ara’s victory!!

  36. Superb predictions! I’m praying Ara will win this time…good luck for the Philippines and God save the Philippines from Typhoon Yolanda!

  37. Tito Norman from the very beginning I believed that Ukraine has the biggest possibility of getting the crown if politics intervenes. Ukraine has had a good relationship with the Russians and the fact that Vladimir Putin and some of his high officials may watch on Saturday increases the possibility of having politics in the result.

    Can you please give one big reason other than Ariella’s amazing preliminary performance as to why you put Ariella over Spain and others? I know Ariella has what it takes but what is your main reason putting her as the Miss Universe?

    I hope that this year Philippines’ victory will not be ruined due to Politics just like last year – YES I haven’t moved on everyone – Janine Tugonon is the real Miss Universe last year hahaahah πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hunk! I can’t stop laughing. It’s wonderful of you to put all of this in perspective. Wonderful idea of yours! I’ll take this as yet another sign of Ara’s good fortune! Thank you for making me smile and for making my day!

      • Thanks, I know it will give smile on everybody…It’s all about having fun.

  38. Norman, you and I are in the same universe. I have the same top two with Philippines winning it all and Ukraine coming second. In fact Norman I’m ahead of you, because right after the preliminary competition I’ve already posted my final prediction on #Ariella2013. This is a group where I’m most involved with just like with #MeganBata2013 during Ms. World. I loved your Blog Site Norman, and in fact I recommend it to almost everybody, because you should be up their with all the best. Norman, lately your Blog Site has become a Mini version of Missosology. I decided to post with our group and shared our knowledge of what’s going on behind the scene in Ms. Universe. I decided it was not worth it to have friction here, because that much I have so much respect for you as a top Blogger. Going back to what I was saying earlier, I agreed with your final analyse on your final pick for Ms Universe 2013. I have an Italian friend Enrico who is vacationing in Russia right now. He was able to watch the Tony Ward and preliminary competition, so they know what was going on. He speak fluent Russia so he can converse with the local population. His German friend and a couple of Russian has so much nice thing to say about the Philippine representative. She’s a mega favorite with Russian people. She is very beautiful in person, and very cordial to almost anyone who would like to talk to her or have their picture taken. Oh! yes she is a favorite of the major sponsors having six special events under her belt. You are right Norman when you said only politic will be the obstacle that will prevent Ms. Arida from wearing the Diamond Nexxus under her belt. The fact that she is a favorite of the MUO is a plus.

  39. OMG! This is what was running through my head yesterday, that Ukraine will be Ara’s biggest competition. I thought of this when Jamir asked who was that girl with Donald Trump (photo from previous post). Nervous!

  40. Bravo Norman, BRAVO! Excellant choices, great narrative. Is it any wonder that this site attracts so many that want to participate in a blog that is mature, has meat, and above all, well written backed by honest, gut feelings and research.

    My list is a touch different – it includes some perhaps “WTF/surprise” placements. πŸ™‚

    Like you, if Ara is blessed with the crown this November 9th, I will go into semi-retirement mode regarding pageants. I’ve waited a long time for this. I’ve seen so many “near misses” and now… all I can do is pray, put forth positive vibes, and picture her in my mind with that glorious MU crown on her head.

    Again, Bravo Norman, BRAVO!

  41. Sir Norman, as for me, it is ARA’s natural and engaging smile that will be the winning factor over Ukraine.

  42. dOnt do that Mr Norman…..we wiLL be upseT…..anywaY, when wiLL u tuRn “goLden”?… πŸ™‚ my FathEr is 49 buT u Mr Norman Looks Like in uR eaRLy 40’s………..maybe ur LiviNg a healthy Lifestyle.. πŸ™‚

  43. you are sooo right sir norman… i hope they won’t allow politics to rob ara of having the diamond nexus crown on her head. I am 10000000000% sure that Ara would win if there would be no politics. And in times like this, i just wish that the old Miss Universe would be back… before Trump… 😦 well, i think leila won w/o the so called politics or maybe they just allowed her to win so that rumors of it would stop at least for a year. shame on them! #araMU2013ifnoPolitics

  44. Norman oh Norman. Ikaw siguro ang napukaw kong kakambal. Nice. I wonder why our first three are always the same?!?

    GlobalBeauties.com should learn from you… And me. LOL


  45. Sir Norman, you might not believe it, but as I made a list last night of my top 5, our first 4 are in the same places…I beg to differ though for my 5th place…and for just the fun of it, I am placing Haiti…I just love her. Venezuela is stunning but I am very much biased with “altered” beauty. I know Puerto Rico is one but she is just so strong for her to be dethroned from that third place!

  46. and don’t you dare go into semi-retirement when ara is crowned miss u. We love and need you !

  47. Wow – well put Norman ! Just love that positive vibe and attitude of yours when it comes to Ara ! I have that same gut feel about her !

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