30 comments on “And our readers have spoken: the Miss Universe 2013 Top Picks Poll winners

  1. top 5: Miss Philippines, Miss Spain, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Poland, Miss Ukraine

  2. Hi Norman, just wondering about your thoughts about Global Beauties’ latest leaderboard. I’ve been following their site for years (including yours of course) and I feel there’s something odd to their Miss U favorites this year. With all the hypes and praise-worthy performance of Ariella in the preliminaries, she’s still not part of their top 20? Bakit ganun? I’m a recent Ara convert (yes, I was one of those who don’t believe in her) and I feel weird about it, what more those whose been supporting her from day 1.

    • I am just as baffled. The most logical explanation I can think of is that they don’t want to hype Ariella anymore since we already have two Grand Slam crowns this year. I know it’s such a lame theory, but I can’t come up with a more reasonable justification.

      • And the comments I’ve read are just on the opposite poles. Anyways, I have a personal email for you. Please don’t post it–yet 🙂

  3. Oh yes, the South African winner of the MW contest already got her prize, and did some online shopping. We have an ongoing prediction contest for MU where you predict the winner and her 4 runners-up. Deadline is Friday (tomorrow) at 11:59pm. 😉



  5. Ara is Miss Universe 2013 period ! No more no less whether you’re an Ara believer or not ! Regardless of what all the non-believers say and will continue to say, she is going to be the next Filipina Miss Universe ! And to all those who continue to pray for and support AHA, I cannot thank you enough ! Mabuhay Ara for the Philippines ! -:) -:) 🙂

  6. Wow…Vegas odds makers have Miss Philippines favored to win the crown, with USA and Spain a close 2nd and 3rd.

    The pressure must be mounting for Ara. Just days away…I think she’ll do great!

    • The odd makers favored Melinda Bam last year and she only made it as far as top 10.,, she was jinxed by the odd makers.

  7. And will your #1 choice eventually get to wear the newly-designed Diamond Nexus Lab crown that will be unveiled on finals night?

    Wait – they have a new crown – again? the peace crown has been used for 4 years only and they are changing it again?

  8. Miss Gabon? LOL! Many Filipinos voted for her coz they thought she was part-Filipino and that’s mostly how she ended up on this top ten list. Turned out she doesn’t have any Filipino blood at all. Meanwhile more deserving candidates got out-voted in the process.

  9. If ABS-CBN did not run that erroneous story, Gabon will not be here for sure.

    Norman, I suggest that next time you run a poll like this in the future, please use the image of the candidate when she was crowned to be fair and not end as a guessing game. And crop them all with the same dimension and ratio. 😉

  10. may ice princess ba na nilalamig? your so called observation does not make sense 😀

    • gaLit ako kay san Longhino pero mag aagRee ako sa kanYa….kunG niLaLamig ang Ice princeSS eh di hndi na xa Ice Princess…..para san pa anG pagginG Ice Princess kung LaLamigin ka…

  11. any of these three ladies will win the crown- Poland, Puerto Rico & Spain 😀

    also watch out for Bolivia & Nicaragua 😀

  12. i don’t get it with the other filos. other nationalities think that miss philippines did really great with the LG competition. she was very good in SS. i think ariella will win come pageant finals night..

    • i also noticed her do it (those unnecessary facial expressions) during the natcos competion. i hope she didn’t do it during the prelims interview ’cause it’s a bit turn off. she should avoid those mannerisms esp if she makes it to the finals. 😀

      • I like her mannerisms..
        It’s actually indications of a thinking mind..
        Only intelligent people have that FYI!
        I prefer Ara over someone who moves too fluidly.
        Anyone who moves fluidly no longer looks human.

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